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Avatar m tn Hi and welcome. Older folks dont heal as fast as us youngster. With that bruise i would start by keeping it away from fabric materials like socks or pants. Anything that will be in contact with the bruise. These all contain certain dyes and chemicals that can cause all kinds reactions. Laundry soap contains lye. I would cover it with a ventilated sterile fabric and start the healing process. It looks like its being irritated.
Avatar n tn sometimes you don't even realize you are doing it. To stop you should find something to cover your toes... ALWAYS wear socks... put something jelly-like or sticky on the tips of your socks so the moment you reach for your toes you are suprised to feel something strange. You just need to start noticing when you are doing it. for me I keep neosporin on my scars and the moment I reach for one and feel the neosporin I realize I am doing it. Hope this helped!
987762 tn?1331031553 There is something to that saying 'a picture paints a 1000 words' lol Gosh they are ugly pic's, it was funny when they first looked at the Raynaud's picture of my feet, just thought they were oddly coloured because of a bad photo, well that was until i took off my socks and shoes lol. If i sit up after laying down, you can actually see the veins engorging one after the other in my left arm, filling up with blood, by the time i'm standing the veins on each side of my ankle have engorged.
Avatar f tn Ken. I bought wrong socks! They were diabetic socks, & they make it worse? Prob. because the tops r to tight? I pray i make it! My symptoms used to be 1 leg. Now it is both legs, & swelling goes up to at least to my knees. My heals aches wen i wake up. Today, i started getting a little dizzy. I cant go to the ER. They just wait till u feel better, n send u home. 2 YEARS AGO, THEY WERE ALREADY TO ADMIT ME(ARM WAS PREPED, & EVERYTHING.) 1.5 Hours later sent me home, with no testing?
534800 tn?1217170959 It happens with pants or shorts on, lotion or none, socks or no socks, a recent leg shave or not so recent..... I hope some day soon some MD will find a reason & a preventitive treatment for this annoying ugly rash. Thank you all for the info posted. I am estatic I finally found a site such as this. Thoughts on if it could be possibly harmful to continue to walk for consecutive days with this? It is also now leaving a discoloration around my ankle area.
Avatar n tn I've been telling her all winter to wear long sleeves and socks. Now, she is. Here is a good link with more info so you can see if it is what you are experiencing: http://www.podiatryvic.com.au/Public/Facts2.
Avatar f tn they said it is because my mom was diabetic and now that i am older they have to test everything earlier and such....lol i am now about 10 weeks 3 days and nothing much has changed, the nausea has pretty much left the building but the bbs are still very sore and i am SOOOO moody...omg i wanted to kill dh the last couple of days...
Avatar f tn I’m 39, female, Asian w/natural hair, over weight, pre diabetic, have Hashimoto’s disease (hypothyroid). Like everyone else I’ve tried acne meds, antibiotics, anti fungals, steroids, diet changes, spices, colloidal silver, etc... also tested for staph, biopsies, A1C (blood sugar) - and nothing special happened or was found. One thing I have never tried are the stronger medications like Accutane. My recurring folliculitis was mainly small puss filled spots; however, I had a few boils(?
Avatar f tn First off, I am a diabetic and work from home. I have noticed certain variables that may or may not be the cause for these severe chills with no fever: - I usually am tired or have not slept well the previous night - I not hungry in the morning and have not eaten - my blood glucose is not controlled during the episode...rising on it's own. The chills usually occur a few hours after I awake and last about 2-4 hours. I will lay back, cover up and use a heating pad in order to get warm.
Avatar f tn is when i work out or run on treadmill i wear 3 pairs of socks..it reduces the shock... you will still feel the sensation but it wont be unbearable..try it...see if it work for u...
Avatar n tn My foot pain is worse in the day because I have to wear socks and it gets fungal build-up. At home in the evening I walk around barefoot and it is much better. But, I never had this problem throughout my entire life until a few months ago. i walked on some nasty floors before barefoot and it hasn't affected me. Do you think the fungus is reproducing from within me, and is only causing pain when it reaches the extremities (anus and foot)?
Avatar n tn When I returned to my doctor after breaking out (the steroids were done) she prescribed another dose, gave me a shot and also told me I was diabetic. Just had to do more blood work and sent me home. I had no meds for being diabetic because she wanted to see the results of the A1C test. I got a glucose meter and started testing myself immediately. I had taken 3 does of the steroids at this time...when I did my blood sugar it was 268! It should be around 110.
Avatar f tn What's more, I did not have the hallmarks of either Scleroderma or Lupus (no hard skin, no mylar rash, no photo-sensitivity). Things did not quite fit together in my head or in my heart. I was praying a lot for direction (and because I felt so bad) and I started to research what other things might be caused by my "very specific" Nucleolar pattern.
Avatar n tn I had an eyetest recently and they take a photo of back of eye, and she said the capillaries there were not leaking and seemed healthy so she assumed that would be the case for rest of body. I've noticed alot of people have mentioned their BP is low rather than high, umm, could there be a link?
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