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1117137 tn?1345227905 I have suffered alot with back pain and bleeding through this pregnant so not enough exercise or even walking. I am just starting to feel less tired now too, which is good. Hopefully I can start some swimming next week now the bleeding has tailed off.
Avatar n tn Try looking up your favorite TV show or movie and then work out afterwards there's many online and they're kind of fun to do and they make you feel better for rewatching an entire season
Avatar f tn I've been counting the days for the walking dead, its crazy right?
Avatar f tn bouncing on an exercise ball or even the edge of your couch with your hips/legs spread wide. Good luck!
1378309 tn?1551270038 My question is when I try to walk sometimes it feels like it makes my lower back hurts more and I am wondering if this might aggravate the arthritis? Does anyone have trouble when walking for exercise? I would think it would help. These conditons are so baffling sometimes and I do not want to make things worse but I need to lose weight to help keep the inflamation and pressure on the joints down. Any Feedback?
Avatar f tn I do walk around 1.5 hours a day, it definitely helps ! If you are really hungry but you think you should stop I recommend 1-2 portion of grapes. They do have calories but it fills you its also healthy . I love them, its also said it helps to lose weight. I cant comment on that thought, but I did lose weight walking. Its not stressful , its enjoy able. Just take your dog for a walk, or take your camera and take pictures meawhile like I do. Very enjoyable !
Avatar f tn Winter is comming soon, so what is a good way for my child that is 6 to get exercise in a fun way?
Avatar n tn s suggestion after having to quit treatment last year after five weeks, I am trying to maintain healthy lifestyle. However, everytime I try to exercise strenously with weights or aerobics, my muscles ache and cramp and it takes me four or five days to recuperate. Does anyone else have this problem or any suggestions?
9842459 tn?1411688168 Walking is such great exercise. You could be one of those mall walkers.
Avatar f tn Hello mommies & expecting mommies (: i'm expecting my first child on june 22nd, but i think he may come sooner. I'm 24wks & 5dys preg! I was wondering.. do exercise balls really help? As far as stretching & getting ready for the big day? I was thinking about buying one.
9704378 tn?1553726192 If you're not used to walking much you'll have a little pain. But walking is really important during pregnancy. It's easy too do and helps with weight gain to and circulation and basically everything.
Avatar f tn Watching the episode where she had the baby is what made me take a pregnancy test lol love this show
Avatar m tn I would say walking is the best natural stress and anxiety reliever. Walking is a light exercise, so you can exercise yourself for hours and not get very tired. The more time you spent exercising is the best for stress, not so much the overall exhaustion, I've found. Therefore I wouldn't advise weightlifting, unless you're already very familiar with that already and can do it for a long period of time.
Avatar f tn Iv been drinking raspberry tea leaf for a while now,still no luck. Tempted to try it all together haha.
Avatar f tn Unless your dr has restricted your activity walking is a perfectly safe exercise while pregnant and even recommended by some drs.
5915949 tn?1396188227 Yes birthing ball & squats help as well. Wish you well dear!
11195379 tn?1427921527 What kind of exercise do you ladies do? I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and need to exercise more I try walking 15mins everyday is that enough? I'm 31wks & if I try walking more I get a pain on my side. So I stop after 15mins.
Avatar f tn swimming sounds so fun right now. I would definitely do walking. walking Is very easy.
Avatar f tn I'm 30+5 and I'm wondering when should I start walking and for how long do u suggest. I work 10 hour days and my days off consist on sleeping in late and doing homework ( getting my master degree online).
Avatar f tn I think exercise should be good....some exercises make me uneasy, with the safety of my baby. But walking is really low impact and there are soo many articles thst discuss the benefits.
Avatar m tn ve been thinking about it, it may sound completely stupid but due to not walking and they say walking brings along labor, will he still come on his own without being induced? because really I haven't walked much at all.
1906433 tn?1321844691 Walking is the safest exercise and it works your whole body and I think would help you a lot. Wear a helmet for goodness sakes, and find a place to walk. Around here people go to malls to walk when the weather is bad. Otherwise they go to the kind of parks where there is a paved path. Get somebody to go with you. Everybody benefits from walking. Wear clothing that will make you stand out so bikers won't hit you. Stay over on the walking side.
7975661 tn?1403095318 I started walking more in my third trimester..my doctor actually wanted me to continue to exercise during pregnancy because I was over weight..but a little walking or something won't hurt..