Early pregnancy no symptoms

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4100601 tn?1358971360 It could be, but there is no way to know for sure until your period is due. You are only 5 DPO so way to early to test wait till a least 10 DPO. Hope this is helpful and that you get your Christmas BFP! I ovulated on the 26th and hoping for mine as well.
897362 tn?1318124881 I am at 8 weeks and I really have NO symptoms...and have had a previous miscarriage...and a full term pregnancy. So, hang in there. Symptoms come and go..its normal......dont stress!
419008 tn?1219540038 no - it takes 5-7 days for a fertilized egg to implant. Only then will the pregnancy HCG be produced and it will take awhile for it to build to levels that cause symptoms.
Avatar n tn And when do you start getting lochia?
800453 tn?1297894165 Hi please can people tell me the symptoms they experienced during early pregnancy. i have done tests all show negative. went to doctor done urine test again negative.
Avatar f tn This could be a late ovulation because of the cm ur experiencing.... its a bit to early to get so many symptoms of pregnancy. Remember this is a mind over matter thing cause we want to get pregnant sooooo bad! I might add that NO pregnancy are the same... i was 14 days late and still wasnt pregnant. If u as a woman feel that something is up, plz do take a HPT or get some blood work done. Wish u the best of luck!!!
Avatar f tn Ur still very early so some pregnancy symptoms may not show up until later on. But everyome is different. Some have nausea some dont. And your baby is still a very tiny little thing at this time. U may have spotting later on but as long as it isnt heavy or just a light pink color, then that is normal.
Avatar f tn Is there Anyone who is o their 2nd child feel pregnancy symptoms very very early? Before a missed period? I have acid reflux. Abdominal cramps all the time. Back pain. Bloating. Tiredness. Wet discharge all the time now..help please. Could i be pregnant?
1296549 tn?1272532118 For about a month now I've had what the books say early pregnancy symptoms. Nausea, Breast tenderness,Fatigue, Hightened sense of smell, and for two weeks I've had some pink spotting (not much) and light to dark brown spotting. About two to three weeks ago I took two home pregnancy test and they were negative. Planning on taking another one in two weeks.