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Avatar n tn Interested in finding out if you guys have the energy to even try exercise or walking - I find I get winded very easily and it's only been 3 weeks but is there anything during this beginning time of tx that's feasible and that others have found that works to help with the energy levels? I've lost 6 lbs so far - only 94 more to go but really not trying to lose, just not eating hardly at all.
1117137 tn?1345231505 I am just walking... wherever I can. I heard 30 mins of walking per day is enough exercise... I am walking much more than that. I will probably start some back strenghtening exercises soon. I am trying to keep up with the regular daily activities and not sleep or watch tv all day. I think I am doing something right coz I didn't gain too much during these 4 months (just 3 kg which is considered normal).
Avatar n tn Try looking up your favorite TV show or movie and then work out afterwards there's many online and they're kind of fun to do and they make you feel better for rewatching an entire season
483733 tn?1326802046 ) I highly recommend exercise. It is never too late to start. Walking is a great start...Just do it!
Avatar f tn Winter is comming soon, so what is a good way for my child that is 6 to get exercise in a fun way?
Avatar m tn It is normal of course to have your heart rate go up with exercise, but if you are just casually walking at a slow pace and it jumps up like this and you aren't out of shape or dehydrated or don't have iron deficiency anemia, you might still ask about the tilt table test.
Avatar f tn Hello mommies & expecting mommies (: i'm expecting my first child on june 22nd, but i think he may come sooner. I'm 24wks & 5dys preg! I was wondering.. do exercise balls really help? As far as stretching & getting ready for the big day? I was thinking about buying one.
Avatar f tn Forgot to mention that you have to exercise in order to turn that protein into fat burning muscle.
Avatar f tn Hi All, I am trying to determine the best exercise for my abilities. I used to be a distance runner, but now walking can even be a challenge. It has been 8 months since I was able to run and feel safe doing so. I have gained some weight since I've stopped running and I am not happy about that. I have been walking outside but the cold, snow, ice and dark will be here soon and that will no longer be an option.
Avatar f tn My problem is figuring out how many calories to intake. I do exercise anywhere from 5 to 7 days a week, usually for about 35 to 40 minutes a day, and also will do some weights, but other than that I am basically sedentary. I have tried several different websites on figuring out calorie intake and they all give me extreme differences. Some say 1200, some say 1600, and some have said as high as 2200. Now I know there is no way I could consume 2200 calories a day unless I was extremely active.
11079760 tn?1483389730 This morning, I woke early to try out a few things and see how it goes. I have done quite literally no exercise in about 1.5 years (ugh). I have lots of excuses...the end result is the same. Bleh.
1378309 tn?1551273638 My question is when I try to walk sometimes it feels like it makes my lower back hurts more and I am wondering if this might aggravate the arthritis? Does anyone have trouble when walking for exercise? I would think it would help. These conditons are so baffling sometimes and I do not want to make things worse but I need to lose weight to help keep the inflamation and pressure on the joints down. Any Feedback?
Avatar n tn Since I decided to wait for better drugs at my doctor's suggestion after having to quit treatment last year after five weeks, I am trying to maintain healthy lifestyle. However, everytime I try to exercise strenously with weights or aerobics, my muscles ache and cramp and it takes me four or five days to recuperate. Does anyone else have this problem or any suggestions?
649848 tn?1534637300 Do you go to a gym? Walking, running, etc? Workout videos? Do you have your own exercise equipment? Whatever your "mode" of exercise is -- let's see how many different things we can come up with!! I'm also curious if anyone has a hard time getting started with exercise or can you just jump right in, stay consistent and love it... If so, how much time do you spend on exercise per day/week?? If not, what can we do to help? Personally, I have a Wii, along with the Wii Fit.
1116556 tn?1345119506 Now, I live with aching pain in my hips to my heels. Walking is painful most of the time... I can't imagine putting on my running shoes again. I'm gaining weight like no one's business, and I'd like to do something about it. A swimming pool would be fabulous, but unfortunately, I don't have access to one. Any other suggestions? Thank you in advance for your suggestions!
1394098 tn?1385963734 My question is, do you think exercise would be something I should try. The few times I have, my muscles burned after just a minute or so and I got dizzy. Does this have anything to do with the anemia. My Dr won't tx that unless I'm down to 8. I also wonder why my weight hasn't changed at all since I stopped the Incivek because I eat a lot less now. That's why I wanted to exercise.
1025362 tn?1251986935 Then the snow fell and that stopped my walking. Mostly just laid around watching TV and reading. I think its different for everybody, just do what you feel like doing. I don't think you should push yourself. My tx is over now and I'm back in the pool, energy still a little low, it feels really fantastic.
Avatar n tn I can't remember who said it, but said that the way they get their exercise in...is to pop in an exercise tape and hit the sofa and "watch it" !!!!! Exercise to me is.....batting my eyelids!!!!!
Avatar n tn Other than a daily Pravachol tablet that gets my LDL down to 75 and some B vitamins, nothing has really changed in my life that would prevent me from blocking up again. My cardiologist is similarly mystified how anyone doing the exercise I do with an HDL of 60 could have a heart problem.
Avatar n tn As I understand it, you're having your bigeminy even while you watch daytime TV (LOL), so this means your arrhythmia is not caused by exercise. Sure, when one is in a bad PVC period exercise can make them worse. For instance, right now with the BB I have virtually no PVC at rest, but if I start walking I get some. When I exercise and I'm in a bad PVC period, I notice that they first get worse, but after 10 minutes or so they fade away. That's all so strange!
Avatar n tn It was while walking the dog up an incline and happened at the top of my steps and another time walking to my car, would this be considered exercise induced NSVT? I read thats dangerous and a possible indicator of future CAD. I wasn't really exercising, just walking the dog and walking to my car. Now I'm scared to do much physically, let alone exercise. That isn't much exercise. If you are really concerned and it is affecting your life, tell your doctor and ask for an exercise stress test.
Avatar n tn I also went to my GP-she gave me Arthrotec and an exercise sheet which hasn't helped either. She had them do a MRI. According to the report, I had a small spur on L1-2 and Schmorl's nodes on L1, L3 and L. It also said there is loss of T2 signal in the upper lumbar spine but no evidence of posterior disc herniation. The numbness is continuing to get worse. It feels like it's asleep constantly now. There has been times I have stepped down and it was like there was nothing there and nearly fell.
958098 tn?1246812818 And children who are overweight can start walking to school, (if it is nearer), cycling, walking to the grocery, walking in the neighbourhood, using TV buttons instead of remote and stuff like making you move and work all the time. This is enough for children combined with some sport. Come back to us with further queries, take care!
Avatar f tn For brain exercise, I think reading and remembering, puzzles, games, challenge yourself with new things, talk to people, it challenges your memory when telling stories, I like playing Sudoku, there are also plenty of on line games to exercise your brain. .. walking is a good exercise not just for the body but also for the brain. Take care.
7149587 tn?1388559096 Even treading water is better exercise than watching TV. Not saying you watch TV. My husband jogs. He runs marathons. There is always a body part on him that is injured. I love Jazzercise. I've had to stop doing Jazzercise because it hurts me. Or I hurt myself doing it. I've been going on & off for over 25 yrs.
1406332 tn?1315966360 I once heard that if you only allow yourself to watch pleasurable tv when you do some type of exercise, you begin to crave the exercise like you do watching the show. Interesting food for thought. I used to ride my bike to my classes, but once winter hit that was gone. It was a little rough on my body, but it felt good. I really do hate exercise, but even throwing in a little something can be helpful. Other: Drink water...always. Everything else is empty calories.
616227 tn?1251079998 Was going to attempt the lower body workout but I am still so sore from yesterday. Was doing all sorts of crazy stuff on exercise TV. Now I am going to nap to get ready for my twelve hours of work.
Avatar m tn Well if you haven't exercised in a while start by walking. Also hand weights are nice to keep muscle toned. Exercise doesn't have to cost a lot of money. I would go get a physical which should include blood work and an EKG. That would be the best place to start.
Avatar f tn A healthy eating plan should also include lean protein, which can be in the form of meat, fish, eggs, beans, etc, along with healthful fats such as coconut and olive oils, avocados, nuts, and seeds, etc, and some fruit. Exercise should consist of whatever you like to do to stay active. It can be playing a sport, going for a daily brisk walk, riding a bike, swimming (if you have access to a pool, lake, etc), lifting weights if you have them.
Avatar m tn I read the tag about stomach pains after tennis and my syptoms sound very similar. I am in good shape and exercise regulairly, and it only happens on random days spread by weeks of no problems, and it only happens when I push myself to my limits. I have asthma, but I can outrun any person in my school so I do not think that is a problem. When it happens I usually can't sit still and it feels as if someone is driving a knife into my stomach.