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Avatar n tn Ok ive had diabetes for 5 years this coming week and i am 15 years old. Diabetes has deffinently changed the way that i go out with friends and i relieze that i cant do all the things that they do to have fun, like drink alcohol. I know that alcohol and diabetes doesnt mix but im curious to know if marijuana has any other side effects on a person with diabetes or if it is still the same as a non diabetic.
Avatar n tn It worked good for me. As far as diet I started with the Swank diet but think the Paleo Diet has shown more success in threating neurological diseases. As far as the dental thing I had 10 root canals and an assortment of fillings. My gums were bleeding and that was clearly a problem in my case. Everyone must decide this issue for theirself because this is a major decision. I have some information concerning this issue that I will post.
3060903 tn?1398568723 It also rules out junk food entirely, and calls for people to cut added sugar and salt out of their diet immediately. Nutrition Australia executive officer Lucinda Hancock said the pyramid can help all Australians. "The foundation is the same as the original healthy eating pyramid - to have a plant-based diet with 70 per cent of your diet made up of fruit vegetables and grains," Ms Hancock told Ninemsn.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Introduction Dr. Mercola's Nutrition Plan Introduction Level 1 Introduction Proteins Carbs Fats Beverages Supplements Lifestyle Level 2 Introduction Proteins Carbs Fats Beverages Supplements Lifestyle Resources Fitness Plan Food Facts Recipes » Discover More Welcome to the Current Version of My Nutrition Plan! 59 inShare 2K+ 11.
Avatar n tn When I begin listening to the diabetes video, the first 5 mins are him talking about how awesome he is, and how he's cured sooo many people. real compelling... How much do you think Dr. Furman makes on these conventions and his "Eat to Live" book???? Seems to me that this is not all for the benefit of peoples health, that is this guys JOB. As for Dr. Swank???? The only video i could find on him was when one of his followers appeared on MONTEL. hmmm.
458384 tn?1295724256 These 10 habits can make your immune system shut down, so follow this advice and your body will thank you. 1. Junk the Junk Food Combined with sedentary lives, a poor diet is estimated to kill between 310,000 and 580,000 Americans each year. So, how bad is junk food for your immune system? Experts have known for some time that when a person is malnourished, her immune system is weakened. When you restore the person to normal nutrition, her immune system improves, which is no surprise.
1550149 tn?1340004330 Malabsorption of nutrients during the years when nutrition is critical to a child's normal growth and development can result in other problems such as failure to thrive in infants, delayed growth and short stature, delayed puberty, and dental enamel defects of the permanent teeth.
1550149 tn?1340004330 The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II The Mcdougall Program: 12 Days to Dynamic Health by John McDougall, MD Dr. McDougall's Digestive Tune-Up by John McDougall, MD Uninformed Consent : The Hidden Dangers in Dental Care by Hal A. Huggins, DDS, MS and Thomas E.
Avatar m tn which has nothing to do with HCV, is that poor nutrition...... even in the absence of HCV can cause liver damage. One could postulate that if one also has HCV poor diet choices could become exponentially more damaging. - Willy)[/i] http://news.aol.com/article/ap-impact-liver-disease-plagues-obese/163691?cid=12 AP IMPACT: Liver disease plagues obese adolescents By LINDA A. JOHNSON , AP TRENTON, N.J.
610164 tn?1220630817 I have been found twice to have below normal levels of potassium in my blood, probably due to poor nutrition, however, i used to eat a lot worse and less healthy than I do now and never had potassium issues, so that is odd to me. My heart never skipped beats back then either and I smoked, drank all the time, and didnt eat healthy. Now I am a health nut and do everything I am supposed to and i get these skipped beats...i dont understand and it is not fair. What did i do to deserve this?
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Yes, test for diabetes and hypothyroidism as these can slow down the gut and cause delayed gastric emptying and bloatedness. If these two conditions are ruled out then consult a gastroenterologist. A number of times a gastroenterologist is able to diagnose these conditions by clinical examination and detailed medical history. At other times a few tests are conducted.
Avatar m tn I've have insulin resistance for decades from my high sugar/refined carb diet but I never developed diabetes or metabolic syndrome. I found this on the book The Great Cholesterol Myth which could explain why... "Myth–Fat is bad for your health. Fact–Monounsaturated and saturated fats protect you from metabolic syndrome. Sugar is the foe in cardiovascular disease.
Avatar m tn Cancer prevention, the natural way Multiple new studies show how you can dramatically lower your risk for a common cancer using plain old good nutrition and healthy living. Combined, the studies show how fish oil, selenium and not smoking all add up to a lower risk for colorectal cancer. In the first study, researchers compared a selenium-based supplement that also contained zinc, methionine and vitamins A, C and E to a placebo in patients with a history of colorectal polyps.
Avatar n tn Need a good, completely comprehensive vitamin/nutritional supplement. A friend is trying to sell me a nutrition supplement called Reliv. She says drinking supplements help you retain more vitamins than pills and that Reliv products give you everything you would ever need - vitamin and mineral wise. I need to find out if this is actually a good product to use or not. And a recommendation for a good supplement if this is not. Thanks.
Avatar m tn The chronic condition is still there, though. I'm curious to know about niacin. I was watching a video on nutrition and they mention niacin as being good for depression and anxiety. I looked it up on the internet and found conflicting data......as always. What i'm most curious about is if anyone here has used it or heard of it being used to any real theraputic effect? Also, does niacin in its immediate release form damage the liver? Any information would be MUCH appreciated.
649848 tn?1534637300 Admittedly, it's partly my own fault, because I've yet to find a diet that I can adhere to and it's particularly hard because my husband is very tall and slim, so he doesn't have to watch his calories. It's hard to sit down to my plate of veggies and deck of cards size piece of meat, when he's chowing down on pizza, burgers, fries, milk shakes, etc.
280891 tn?1261016650 This case history shows a Type 2 diabetes treatment success story of James Kenney, one of my patients. Type 2 diabetes prevention is possible, with diabetes education, Type 2 diabetes diet, proper weight control, and exercise. Instead of controlling diabetes, simply get rid of it. Name James Kenney Chief Complaint Poorly controlled diabetes Weight 268 pounds Insulin 175 units per day Mr. Kenney was referred to my office from his nephrologist at St.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Less than 2% failed testing and most of them are covered by your insurance. For further information, please see www.thebuzonbios.com This site contains the best video presentation on Bioidentical Hormones I have found to date. Be sure and watch the 2009 video first, then the 2010 video. It really is a great resource. Tell a friend. J. Kyle Mathews, MD Plano OB Gyn Associates Plano Urogynecology Associates. www.drjkm.
242532 tn?1269553979 If these two roommates don't talk to each other they will just alternate in control and you will be a yo-yo dieter. You will diet and lose weight and then your other self will take over and you will gain all the pounds back plus about 10%. You may do this for decades with only fat and frustration as your reward for the thousands of days of dieting deprivation. Wouldn't you be better off talking to your skull mate? Stop making you binge Of course you would...
Avatar f tn My doctor does not want to put me on Reglan, because it can also mess with your autonomic system, potentially making my syncope worse. At my doctor's suggestion, I have cut out almost all fat, spices, and fiber out of my diet, and this has helped some. I no longer have the stomach pain, and the gas doesn't smell rotten any more. I have also had my dose of Mestinon increased for other reasons, and I think this helps as well, as it causes all muscles to contract more.
Avatar f tn My doc recommends the "MS diet" which he explains is as low fat (sat, esp) as possible. I can't say it has done much symptom wise, but is helping me to lose weight. He explained that they have found a link between cholesterol and MS symptoms. When I asked my pcp about it last year, he had said it was in the journals about 6 months prior. Bottom line is that we all have to work with our own physicians to find what helps us the most.
1288945 tn?1271976052 Luckily he has been able to go into remission on Imuran and takes extremely good care of himself with diet and exercise. I think doctors treat the surgery as a last choice for very sick people providing they fit the criteria.
Avatar n tn I can stay entertained at home though, movies and video games can keep me busy for a while. I'd say video games are most of what I do at home, but I mainly play puzzle games and things that involve heavy thought... as opposed to shooting/fighting games that I do play occasionally w/ friends. But puzzles are definitely my favorite. The post I made last night was probably more emotional/depressing than it should have been.
Avatar f tn Most are not in imminent danger, Ludwig said. But some have obesity-related conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, breathing difficulties and liver problems that could kill them by age 30. It is these kids for whom state intervention, including education, parent training, and temporary protective custody in the most extreme cases, should be considered, Ludwig said.
Avatar n tn FT3 certainly seems to have a bearing, but, for me, that's not the only factor; exercise/proper diet seems to have to be included in order to get it all in sync.
Avatar f tn Plan out your diet so that your intake stays around that amount. Next, you should figure out when you're feeling most energetic. If you're like me, that's around 8:00 pm. Then it's just a matter of what you want to spend your energy on - cardio or weight lifting. They say now that you can spend the same amount of time weight lifting as with cardio, and you'll get the same health benefits.
Avatar n tn This is going to have to be a life style change as far as eating habits, diet and exercise. Have you thought of a diet/nutrition guide to help you with your weight issue. Sometime doctors can recommend some. If you can't get your body and brain to function perhaps you are depressed about your weight which antidepressants might help you get through the rough spots of thyroid and weight issue. A lot of us thyroids are on antidepressant, its not all that unusual with thyroid. Good Luck!