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Avatar n tn Hi everyone! Sorry I should have explained what that email ws about. I guess we are "chatting" a bit too much. If anyone is interested I found a pretty good site that addresses autoimmune disorders-Widebertha's autoimmune forum. There are about thirty five message boards set up. Right now I have been on the hypoaldosteronism board but it is pretty empty-there seems to be a busy thyroid group there and addison's.
Avatar f tn 's approach is CHEMO and nothing but CHEMO, i do not think i can handle much more the side effects are killing my quality of life. I am seeing a new dr on may 1 in boulder, co. what do you suggest , i have had chemo for 3 years every 10 months, (3 carbo/taxol 11/05, 6 carbo/taxol 10/06, 6 doxil 04/08) i need a new approach with this new dr. please help?? all suggestions welcome!
Avatar n tn I am sticking with the 11 pm or 3 am time because of the nasty side effects if I wait and take it in the morning. For me the side effects were WORSE with synthroid. I guess I am in the minority there. Anyone else have a story like mine? I am so new to this I want advice. I also have a cyst on the other side which they have to watch. My brother's cyst was malignant and he has no thyroid now. He has been on Syn for 18 years and has never complained. he gets up at 4:30 to take his.
Avatar n tn Is it like saying just taking longer birth control pills? What are the side effects? What are the benefits? Has FDA approved? Where i can search more about Yaz? Will it affect my future plan of having a healthy pregnancy? Also, i was told if i do want to get pregnant, i should wait 6 months after taking the birth control pills. is that true?
Avatar n tn The side effects you mention are also caused by whatever Estrogen blocker you are taking ... I'm guessing it may be Tamoxifen ?? I have also heard from many patients that some side effects of Chemo may last for as long as you were on the drug and sometimes even beyond. Some but few women taking Tamoxifen or the other related drugs after treatment experience no side effects from the drug ... most patients do have the joint pain and other problems you have mentioned. Regards ....
Avatar n tn Hi, Many studies have shown that there is sufficient evidence to support that Arimidex or other similar drugs reduce significantly the risk of recurrence as well as cancer in the opposite breast by 50%.This medication which is a "necessary evil", does cause a lot of side effects though,but the benefits must always be weighed against the possible risks, especially if one has an aggressive type of breast cancer.
Avatar f tn Two things if this nasty beast rears its ugly face will I have symptoms leading up to the rise in my CA. 2nd I am trying to be on an estrogen blocker as it was estrogen positive, currently trying Arimidex as fumara gave me too much pain have you tried these drugs right after chemo and with any luck. We are also looking at it as preventive for breast cancer. I am 54 years old and doing well.
Avatar f tn How many places in your body produce estrogen? Instead of taking an estrogen blocker I asked my oncologist if I could just have my one remaining ovary removed. He said it probably wouldn't make much of a difference. Without breasts and ovaries where else does estrogen come from?
Avatar f tn I have been taking Tamoxifen for 3 months, but decided to come off it because of the side effects, the main side effect being depression. I was crying most days and very argumentative and compulsive about certain issues. I have informed my Oncologist and breast care nurse of my decision. My Oncologist said that it was the only hormone drug I could take because I was pre-menopausal. They are going to do a blood test to see how far into the menopause I am.
Avatar f tn Also, If i would stop taking either one due to side effects, what type of risk is that for the cancer to return? I feel having had the bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and no additional positive lymph nodes discovered - why do I need this drug? Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn Please inform me of side effects of Arimidex. Also confirm whether clinical tests proved that arimidex really prevent cancer from returning. Recently I had a lumpectomy. The cancer was confined to the lump in my breast and did not spread to the limph nodes. I had a serie of 30 radiation treatments. My bone density is deteriorating, thus I would like to know whether I have to take osteobond 70mg weekly. Will arimidex contribute to loss of bone density? Thank you very much. Susan.
Avatar f tn If you don't have chemo (oncotype dx recurrence score of 8% is low) the usual recommendation is an AI (aromatase inhibitor) 'estrogen blocker' such as Aromatase or Arimidex.
Avatar f tn My ob/gyn had me to do some additional blood work which shows that my estrogen level is very high regardless I'm taking the estrogen blocker med Tamoxifan. Therefore, she recommended me I should consider a surgery to take out both of my ovaries and uterus at the same time. Did anyone have this type of procedure done before, and what are the potential side effects afterwards?
Avatar f tn The frequency of side effects, such as headache, decreased in those who took birth control pills containing lower doses of estrogen and did not occur in those who took birth control pills containing progesterone. Treatments: The medications of choice to stop a menstrual migraine are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs).
Avatar n tn I was wondering if there is anyone out there who might already be taking the drug that can advise regarding any side effects, and can advise if it worked well for their child. Or basically share their story. I think it sounds like an amazing drug (opportunity), that more people should know about just in case it's right for them/their child. I know that my pedeatric endocronologist just heard about this drug at a recent conference she went to, so it's fairly new out there for this purpose.
Avatar f tn Just concerned that the current medication I take for estrogen blocker, has side effects like insomnia and joint pain. I read where Sovaldi could cause the same sides. I wish you all success in slaying the dragon! Im sharpen the knife and gearing up for another combat. my question is about the viral load. Does it usually go up and down millions at a time? Good luck to all!!
768044 tn?1294227036 If so, what calcium channel blocker did you try and did you have any side-effects? Did it help your migraines? I am curious about calcium channel blockers because I have tried antidepressants, anticonvulsants and betablockers already, as well as botox.
Avatar n tn Awwww JDM, why so bitter? All medications can have side effects. It seems that the beta blocker has helped your heart to calm down so that you are not bothered by tachycardia. When I was in my 50's it came as a surprise to me too that some of the symptoms I was feeling were due to aging, not to any specific disease. Sad but true, it comes to all of us if we live long enough. Really 25 mg of Atenolol is nothing.
Avatar m tn I am reading that my testicles will immediately stop producing test on their own and will be shrinking, i will need estrogen blocker, HCG, etc... others users do not even mentioned anything like that. Please... help me!!!! what should i expect to have to face in the coming months or year.
Avatar f tn I haven't used Tamoxifin myself yet, but after my surgery in a couple of weeks, my oncologist will be putting me on it as my low grade tumors are estrogen receptive (and Tamoxifin is an estrogen blocker) Why did your doctor put you on that? Have you had your tumors tested before for estrogen receptors? I'm just surprised that they would use a hormonal treatment before putting you on a second line chemotherapy. Good luck with everything...
562511 tn?1285907760 Her low bone density puts her at risk for fracture but she is very afraid of the side effects of the medications used to increase bone density and flat out refuses those types of meds. At present time, she is taking Vitamin D and Calcium. Is there something else she can take to increase her bone density besides the commonly used drugs now marketed for increasing bone density?
Avatar f tn there may be correlation with the hormone receptor status of your tumor but this has not been well studied. the side effects of these drugs are few - hot flashes, vaginal dryness, risk of blood clots, and more rarely prescription eye changes. It may reasonable to consider a trial of this type of therapy if your gyn oncologist agrees. Another question for you: where is the recurrence? is this something that can be surgically removed?
Avatar f tn Spironolactone is a diuretic, which acts as an androgen blocker as a side effect. There are some precautions that have to be taken with this medication, and only your doctor can determine whether you are a good candidate for this medication based on your health status and bloodwork. Another medication that can be helpful is Accutane, a relative of vitamin A. Accutane is considered the gold standard in acne treatment but can also potentially have side effects.
Avatar f tn (The liver spot was too small to start chemo and remained unchanged for many months.) With tamoxifen, I took 10 mg, twice a day with little or no side effects .. hot flashes mostly. (Women who took 20 mg .. once a day .. had bone pain, etc.). If you go on Arimidex .. keep this in mind .. Good luck and God Bless ..
Avatar f tn It turned out to be a good thing I didn't take it because when I had my recurrence in 2007, my cancer was tested for estrogen receptors and found to be very receptive to estrogen. In fact, I am currently on an estrogen blocker in an attempt to starve what cancer cells I still have. The side effects are not pleasant, and I take Boniva to try to keep from having more bone loss, but that's just the choice I and my doctor made.
562511 tn?1285907760 Her low bone density puts her at risk for fracture but she is very afraid of the side effects of the medications used to increase bone density and flat out refuses those types of meds. At present time, she is taking Vitamin D and Calcium. Is there something else she can take to increase her bone density besides the commonly used drugs now marketed for increasing bone density?
Avatar f tn Is any one on Arimedex, I have been but took myself off it because I was gettin so very sick, nauseus, anxiety, constipation, joint pain, eye pain, I have been on and off an estrogen blocker since the end of chemo (ie. tamoxifin, femara horrible and now arimidex) Any tips to make it more bearable? Well again thanks for all the support.
Avatar f tn They are completely safe too, no side effects. There are two good books to read about menopause and perimenopause. One is called, "What your doctor may not tell you about menopause" and the other is "What your doctor may not tell you about perimenopause" both are written by Dr John Lee, they are a wealth of info, I highly recommend them to all women.
Avatar n tn Assuming I don't have lymph node involvement I am considering refusing hormonal therapy. The side effects will be unbearable for me. I would like to hear from other women who have idc, and refused hormonal therapy. Please let me know how you are doing.
Avatar f tn Sensitive TSH 0.96 Triiodothyronine 105 Thyroxine, Free 0.67 Calcitonin <5.0 After he said, everything appeared to be normal, I stopped taking the dexadrin. It's been over 2 wks (off dexadrin) and symptoms are the same. My heart rate during the middle of the night is usually around 108. My blood pressure has always been very good. Any suggestions?? I don't know if I should see another doctor or just try and live with it.