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Avatar f tn Many of us with hepatitis C, even those of us who are cured, are dealing with type 2 diabetes. Losing weight and eating low carb is very helpful. My doctor put me on metformin which dropped my fasting blood sugar closer to normal range. But the thing that helped the most was cutting way down on carbs and losing 10 pounds. My A1C went from 6.0 to 5.6.
Avatar f tn I just realized that I haven't seen my diabetes specialist in about three years. On my last visit she "discharged" me to the care of my internist. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 5 years ago, at age 62. My glucose levels are stable at around 110, hB!ac 5.9. I've recently lost 25 kg, do some mild exercise and feel good. I'm taking metformin twice a day (750 mg).
Avatar n tn have type 2 diabetes latey bkood sugars beteen 250 -380 seen doctor recently was put o lantus 10u did nothing called doc she said to go up to 15u been a few days should i see a specialst she says she can control has not changed does lantus take awhile to take effect an also o metformin 1000 glipizide and juniva
Avatar f tn Hi Doctor, my mom is a type 2 diabetes patient. she takes 500 mg x 2 glucophage. since diabetes is linked to other diseases as well, what general tests or physical examinations should she have them done. what special precautions she shud take in her diet like taking high fibre diet is good for her. i have told her to take fish oil by pulse (1000 mg) thrice a week. is that good for her.
Avatar n tn Hello doctor, My brother is a down-syndrome.He is having diabetes type 2 since he was 12 years old and now he is 18 years old.His diabetes is under control and he is taking metformin tablet every morning and night before meal.The problem is he is having pimples at his back and sometime the pimples will grow under his arm-pit and face.This pimples are in moderate size unlike the normal pimples and it is uncontrollable.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes for several years. The diet is the same diet recommended for Type 1 diabetes. Your doctor or The ADA can give you a copy of the recommended diet. The difference in the diet for Type 2 is that you do not have to eat on such a strict schedule. Please be careful to check your blood sugars often. You should not have more than 3 servings of carbs per meal as recommended by the ADA.
Avatar m tn I have told her about my condition and we would like to find out more about the effects of HSV-2 on diabetes type 2 patients, because we would really want more information as it would help us in our relationship. 1) What is it like for women with diabetes and HSV-2? 2) Do the symptoms alleviate over time, like normal HSV-2 people? 3) How do you cope with the conditions? 4) Is there any hope in such a situation?
14386166 tn?1434271742 Hello everyone..I have been Type 2 Diabetic for 19 months now and I am on a few Medications such as..Humalog 50-25 units 3 times per day and Byetta 10 unitis 2 times per day and Metformin 2 times per day and Atrovastatin once per day..when I was diagnosed I weighed 120kg now I weigh 154kg, I have been in Terrible pain over the past year..
Avatar n tn my diabetes is out of control..my dr has me on 2 types of insulin, but it is not helping..i'm exercising following what i eat..
Avatar f tn Just. Wondering ...I dont take meds for type 2 I try to control by diet an exercise, one time a week it might go up 185....can I just exercise it down or will I need to get meds?
Avatar n tn It's gonna be like that untill someone extraordinary finds a way to completely fix type 2. Type 1 will never be fixed, but one day we may understand why it happens and will be preventable. For now it's either drastically lowering the consumption of carbs, or the drugs. There's no inbetween.
Avatar n tn On the emotional side, I think that Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are very similar. Both come along with complications or risks of them, and with psychological & emotional pressures, worries, feeling guilty, feeling angry, feeling despair. Folks with either type of diabetes can also enjoy all the good emotions: hope, contentment, happiness, love, compassion.
Avatar m tn I am a type 2 diabetic. I exercise every day with a two mile walk every morning. I wake up and my blood sugars are usually around 150-160. After exercise my sugars are as high as 288. The rest of the day they continually drop and about dinner time they will be around 100. Why Please help. What should i do differently.I have tried eating before exercise as well as after. The results are the same. I tried this without coffee in the am. Or with my usual cup of coffee. The results are the same.
Business man1 you are classified as either normal, prediabetic, or diabetic [type 1, type 2, or type 1.5]. Telling us which one helps us help you so we can provide appropriate responses.
Avatar f tn a few years ago, I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II. I do weigh more than the average teenager but I am not what doctors would term as over-weight. My problem is, I am not on any medication of any kind. The only medication i recieved from my doctor was 6 years ago, and it only assisted in heloping me lose weight. Is this normal? Is it possible/normal that I can survive and beat this illness by simply sticking to my diet? any clarification on this will be muvh appreciated. Thank you.
215816 tn?1212494007 I took the one hour test, and they were able to tell I had whats called gestsational diabetes ( happens to pregnant women during pregnancy) usually it goes away after you give birth, in my case it turned into type 1 diabetes . If you are a type 2 you can control it with keeping your weight down, and eating a healthy diet, some people need med. but those tend to be people who are over weight or not eating right. hope this helps..
Avatar n tn Also, if you are really type 1, you posted in the type 1 forum, then you need to be taking insulin to stay healthy. If you are type 2, you may be able to manage by following a low carb diet, exercising, building muscle mass, Glucophage/ metformin, and maintaining normal weight. However, bottom line is that you need to normalize blood sugars to prevent complications.
Avatar n tn Some doctors think that all of us type 1 folks should be cared for by a counselor, depression is really very common. You have lots of company in this issue. 2. Start writing down on a calendar your high days and low days so you can see if there is some sort of pattern that might be caused by hormonal swings. If you see a pattern, it helps you understand why it is happening and it isn't quite so worrisome.
Business man2 Let us not forget Type 2 diabetes is associated with obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, lack of daily 30-60 exercise, and above all poor food choices. In its early stage it is possible to reverse diabetes. This does not mean you can ignore lifestyle changes by going back to the bad habits which created your diabetes, it means you must adhere to a diabetic prevention lifestyle or it will return.
Avatar n tn Most have absolutely no idea what type 1 diabetes is, for all of the media publicity is about type 2 diabetes, which has different causes and treatments. I find that most people are fascinated to learn that type 1 is an autoimmune disease, and that it is related to other autoimmune diseases like thyroid disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and Lupus.
Avatar f tn Some people with Diabetes Type 2 need oral medications and others need insulin. (Type 2 diabetes means they don't produce enough insulin. Type 1 means they don't produce ANY insulin.
Avatar n tn In Type 1 diabetes, about 60 percent of those individuals develop kidney disease. I was just wondering - of all the Diabetics on this forum .... how many have had endocrinologists put you on medication to *prevent* kidney failure soon after your were first diagnosed? My endo is really pushing to put me on medication in case (and I stress the words "in case") I may get Kidney Disease. I have no signs of it or have it now. My Kidneys are healthy.