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Avatar f tn I've ruled out all the other diagnoses like lupis, mast cell, niacin, etc. an am convinced it's carcinoid because the flush is exactly as seen on internet video. Because my flushes lasted at least 20 minutes from the first one, and because it's not just my face and upper chest, it's most likely foregut which is so much harder to diagnose. These last two + years have been so stressful. Please let me hear from you all as to your situation now. Thanks.
Avatar m tn You need an HbA1c test. And to take blood sugar levels. Curiously, abnormal blood sugar levels often produce quite pleasureable halucinations amongst a portion of the population with a genetic predisposition. I like to call them "sugar people". It's sort of like being in the Matrix. This doesn't mean you have diabetes. If you note mystics often produce such "dreams" by fasting.
Avatar n tn For a physical and get tested for thyroid, diabetes, celiac disease and I guess a herpes blood test (in reference to an above comment) I am going to ask to be referred to a gyno and dermatologist while I am there. Next, I am going to cleanse myself and hopefully purge anything in my body that is causing this. I am going to start with a bowel cleanser and then a liver cleanser. I am going to put myself on a strict diet and of course get off the nicorette and stop the occassional cheating.
Avatar n tn My doctor is clueless and thought it might be some kind of neuropathy (I have diabetes) but thought it odd because it normally would be in the feet and go up from there in to the calf of your leg, not the thigh. There is something to this if it's happening to others who describe it the way I feel.
Avatar m tn It is indeed interesting and disturbing at the same time. Amalgam consists mainly of mercury which is a heavy metal that is toxic. The dark fillings in your mouth are amalgam and there are numerous studies that have been done that prove that they are harmful and yet the dental association continues to make claims that they're safe.