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Avatar n tn ve been managing it (still rash every week or 2) using ketacoazale once i see a rash coming and washing my face lightly with both salicylic acid and head and shoulders when i take a shower. Usually the reason has been stress, but i've recently noticed it coming up when having absolutely no stress. I suspect it has to do with my new job location (3 miles from beach) where the humidity it higher than where i live. Anyway how can i protect myself from these disgusting looking rashes on my face.
Avatar f tn However, you are right. Several triggers may have to be considered. Stress, weather, lotions and creams used on the face should also be considered as a factor. Other differentials may be milia. Have this assessed by your doctor in case the medications may be causing this.
Avatar f tn I have had all the blood tests which come back negative. I had a bit of stress, but does stress cause fevers? I could say the rash on my chest is from stress, but all my symptoms are psychical. Perhaps stress makes it worse, but I am in pain all the time and fevers almost everyday Have you put anything on your rash to make it better? I am seeing my GP on Tues to figure out whats going on I hate feeling like this!
Avatar n tn After obsessing for a few days, I started to feel like my face was hot and red, particularly on one side of my face. I never broke out with a shingles rash, although there were some slight bumps that arose on both cheeks at times. I have noticed a red streak along my jawline since this first started. Even now, my face still feels hot at times and the red streak still present along my jawline.
Avatar f tn I started getting light butterfly rash and burning feeling in my face... My fingers hurt ... The face is super sensative to light.... The doc did ana cuz my face started to get red few months ago ... But it started to take a butterfly shape just 5 days ago... Ana that was done a month ago came back normal.... They did a panel test yesterday should get results tomorrow or tuesday.... Today tried going outside my face was burning like crazy super sensative to sun light....
Avatar n tn My child broke out in a red rash on his face - tested negative for strep - no sign of illness. The red went away and the skin is now very, very dry. The same has happened to my face. What could it be? It is not itchy, it was initially alittle warm.
Avatar n tn my husband has a circle rash of both cheeks of his face they are red and have little bumps what is this
1961938 tn?1398718101 I'm 23w2d and this morning I woke up with a red rash all over my face. Is this normal? It doesn't itch and its only on my face.
Avatar f tn I woke up on thursday morning with a sore throat and a cough, on Friday morning i noticed a rash on my face and it is still there. Has any one had a reaction like this?
Avatar f tn Is a severely purple rash on face, purple dot on leg, lip and thumb 3 weeks post exposure indicative of ars
Avatar n tn t pop) and tried cleaning my skin more thoroughly and nothing happened. Today I decided to exfoliate it a bit, to see if the bumps would improve and now my face is even worse. The area is red, and it hurts (burns, stings) and I put some polysporin on the skin to prevent infection. Does anybody have any idea what this is and what may have caused it? I usually do not have pimples and my skin is very clear - the other side is still fine.
Avatar f tn I have this rash which started on my face, neck and ears and has now spread to my arms, stomach and back. Its looks like small pimples with no whiteheads or anything on them. They are REALLY itchy, especially on my neck, which burns. I've only had them for a few days but they're getting worse. I haven't ate anything different or used any products that i don't normally. Any suggestions of what it could be? I've searched the net but haven't found much yet.
Avatar f tn I'm starting to get what I think is a rash,this is my first pregnancy I'm 14wks. Started on my lower breasts,not sure if i should wait and see if it spreads or get a dr app..
Avatar f tn See beside photo- I have had this rash appearing on my face for a few years now. It appears around my mouth, chin, and sometimes in patches on my cheeks. It is not rosacea. I have spent lots of money going to many dermatologists and they have no idea what it is. They/ I think it may flare up be my immune system when it's down, but are there any treatments I could use to help stop these random outbreaks? I use eczema cream, moisturizer, lip creams etc...
Avatar m tn my wife has a rash on her face, mostly cheeks and bridge of nose and also on her chest and arms for about 2 wks. she had a fever ever night for one week, but that has subsided. her rash does not itch but she does have muscle ache and fatigue along with loss of appetite. she has loss 10 pds. in 2 wks. her dr. prescribed hydrocortisone and some fungal cream but neither is working. blood test were done but results might take two wks. to review!
Avatar f tn It consists of small red raised dots all over my biceps, face, forehead and some parts of my chest and back and top of my feet. In some places the rash looks like a line. My hands and face feel hot and as if needles are being pushed in. No sore throat, no body aches, no swollen glands no fever, no night sweats. I received protected oral sex from a black prostitute a month ago. I also had protected sex with a prostitute 2 months ago. Not sure if this is an HIV rash?