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Avatar n tn Aronow's presentation on video at the NIH Consensus Management Conference, 2002)I would look askance at anyone who purports to have a conclusive answer at this point in time. Certainly interpreting anything I say as anything more than sharing data or raising questions about the ****-sure statements I see made is way beyond anything I have said, or would ever say, given that I only had a small part in one such neurological research study.
598237 tn?1225647072 His behavior is not perfect but he is able to focus in school to get the best possible education. As an educator, my question would be to you and those that disagree with medication, do you think it is fair to a class of 28 students to have a child be a constant disruption because of their condition? After all, if your child were diabetic, would you not give him insulin?
Avatar n tn There may be some things that you can do at home, and on video chat, other then reading to them. For instance, playing (more) games with your daughter will give you (the at home parent) the opportunity to teach them how to win or lose gracefully. And that it is not so much the outcome, as the playing. I'm thinking that since you've mentioned that you are deployed that your husband/wife is video chatting with your child. How often are you able to do that?