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Avatar n tn as long as i can remember i even get them under my nails.
Avatar n tn I have been having these same pains for about 6 months to a year. I just went to the doctor about a week ago and they are running some blood tests on me to see what it could be. I'm still waiting for results. But I understand how horrible and annoying these pains can be. One day i had them all over my body that i did no want to move at all. I will post my results as soon as i get them to further help anyone who is looking for answers.
Avatar n tn Hello, good doctor! I am a musician and a writer, and in one episode of sleep paralysis I had a haunting tune come to me that I still remember. Usually it's not so pleasant, although by now I know I will wake soon. Sometimes I awaken with a scream on my lips and it comes out suddenly, frightening others in the house! I have a sleep disorder but not a good diagnosis. I have extreme daytime sleepiness - just irresistable - fall asleep talking on phone, at computer, inopportune times.