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Avatar n tn i manage my diabetes well with excersize and through my insulin pump. i dont plan to do any drugs or drink alcohol in the neer future so you guys dont have to fret for me. my mom is an EMT and i have seen the effects that lots of alcohol can do to a person but ive never heard of what marijuana +does to one.
Avatar m tn Hi! I would like to ask you an opinion about something (I would say weird) recently happened to me. I am 31 years old diabetic (insulin dependent) since 1996 and I am injecting insulin 3 times a day (before meals) + 1 (lantus, 24h coverage). I experienced only once loss of consciousness (in 2008, when my blood sugar was 39 mg/dL... I have absolutely no memory of what happened then if not what my friends told me about...
Avatar f tn I had a friend who was on insulin for type 2 diabetes for years. He was over weight . then he lost a lot of weight started exercising and ate better and came off the insulin. The fact is even if he achieved these things he would still need to be monitored by a Dr. and he would probably need to keep an eye on his blood sugars. as to your third question I think you are worried about him having children and what that can mean for them.
Avatar m tn Since I'm taking two injections back to back ,, it is not necessary to change needles, but I must do a test shot each time (2 units). It is perfectly normal for a big stream of insulin to shoot out during the test shot. I will now take a blood reading , and inject 10 minutes before eating , am and pm. I'm changing when I get up, setting the alarm each day at 7:00am -- 7:30am in order to test and inject early hopefully by 9:00am.
Avatar n tn there was a DVD video that came with my pegasus kit. If she still has this video, get her to pack it, once you see the video it will be easy for you to give her the shot.
Avatar n tn My 4 year old son was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes 18 months ago, and we have very gradually gained better control over that period of time. 5 days ago he woke up with a reading of 3mmol/l (54mg/dl). I reduced his insulin slightly. He ate breakfast normally, and then went into a severe hypo 2 hours later, losing consciousness.
Avatar n tn ------------------------ Multiple studies have now proven that the Hepatitis C virus causes insulin resistance (you become insensitive to insulin) and diabetes.....and being insulin resistant lowers SVR. As a matter of fact, insulin resistance is now considered the most important host factor in the prediction of treatment response. Co (Abstract 1270.
Avatar f tn They diagnosed her with diabetes. We began insulin and know that she's not likely to be adopted, so she is ours. We took her back to the vet yesterday for the curve test and they told us to double the insulin from one to two units. In the meantime, she's still urinating on the floors instead of the box. We also have to make sure any garbage cans are locked up because she will dump them over and eat out of them, even though there's a surplus of food. She weighed 4.
Avatar f tn diagnosed LADA (T1 diabetes) 3 years ago. On insulin and metformin. Started thyroid meds about same time. Currently on Tirosint 88 and have been on this amt for over 1 yr. Recent past FT3 labs (two separate testings over the last month or so) came back: 2.2 L (Range 2.3-4.2) with TSH .875 (Range: .350-5.500) Dr. prescribed 5 cytomel without much more info. Started some reading re thyroid. Did not start cytomel as I wanted additional testing. So...
Avatar m tn But the major one was development of diabetes which required insulin for a few months before tx began and for which the doc has recently told me to start insulin again. During tx blood sugar normalized and I stopped the insulin. The reason blood sugar normalized during tx is beacuse the riba kills of the red blood cells early in their life before the cells have the time to mature and have a lot of glucose cling to them (that is at least how I understand it).
144210 tn?1273092382 4 wk pcr and 2 wk cbc's. One glitch. He wants me to lose 50 lbs first! Something about insulin reversal, so I am on hold for at least a few weeks...probably longer. He knows I am stage 4 cirrhosis compensated, but isn't concerned with the delay. Wish me luck on the diet!
495284 tn?1333897642 I hope Snickers appetite is just due to him getting used to the insulin, Sara. I'm sorry I don't know much about diabetes, but wonder if the insulin isn't at the exact dose yet and is affecting his appetite. It sounds like he is at least acting like himself to some degree which is progress. Grooming (such as it is) and litter box looking good is encouraging - much better than just a week ago, so celebrating the little victories like you said.
Avatar f tn She had first one, then the other breast removed and reconstructive surgery. She also had Diabetes which she got at a fairly young age and had to take insulin shots every day for the rest of her life. When my uncle was 53 they had to go to his dad's funeral. My uncle was full of stress, grief and guilt because he had been the last one on the phone with his dad before his dad went out and shot himself.
Avatar n tn I also use Redi-pen but also am diabetic on insulin. For the insulin I use 0.3 cc 30 gauge 5/16" length syringe. The needle length is about the same as the Redi-pen and the width of the needle is about the same too. It's no too painful - not that I like the insulin or anything. It is easier to handle than the Redi-pen - lighter, thinner, easier to plunge. I'm at work right now with a syringe on my desk and getting strange looks from the folks around here.
Avatar n tn Finally able to watch the Dr. Dieterich video in most of its entirety as last time the link was posted the video seemed to stall a lot. While I have tremendous respect for Dr. Dieterich as both researcher and clinician, I was disappointed in this particular video on a number of levels including its overlysimplistic approach, not to mention what I consider lapses in logic.
Avatar f tn Worrying will only make it worse, try to stay positive, getting all worked up will make the task harder, my friend who has diabetes said she couldn't and wouldn't do needles but she does and she has no problems with it now.. try to think about other things over the weekend, relax, have you got someone (a support person) close friend who can be with you or do something with you over the weekend so you don't think about it too much.
Avatar n tn I used to give her daily injections of insulin for her diabetes prior to her death four years ago and I did ***** myself a couple of times. But come on! Shouldn't most doctors, regardless of their speciality, know that cats don't have or spread HCV!
92903 tn?1309908311 From there, the development of diabetes is gradual, and the American Diabetes Association has established limits beyond which diabetes can be diagnosed. And, most importantly, blood sugar levels above 140 - at any time - cause damage. (With a little hunting, I can find references for all these statements). When my brother became diabetic (defined by the ADA at that time as having a fasting blood sugar of 140 or more; nowadays it's 126), he was sent to diabetes class.
Avatar m tn I was just trimming some shrubs and got stung by a wasp on top of the head. Frickin' typical .... I do shot # 45 tomorrow and an insect will probably do me in. Now to wait around and see if I swell up or anything. Anyone know interferons affect on wasp stings ?
233488 tn?1310696703 Running marathons for decades is an excessive amount of exercise, predisposing to an increased coronary artery plaque buildup despite favorably altering many risk factors such as weight, blood pressure and risk of diabetes. A more moderate dose of exercise is a better strategy for promoting long-term cardiovascular health and durability. An example of a sensible and time efficient ‘exercise prescription’ is shown in figure 1.
Avatar m tn [3] Magnesium plays an important role in carbohydrate metabolism and its deficiency may worsen insulin resistance, a condition that often precedes diabetes, or may be a consequence of insulin resistance.[4] Deficiency can cause irregular heart beat. Anyway..... here is one more link on magnesium deficiency. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wtUn1gWgaw ================= Well.....
Avatar f tn I will have to give myself the shot and it will cost $300 for 50 day program, which is less than another Dr was going to charge. I'm looking forward to getting this started. Shots and all. I'll let you know what I think after Thursday.
5538989 tn?1514402053 I was off oral medication for Type 2 diabetes a month after the birth of my child. My glucose was in non diabetic ranges and I had lost all of my pregnancy weight. I was DX'd with MS; began Copaxone and immediately noticed an increase in sugar as I was still checking to ensure nothing was out of balance no longer being on medication. Since only 1% of patients report increased blood sugar, my Neuro was in denial as well as Shared Solutions.
Avatar f tn It promoted high carb diet which results in overpopulation of yeast in our gut, causes leaky gut, and further causes easy conversion to surgar which results in insulin to be produced until you become either insulin resistent or your pancreas givesout and either way you get diabetes. Furthermore when they take the fat out of food the food tastes bad, so in place of the fat they put in sugar/high fructose corn syrup.
649848 tn?1534637300 While you are at it, you might want to get tested for insulin resistance/type II diabetes, which also causes weight gain/inability to lose. We started a "challenge" a couple of weeks ago and we've just put up a couple of new posts to make it all more interesting. Please feel free to join us............
Avatar m tn If someone has schizophrenia, ADHD, conduct disorder, depression etc there is no biological test so it would be insane to treat them with neuro-pharmacology. A real disease like AIDS, Cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's,Leukaemia, Diabetes etc all have a medical test or are confirmed at autopsy. In science there's suppose to be a hypothesis, then research and then a conclusion.
Avatar f tn I was then put into weight control treatment which ended up giving me an eating problem - while some of my weight gain stumps me, I can honestly say a chunk of it is my fault. I have insulin resistance, was diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol/triglycerides at the age of 8 (pre-weight gain) that has been relatively normal now for several years due to dieting. My weight is mostly centralized, and I'm covered in wide (1cm) stretch marks.
Avatar m tn In fact, it's about the only reason Dr. D. mentions in his very pro-treatment video. So -- to use an extreme example -- if tomorrow there was a non-toxic pill that could turn every stage 3 inot a stage 0, then the people who took that pill would therefore buy more time waiting for less toxic treatments. In other words, by taking fibrosis progresion out of the picture, the risk/reward equation is significantly altered.
Avatar n tn She is now on Dilantin, Topomax, and Ultram and elavil she also has to take about 50 enzymes a day to digest her food and she takes prevacid and insulin for diabetes due to a pancreatectomy done earlier this year.And her family dr. has shut down her periods for 2 years due to endometreosis.Does anybody agree that maybe her problem is all this meds? And if so how do we get away from all this and not have seizures? She can't go without her Ultram because of the pain from the headaches.