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Avatar m tn i am a ten yr plus fentanyl patient dosage 200mcg i am desperate i have a history of long term chronic pain and want to quit.
Avatar f tn I have been on fentanyl for 3 years d/t bone pain, last year I had a nerve ablation on my lower back(L4/5 S1. Ever since I had this nerve ablation I don't have bone pain anymore. Was on Fentanyl 100mcg due to bone pain. I find out now that Fentanyl is not helping anymore. My Doc wants me to try and titrate down on Fentanyl,I had asked him and he suggests that I should start from 100mcg to 75 then to 50 and then to 25mcg. What would be your suggestion? Please say some prayers my way..
1264863 tn?1391118193 I have a LONG history of meds and pain. Never over use them but use what they give me for sure. I currently have been taking Fentanyl for one year. I have not liked it since the day I started but it took the place of 10 percacet a day so better for my liver they told me. I am going into to see my dr and need to switch off the fentanyl. Is there any easy way way to do this and what would be a good option in place of it???? I place one 12mcg patch on every other day and one 25mcg patch.
Avatar n tn my husband had been on Fentanyl 100mcg q3days for 15 years. Could this be the cause of dementia like symptoms? he's been off it for two years but still takes hydrocodone prn. he had a mild stroke 10 years ago and still has TIAs periodically. is this related?
Avatar m tn How often daily does he need the diazepam and the fentanyl now? The opana does the same thing as the fentanyl - - keep those as far apart as you can. Dont mix the lunesta and the diazepam in too close a dose. They will also mirror each others affects. Sounds like Doc Jeff could help a little more if he knew how many of what and at what times he takes them. You have a couple that are used for pain and a couple along the nerve pill line.
Avatar m tn Hi I was just looking for everyone's personal opinion regarding my history of pain and narcotic meds. My pain is from DDD, arthritis in my back L4-L5, S1, sciatica left leg and also severe arthritis in my knees and I had to retire early as a Firefighter of 22 years. 10 years ago started on Tylenol 3 and slowly went to Percocet, OxyContin then to morphine MS Contin and statex to dilauded and hydro morphing ER to back to oxycodone and now on fentanyl 37 mcg.
Avatar f tn I have a pain history for years and was prescribed the Fentanyl patch by my family doctor as a last resort. He was trying anything he could to get me out of pain and added Vicodin as a break through medication. Each person is different when it comes to pain medication. The Fentanyl has a slow effect working on the system. It is hard to know it is working when you are in pain. Eventually it kicked in and all I did was sleep.
3112530 tn?1434032033 I was 150lbs when I started taking Fentanyl for pain issue. Fentanyl caused me to go down to 108lbs and have stopped the Fentanyl almost a year now. Currently 126 but want to go back to my previous weight. Was taking ensure but have lactose tolerant problems. How do I gain back the weight? Trying to eat a lot more pasta that I love but noting happening. Stuck at 126lbs for almost 6 months now. Any advise?
Avatar m tn Put on his last 2 100 patches of Fentanyl today.. My husband has decieded to go cold turkey from 200mcg +/48hrs of fentanyl. I say plus cause he started using more that he was suppose to the last few weeks. I am so sacred! What can I do if anything to help?? Anyone have suggestions?? The doctor gave his the basics pharagan, clonidine, ect.
Avatar m tn what exactly are you taking? its rare that they use barbiturates anymore. i heard most commonly they use fentanyl and propofol...neither are benzo's or barbiturates...but what they use and how much doesn't really matter. what matters is that your anesthesiologist knows what you're taking. it can make a big difference.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Ehlers Dan Los Syndrome  a bit over 2 years ago. It causes reacuring dislocations. Mostly in my right hip and knee. And constant strains of ligaments and tendons. Both of which obviously cause extreme pain. and makes it so i now am in a wheelchair. Right now I'm on oxycodone 5mg tablets. They don't work what so ever for my pain. I've been doing research and many of the people with my disorder are on the fentanyl patch.
Avatar f tn I detoxed of 75 mcg every 48 hours of Fentanyl. All I can say is go VERY slowly. What kind of patch do you have? Fentanyl withdrawal is a bit different than other opiates. Not as bad as methadone but pretty tough in it's own right. But it can be done. At times I tried to go too quickly and that was a huge mistake. follow the Thomas Recipe and above all, keep yourself as hydrated as possible. Best of luck. You can message me if you like.
Avatar f tn I'm currently on 75mcg of fentanyl...I change my patch every 3 days along with Percocet for breakthrough pain. I'd like to get off the Percocet as well as fentanyl. I'll be going down to 50mcg of fentanyl next month. My question is, will I have withdrawls if I stop taking the Percocet and just stay on the fentanyl as we continue to lower that? Thanks so much for your help.
Avatar n tn I am diagnosed with 3 herniated cervical discs and fibromyalgia. I have a history 2 years ago of substance abuse (because of these pain issues). I have been thru a year of treatment and clean for 2 years. Finally referred to pain managment MD who is reluctant to prescribe opioids to treat chronic pain. Tried duragesic patch - 25 mcg TOO strong and 12 did nothing.
Avatar f tn Went to the pain clinic and he put me on the Fentanyl patch 12mcg. I have so many drug allergies that the drs are limited as what they can give me. I am ok with one patch but when I put on the second patch I got chest pains, nervous, nauseated. Took second patch off felt better. Call dr next day told them what happened. He said to take up to 3 10/325 hydrocodone a day. Took one and it overdosed me. took that patch off too.
Avatar f tn I am 52yrs.old female with severe osteoporosis.52% bone loss,kyphosis,& so much pain i am on the edge.I have suffered 3 compression fractures,that when the last one happens I heard the bones crunch so bad that it sounded like eggs crushing. I have been taking slo-release morphine for 4 yrs.My dose has been at 100mg.BID & 10mg statex for break thru pain.I also take Lyrica.However the pain is increasing & I can only sit,lay stand for 5-10 minutes at a time.
Avatar m tn I am on day 6 of no fentanyl after years of 200 mcgh daily I decided it was time to stop this insanity. However after 10+ years of this it is not easy doing on your own, nobody knows the toll it takes mentally ane physically unless you have been there. My question to the world is {is anybody else experiencing this?
1390687 tn?1281157239 How much of each were you on and for how long? The fentanyl withdrawal will probably be the worst... I had the roughest time with the fentanyl... and no withdrawals from the percocet/oxycodone... it all depends on the person and amount and how long the person has been using,.. good luck.
Avatar m tn Please talk to your doctor about this. It can be very hard to come off narcotics and Fentanyl, in particular, can be hard. You really should have your doctor managing your taper. He/she knows your medical history and can help you with this. I came off Fentanyl last year. It wasn't a snap but it wasn't horrendous either. A lot of people have relief with the Fentanyl, but since we're all different, what works for one, doesn't for another.
Avatar m tn How can I help someone close to me get through withdrawal from fentanyl and other pain medications. He has bravely informed us of his addictions, the most recent being 50 mcg fentanyl , one a day for 7 days. I realize that this is a pain management forum. However, sometimes it gets in the wrong hands and is abused. This is a young person who is FINALLY seeking help. He already had a "quiet history" of drug and alcohol abuse. Then he hurt his back and the doctor put him on pain meds.
Avatar m tn I have a 15+ year history of chronic migraine and pelvic pain. about 5 years ago I was put on a treatment regimen that literally gave me my life back. I was put on fentanyl patches round the clock and Actiq for breakthrough pain. At the time my insurance company covered it. Shortly before an unrelated insurance company change I received notification that the medication would not be covered anymore. We changed companies and the new company did not cover it either.
7556888 tn?1391972021 They made for me getting any form of oxycodone impossible, and I had to suffice with a 50mcg Fentanyl patch every 72 hrs. It was sufficient. Every time I went in my Dr.'s office for anything, say, every month or so, I'd have to urinate in a cup in her office, bring my meds in to count, the old patches on a piece of paper. Apparently, the Fentanyl was not showing up in the office quick test. The office quick narcotic tests do not test for Fentanyl...my pharmascist told .
Avatar n tn I'm on 125msg/h fentanyl patch, whats the recommended time for getting off the patch? my dr. is lowering it 25mcg/h every 20 days after being on the patch for 12 years. ALL BECAUSE MY URINE YESTS CAME BACK POSITIVE THIS YEAR AND THE LAST 4 YEARS TOO. BUT THEY DID NOTHING THE PREVIOUS 4 TEARS.
5135507 tn?1367163227 So, 2 years ago and after being put on the fentanyl patch and other opiates, lyrica for nerve pain, I had 2 more surgeries. A spinal cord stimulator that didn't work, they removed it and put one in with paddle leads...supposed to work better. It didn't either. So today, I think I'm 26 days fentanyl free...my dr was fired and they left all her patients to fend for themselves. I came off fentanyl, cold-turkey.
Avatar f tn Although methadone and fentanyl are also heavily protein bound and as such require reduced dosing in patients with cirrhosis, the metabolism of these agents does not yield toxic metabolites, and hence they, along with hydromorphone, may be better tolerated37,38 (Table 2)." ".....Hydromorphone and fentanyl appear to be the least affected by renal dysfunction, and fentanyl has less hemodynamic disturbance (due to lack of histamine release associated with other opioids).