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Avatar n tn I have had diabetes for 7 years and recently worked with the diabetes educator at one of my local hospitals as a high school intern. We did a lot of teaching about diabetic socks. Diabetic socks are not a scam. People with diabetes are supposed to wear cotton socks so that the socks breathe. Also diabetic socks are supposed to help with keeping good circulation to the feet. Since people with diabetes need to take extra care of their feet.
881165 tn?1265988188 I do know that the manufacturers sell those special cleansers of their own that supposedly help them last longer than washing them in regular soap, but I'm apt to think that's all a ploy to make money. I suppose I'd want to know if the ingredients are really different. And you're absolutely NOT supposed to wash them in Woolite for some reason--not sure why though? Wish I could be of more help.
Avatar m tn I actually feel worse. The weight gain has put me borderline diabetic and I have now been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease stage III. I look back, I can remember my symptoms starting in 2005. My family has no hypo history, only hyperthyroidism. In 2005 I bought a new computer with a 17" CRT monitor. I use a computer alot. I noticed my eyes getting burnt. They would swell and the surrounding skin would be beet red and dry wrinkled.
Avatar n tn It sweats because colored socks are polyester or have plenty in them. All cotton colored socks fade and get pilly. And white socks are mostly cotton or at least 80% cotton, and absorb what little sweat 2-20% polyester makes one sweat. Or do your feet sweat or itch a lot from the shoes? These are reactions that come and go. But one thing is for sure folks. Plastic allergy is very real. Although mild for most compared to other synthetics, or higher quality plastics.
Avatar n tn Celery and add water to it and blend it. It will help with your cholesterol also. It is also recommended to diabetic people. I have been taking it for about one month now and have lost about 10 pounds.