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Avatar m tn Then thought to be dermatitis and now using anti fungal hydrocortisone, with slight improvement. However skin is still red and lumpy under the skin. Any thoughts, please and would you think exposure to sun is going to effect the condition? Difficult for a lady , but can be slightly disguised by make up.
Avatar f tn Although it is not roascea ,as the doctor said I've constant facial flushing and I'm a 17year old girl with pale skin I'm so down over the flushing, I am so scared of not wearing make up because of it. I went to the doctor in January and he tried me with dixarit tablets but after 2months these showed no improvement. My cheeks are always warm and they get very bad after exercise and heat or cold but they are always very red anyway. The doctor also said it was not roascea, please please help .
Avatar m tn I have this problem for eight years now. I've seen many skin doctors but nothing has helped me. My face is full of zits. there is white pus in some if i break them but others have yelow pus mixed with blood. they are on the chin and cheeks area mostly but they apear all over the face and neck. I have found that direct sunlight aggravates them.
Avatar f tn I have quite rash prone skin. Is there any vitamins or things you can use to help your skin from the inside? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!
Avatar n tn I kept it for about a month with no improvement. When I went back to the doctor, she said it was folliculitis and gave me Doxycycline (100mg twice a day) and retin-A cream. The Retin-A made my face red but the rash cleared up in just a few days. I was very happy although my face continued to be red from the cream. Then, about a week or so after I ran out of Doxyclycine, the rash came back even worse. I called and got some more Doxycycline and in 2 or 3 days the rash had cleared up.
Avatar m tn Hello, i suffer from facial hyperhydrosis , effects are worse when I am in very warm room, or high humidity. Tried everything and interested in any new treatments. Have rosacesa so need a product that sensative to skin.
Avatar n tn I am 61 years old and have had problems with red, itchy and burning facial skin around my eyes and mouth going on 20 years. Recently the burning, itchy and red areas on my face has become much worse. I am now also experiencing intense itching in my ears. I thought I had a sensitivity to nuts and chocolate so I eliminated them from my diet, but this didn't help. I also have tried eliminating high fat dairy products like ice cream and sour cream, but no improvement.
Avatar n tn I had surgery (septoplasty) for the first time in March of that year. Throughout the next year I saw little to no improvement. After several appointments he told me I could undergo a rhinoplasty which would allow him to re set my nose and take the septoplasty up even further. He also took some cartilage from behind my ear and put it in my nose to prop my airways open even more. He had also done a before and after CT scan and determined I still had extreme sinus disease.
Avatar n tn He is now 19 years old and has a moderalty discolored scar (darker than his regular skin) on his cheek about the size of a fifty cents peice. The skin is a little rough. The scar area seems to be more noticeable in different seasons. A 25-30% improvement would be acceptable. We would like to know available treatment options, and if a dermotologist or plastic surgeon is the best first start?
Avatar n tn I was told to stay out of the sun (I live in Phoenix) because of the likelihood of pigmentation issues. I tried to limit my sun exposure as best I could. Anyhow, despite my efforts, the skin around both of my jaws has lightened considerably (I have fair skin). Is this a permanent condition or will mother nature at least partially improve the pigmentation? Are there any treatments that will increase the likelihood of improvement? If so, how long should I wait to begin them? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I've tried various mild cleansers and treatments for sensitive skin but nothing will return me to my oringinal skin tone. I'm currently back on the same system I had to begin with but no signs of improvement yet. If someone has any information that might help, please share.
Avatar n tn I have fairly severe Roseaca, which is now under control, but have to be very cautious about what skin improvement treatments I do. Luckily I can now have facials and light peels (salicylic)...also had 3 IPLs which seemed to knock the worst of the Roseaca down.
Avatar m tn At the time, I thought it was my laundry detergent causing an irritation so I switched that out, no improvement. I stopped wearing makeup for a week, also no improvement. Again, it's strange in that it comes and goes. I can wake up one morning and have perfect, flawless skin. But then throughout the day I could start getting red/itchy along the jawline. I changed ALL of my makeup, hair products (shampoo, etc.), my face wash, my face moisturizer to no avail.
Avatar m tn Like I said it's been a week since I've stopped using any facial creams/scrubs and I think that I'm already seeing improvement in my skin. The redness is fading and my oil secretion is back to normal. Believe it or not my skin became more oily "thanks" to these facial scrubs and my face was sweating more often. Anyway, I would be as gentle as possible with my face and would keep this road of treatment. If anything pops up I will right back. Thank you again.
Avatar n tn Greetings I am 20 years old, and consideting gold LED facials because the spa is offering a huge discount on gold LED facial package. So I was wondering If I am still young for this kind of facials, or should I grab this oppurtunity? Is this facial completely harmless or should I refrain from buying the offer?
Avatar n tn The patches are slowly improving, but I’m really worried about scarring on my younger sons face. His skin is very rough and red and the patch goes right up to his lower eye lid, and covers ½ of his right cheek, which makes it very hard to get the anti-fungal cream applied well. I’m worried that the delay in treatment will result in permanent skin damage. Is there anything else I should be doing? Should I request a referral to a dermatologist? Thanks, in advance, for your help!
Avatar n tn My sister has had a strange problem on her facial skin for over two years. It is so ugly as to be deforming, and so painful that it keeps her awake at night. She has seen several doctors, who have said, variously, that she was imagining it (although it's extremely visible), that they did not know what it was, or that it was a fungus. It has changed shape and form several times.
Avatar n tn I had a cyst removed from forehead 3 years ago and It healed up awesome..you can't even see it...I was never on accutane though. I feel my skin texture is tight now and more red and I'm afraid this is causing my scar to look more red and causing it to heal slowly. I tried mederma but I felt like this made the scar look more red...so I have just been moisturizing it 3 times a day with a moisturizer that has vitamin E in it...should I be worried about the accutane effecting my scar from healing..
Avatar n tn 35 YO mother of two - have always had very clear skin with little problem with pimples or blemishes. Been on BC pills since a teenager (save for pregnancies, of course.) Good diet, non smoker, light alcohol intake, regular exercise, good weight, etc. etc. etc. No medical problems. Except..... For the last year or so I've been getting what seem to be cysts forming on my face: large bumps forming under the skin - almost always in same place each month, usually starting a week before my period.
Avatar n tn She has Autism and can't communicate well or speak so I dont know what to do. We had ige bloodwork and quick skin test at allery doctor. She has seasonal tree allergies where in springtime and reacts this way thru face rashing also and swelling of lips or eyes with the pollen. But Now it started again in October with suddenly rashing. She has no food allergies per allergy tests of 100 foods, condiments and environmental. Only a very low allergy to dust mites.
Avatar n tn Could benzene exposure cause this sudden acquired skin condition? 2) Can a subclinical hepatopathy cause this sort of facial irritaion? 3) I have recently started taking omega-3 fatty acids supplements on my own initiative, has your experience shown this may help? 4) Is it fairly common for a 26yr old to have a sudden onset of acquired facial eczema? If so what things are known to trigger this? Thank you for breifly addressing each of my questions.
Avatar n tn • Skin is tight and it hurts to make facial expressions such as opening mouth wide or smiling. • Skin is tight between and around eyes - it’s pulling/tugging down my eyelids. • Difficult to raise eyebrows – pulls and tugs between and around eyes. • Feels as though I’ve lost elasticity in skin • Skin is producing some oil, but it’s not enough to hydrate. • Scarring, pitting and ice pick marks have appeared, along with small crevices and wrinkles.
Avatar n tn Maybe you can do some research about doctors that have specialties in facial skin disorders - and contact them? I unfortunately do not know of anyone, my aunt is an Ear Nose & Throat doctor -- but I don't think she would know anything about this, I could ask though, I will see her in a few weeks. I'm sorry you have to go through this - it must be frustrating to look for answers and keep coming up with nothing - but I'm sure if you're persistant you will.
Avatar n tn I am a 44 year old woman who has never had acne or any serious skin problems. In June 03, I began using Renova (which I had ordered from an on-line pharmacy) with excellent initial results. Using as directed I experienced the expected areas of dry, flaky skin and "played" with the dosing, decreasing to every other night, and then every third. About 6 weeks ago, my eyelids began to "blush" very red , burning but not itching. No raised rash at start.
Avatar n tn I am 48 years old and have never had allergies. 4 months ago I began to have facial swelling. I went to an allergist and he told me that a low dose asperin I had been taking for 6 months had caused this to beging happening. He put me on lots of meds, allegra, singular and other meds. After taking those for about 2 weeks - I began to have very bad hives. And am still having hives and now the facial swelling is back. Can anyone help?
Avatar f tn Hello, I am a 25 year old white female who has recently noticed a skin discoloration above my upper lip and moving down now around my lowe lip. I'm getting very self-conscious about it- it just came about probably a few weeks ago- it resembles a light 5 o'clock shadow - I know weird. There is no possibility of being pregnant and I use the Nuva Ring as birthcontrol.
Avatar n tn A friend of mine had a bad facial injury and had the same kind of sensory disturbance as you describe. After about 1 month, her feeling came back. Depending on what happenned to your nerve (whether it was temporarily compressed or completely crushed), the feeling may or may not come back.
Avatar n tn I too have rather thickened skin on the outside of my arms, back and legs. Similarly it's rather resistant to moisturiser and can get prickly and irritating. I was kind of hoping that a peel may reduce this thickening/scaling and am led to believe by some organisations that it'll do the job. Neverthless, as an independent observer I value your viewpoint very much. So........if Obaji say it'll work on other places other than face, why do you say it won't?