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Avatar m tn For the past year, I have been having a lack of strength and feeling in my upper body. I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel in my left hand and possible cubital tunnel in my right arm. Example: When I do bicep curls, I feel virtually no "pump" now in my biceps. I do get very sore in my outside forearms though in the days after. I have been doing some research on Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and think this may be it as I am an avid weightlifter and also work a desk job.
Avatar m tn hi , for the the last year i have been in PT for a shoulder injury and an a RSI to my shoulder blade for wt my doc thinks was caused by over compensating for my injuied shoulder. To make a long story short the muscle spasms in my shoulder blade area have been getting worse and it feels sore most of the time but for a few months now i have been having some pain under my last rib on the right side, its just a dull ache and it only hurts every now and then when i push on it.
Avatar m tn I've been told most RSI is a circulatory issue, though, because your nervous system is trained to shut off the blood supply to stressed areas, such as hunching to play computer games. I'm certain I've a vitamin deficiency due to no nuts, fruits or vegetables in my diet, so put together a list of circulatory-aiding vitamins to see if that's what's causing the pain. That said, I've used a computer daily for 4-6 hours daily, with admittedly improper posture for four years.
Avatar f tn [2] Also, doctors often recommend that RSI sufferers engage in specific strengthening exercises, for example to improve posture. * Surgery. This is generally used as a last resort and is not always effective[citation needed]. * Mind/body approaches. In the mind/body approach, RSI is not seen as a structural injury, but as a psychosomatic condition. Some RSI sufferers have had success with treatments based on this theory,[3] but it has not been widely accepted or systematically studied.
Avatar f tn The itching has been going on before the flood so I doubt its that, maybe the tendonitis though or carpal tunnel...I work in an office so i type all day and have been for 10 years..I will definitely look into that RSI, thanks!
Avatar n tn I have cystitis in the wrist end of the ulna bone. It feels like carpal tunnel syndrome and force such as turning on a very stiff tap can set it off and the bone where the infection is becomes extremely painful and cannot be used for 10 days or so. why does this happen? Is there a cure/treatment for it?
Avatar m tn So, I've been having some annoying pain in my right ring finger on the under side. I want to say it feels like a really bad paper cut or being poked with a ton of little needles. I don't know if I did anything to it, it tends to hurt more with use, but only on the underside.
Avatar f tn Yes it does sound like RSI and it can radiate into your wrist area. RSI is hard to get rid of as I have had it for years. Try icing it for 20 mintues at a time. It probably is both inflammation and a nerve entrapment. A shot of cortisone into the joint may help a lot instead of tramadol. You can't take tramadol forever. For me I started having trouble with tramadol after about a month so I got off of it but then I got withdrawal for about a week. You basically feel lousy coming off of it.
Avatar f tn A pain tracker is definitely already on our list of trackers we'd like to launch. Thanks for the suggestion and we'll let you know when it's available.
Avatar f tn Hi I was just wondering if u got o the bottom of your shoulder pain? I have had the same problem for the passed 2 1/2 years. Thanks micheal This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/Left-shoulder-blade-pain-for-2-years--still-undiagnosed/show/1116439">Left shoulder blade pain for 2 years, still undiagnosed</a>.
Avatar f tn It now makes perfect sense to me why you are in so much pain on the Fentanyl. Converting 360 mg of Oxycontin to Fentanyl results in 150 mcg/hr...this is conservative. Converting Fentanyl to equal 360 mg of Oxycontin with the opioid calculator results in 300 mcg/hr. This is the largest dose conversion that is shown in the fentanyl prescription leaflet that comes in the box with the medication. So your doctor's thoughts that you need to keep going up on the Fentanyl patch are CORRECT.
Avatar n tn After that I developed sharp neural pain in my upper back. Both the shooting pains and back pain have mostly subsided but now my arms and shoulders feel very sore, almost like I have tendonitits all over my arms. I notice my hands change colors frequently and throb after activity. My fingers also seem to curve forward extensively and tremor more than usual. I went to a doctor and she insisted that it's an RSI from using the computer.
Avatar f tn she ended up with a kind of RSI ( repetative strain injury). She is now seeing a hand specialist who is helping her retrain how to write properly. I also suggest you see a doctor. There is nothing to be afraid of.
Avatar m tn I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / RSI in my arm and was recommended by a friend to consider acupuncture as treatment. I try to be open to anything so I went to his specialist. I told her to just place the needles in my arm, shoulder, and back, but she insisted on placing them in my leg and ankle to open up other "channels". I tensed up my right ankle for a second while the needles were in, and experienced sharp pain.
Avatar n tn I am getting aches across my knuckles, pain in thumb joint (as if ive sprained it or something) shooting nerve pain up my wrist (on the underneath part of my arm), weakness/achiness in arm and pain in rightshoulder as if ive slept on it funny. Typing is getting painful, chopping things when cooking, turning pages in books/magazines, squeezing out sponge after doing dishes are all painful. I do spent fair bit of time on computer and I play cello (which is getting harder).
495284 tn?1333894042 Just awful...Fentanyl is bad sh!t in any form! I hate the stuff, even in a controlled environment! I'll bet she'll plead to a lesser charge though...
Avatar m tn Just curious? A friend of mine told me she's on fentanyl patches. We got into a slight conversation, becuz I told her I was detoxing off percocets.(proudly I might add), she said it was an opioid. So my question is, does opioids do the same thing as far as our receptors, and endorphins in our brains from percocets. With the patch she said she has never felt the things I described to her. I was just curious, does fentanyl patches work the same way as percocets?
Avatar f tn I've just been switched from Fentanyl 25mcg every 48 hrs to Oxymorphone 10mg every 12hrs. I feel way worse (pain) & was wondering if anyone knows what the equivalence is between the 2. I have a feeling I've just been decreased in pain relief. My dr & the pharmacist told me to wait a few days to "feel it's working" & in the meantime I'm in excruciating pain. Can anyone help with what I can do here? Btw...
Avatar n tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. Typing injury, or Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) refers to a wide range of problems, of which Carpal Tunnel is the most well known. Symptoms involve pain in the hands and arms when typing and using the mouse, and generally end up making many daily activities painful or impossible. Burning, numbness, or tingling in your palm, wrist, thumb, or fingers also are the common symptoms encountered by most patients.
Avatar f tn You need to stay very well hydrated. Someone with more experience with the patch will post shortly. Hang in there. Do you have Epsom salt for hot baths?