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Avatar m tn hey sorry to ask again but is elisa the surest test or pcr at 24 months of exposure because some sites quote incidences of seroconversion after many years
Avatar n tn 3) is it true that there is more than one type of Elisa test? and that they vary in accuracy??? 4) what is the accuracy of the Elisa test by week 6 and week 12?
Avatar m tn it that mean i am not HIV? 2. different between rapid test at home and lab ELISA TEST? 3. both ELISA and HIV DUO ULTRAtest can detect HIV 1 and 2? 4. home test rapid test can be false positive? 5. should i do another tests?
Avatar m tn The ELISA test was conclusive. You never mentioned that you had an ELISA test.
Avatar n tn Hello, can someone please tell me at what time mark the Elisa Antigen/Antibody HIV Test can be considered as conclusive. 4 weeks after possible exposure, 6 weeks , 8 weeks or higher period - more than 3 months?
Avatar n tn Can anyone provide details about the accuracy of the ELISA and Western Blot test after 18 days of (possible) exposure? I tested positive ELISA and negative Western Blot. I'm waiting for results from an RNA test. Is 18 days too early for a negative Western Blot test (after a positive ELISA) to be accuracte?
Avatar n tn Today at 11.6 weeks (80 days) post exposure, I took an ELISA test. I know it is a few days early of my 12 week/84 day mark (Mon 03/12, exposure 10/09) but I really want to move on! I think deep down, I know I'm ok, but I also dont want to give myself a false sense of security either.
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Avatar n tn I had my hiv test done 5.5 months after sex using SD Bioline ELISA test. The test came out to be negative. How accurate is this test? Do i need another test?
Avatar m tn i mean each year one p24 test and all of the was negetive. is it reliable or I should have hiv elisa test?
Avatar n tn Hi, I know that the accuracy of a rapid test and ELISA test is same but chances are there that rapid test kit can be defective. RIGHT. Plz comment.
Avatar n tn For Elisa (HIV) test, is the next ghaph correct? WEEK ACCURATE 0 0 1 50 2 75 3 87.5 4 93.75 5 96.875 6 98.4375 7 99.21875 8 99.609375 9 99.8046875 10 99.90234375 11 99.95117188 12 99.
Avatar n tn Ok so I could not wait out the 12 weeks and have decided to do the P24 Antigen Test and Elisa test at the 61 days mark. If both of these test are negative at this timeframe, is it considered conclusive?
Avatar m tn does any1 know if the icma test for hiv is accurate i took it at labcorp and now im thinking why they didnt give me and elisa test does any1 know the diffrence teak please help if u can
Avatar m tn Nonreactive Chemiluminescence: Nonreactive My main question is what these two things mean. DAGS Elisa I assume is looking for P24 Antigen. Chemiluminescence I assume is looking for Antibodies and not Antigen. Am I correct in assuming this? and how accurate would this be at 30 days? I know nothing is conclusive until 3 months. But would you say 90% accurate, 99.98% accurate, etc.
Avatar m tn hi all, i had unprotected vaginal sex with lady unknown HIV status , after 20 days i took screening test using ELISA methode 4th generation the result is negative , and then on 35 days i took same test but the lab technician told me that he only detect antibody because P24 antigen detected on few weeks after exposure , meaning on 2nd test ( 35 days ) only antibody test but using ELISA 4th gen. any expert can explain how the accurate my test?
Avatar m tn it is an approved test in india
Avatar n tn Your test was conclusive.