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Avatar f tn I am down to 100 pounds. My height is 5’ 2and a small frame. I am also nursing my 7 month old still. How much weight can I loose without being worried? I get upset that people say things like …I am lucky. My second question is I have been struggling keeping my blood sugar high enough during the day. I will drop down sometimes to the 60’s. I even had a 59 the other day without any symptoms.
Avatar f tn Yes, there is a way of differentiating between type 1 and type 2 which is testing for antibodies; type 2 don't have them and type 1 does. Another useful test is the c-peptide which shows how much insulin he is actually making. The bottom line is if his numbers are coming down into range with the treatment he is using, and the correct regimen is the one that lowers blood sugar to where it needs to be the majority of the time.
1998326 tn?1447107365 ) were extremely high in particular and he is making me take the Glucose Test (one with the sugar drink) to see if I'm Pre Diabetic or Type 2 Diabetic. He also said my liver was terrible. I have never smoked or had any alcohol in my life, so I'm devasted. I'm also a carrier of the Celiac gene so he's testing for that too. I have PCOS but not severely. I'm so upset. I can't process all of this information.
Avatar n tn I am not a physician, but a volunteer, that is the mom of a type one diabetic and the daughter of a type 2. To answer your question yes diabetes is a disability that falls under the American with disabilities act. This means that your employer must by law make accommodations for you and your diabetes so that you can perform your job safely, (for both you and your patients). Check out the following web sites to help you. http://www.georgetown.org/pdfs/hr.policy.
Avatar f tn My question is, i am type 2 diabetic. i was wondering if the mother's milk tea will affect my diabetes. And does the tea really help increase your milk supply?
Avatar f tn In terms of the diabetes diagnosis, your 2 hour glucose test would have been useful for that, and it sounds like your doctor and nurse are trying to have it controlled with diet only--is that right? If your blood sugars are not going high after meals(above 140) then you may not need medication at this point. As you are aware, be sure to get enough calories as you are nursing. You may need to increase your carbs to do that--you need 500 extra calories per day for each child you nurse.
Avatar f tn hi, my name is michael and my father is a sober member of AA and has diabetes, one of the things the people in AA do when ever they trying to help some one like your boyfreind , is they go in pairs , if you called your local AA in your area- its in the phone book. AA would send out 2 members to talk with him about his options , like a detox or short term rehab, or mosy lilly they would ask him if he would like to atend the local AA meeting in your area.
Avatar n tn While it looks good on paper, based on actual physiology of exercise and pathology of diabetes whether type 1 or 2 is not that easy to do and could be dangerous due to occurrence of hypoglycemia during or after exercise. I am not a doctor but reading the physiology of exercise which got very interested when my doctor announced that I am now a bona fide type 2 diabetic, i question the effectiveness of more intensive or vigorous exercises.
Avatar n tn When I was working in the hospital in diabetes education in my town we did have a boy who was over-weight and was diagnosed with childhood onset type 2 diabetes and he had gained some weight because his body was producing so much insulin to compensate for his bigger body size that it caused him to gain weight. I would talk to my doctor as soon as possible. It is better to be safe than sorry in your situation.
137025 tn?1217768341 gov/dm/pubs/insulinresistance/ I tookk a continuing ed course on diabetes and learned enough to put me to sleep, as I wasn't as interested in it at the time! My grandmother was a type 2 diabetes (adult onset) but no one else in my family has developed it.
Avatar n tn First of all, type 1 and type 2 are completely the opposite. Where type 2 is most likely the result of poor eating habits and lack of exercise, type 1 is by birth. I have been a diabetic for 47 years. No complications and I try to watch everything I do to take care of myself. The only thing that makes me so angry in life is to hear someone say 'you caused this so deal with it".
Avatar f tn I get infrequent migraines with visual changes and numbness in my left hand and mouth but treated before the headache arrives with caffeine I have had a MRI years ago because I got them more with my pregnancies and nursing the babies and it was felt hormone related and I was to treat with caffeine. But I also had a severe injury to my left arm which caused pins and needles to my left hand when I was a child.....moderate to severe Volksman's Ischemic contracture....
Avatar n tn My uncle, 83, has schizophrenia, diabetes and additional dementia that may be Alzheimer's. He lives in a nursing home. He has an open sore about a quarter of an inch across high on the side of his nose very close to his left eye. Staff keep it clean and put Neosporin on it, but it doesn't heal because he picks at it. He has had the sore for several years. 1)Do you have any ideas what the original cause of the sore might be?
Avatar n tn I just wanted to tell you what everyone else has always told me, that you are no different from anybody else, because every one is different. Don't let diabetes be an excuse. I work as a teacher and I have often worried about my blood sugar going too low while teaching and having no one to cover my class while I go take care of that. Because of those worries my diabetes has become more controllable because I test my blood sugar more often so that I don't have any complications during the day.
649848 tn?1534637300 In the intervening two weeks I lost .4 and gained .2, and now gained .2 again to get back to what I was on May 12. (But, I did forget to weigh this morning until after I ate four crackly crackers with big spreads of goat brie on them, meaning that last .2 could have been the food I had just eaten! lol) It's obvious I've been pretty much the same weight for the last 4 weeks, despite the tiny changes I wouldn't have even known about if I didn't have a digital scale.
Avatar n tn I am a twenty one year old mother and my son is 2 1/2 years old and he as been experiencing the same symptoms as everyone else children. He's vomiting uncontrollably and it scares me. The doctor said it was a virus and perscribed me the generic brand of Zofran. I personally do not think it is a virus because it has occured to long. Everytime I touch his throat he starts to gag. I just want to know what is going on with my little boy and I appreciate any feedback.
Avatar n tn Also, I remember being freezing cold and then very hot on and off for about 2 weeks after the shot. That has also subsided. Better days are ahead!!
Avatar n tn my wife suffers from many health issues, chronic back pain, diabetes, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and has had 1 heart attack, and had 2 stents put in recently. her emotions are all over the chart, she is being treated by a pain management specialist, and a psychologist, yet nothing seems to be getting better. I am a disabled veteran, who has severe PTSD, and i'm at my wits end, as to how to help my wife of 25 years, recover from this roller coaster ride, we're both on.
Avatar f tn as a result of these scandals, the CDC did a public awareness campaign on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and there were commercials and even ads in magazines about this disease. (it is a disease.. IMO). Also, senators such as Harry Reid were involved and these senators demanded accountability from the CDC. Well I have some very unfortunate news to report. The CDC games have begun again (in my opinion) and our tax dollars are being wasted. Here is a video presentation from Dr.
Avatar n tn Heat / ice no improvement. Two years ago I tripped and fell hard on my knees and front and had this kind of sharp pain from shoulder blade to chest upon certain movements. It faded to nothing until I woke with more pain in these areas. It feels like a stiff neck, shooting pain and ache through L breast, down L side, behind collar bone, up neck. Female age 61, history of Type II diabetes in control, osteoarthritis in cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, also feet, knees, hands.
15607012 tn?1442453350 2- just like diabetes, there's type 1 and type 2. The vast majority of ENDOs do not look into type. Very common! Ask for Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 7. Deficiencies. Tissue magnesium-not blood magnesium! Glutathione, Potassium, Neurotransmitters, B12 Methylocobalamin, Methylfolate, Vit. D3 . IV cocktail or sublingual drop where possible 8. Comprehensive metabolic profile for organ integrity evaluation as well as fluids and electrolytes. 9.
Avatar m tn For older children and adults, long-term effects most probably include a possible impact of breastfeeding on cholesterol levels, body mass index, obesity and type 2 diabetes[23-25]. The benefits for breastfeeding mothers have been well described. Shorter recovery and oxytocin-stimulated uterus contraction prevents anemia. Lactation-induced suppression of ovulation has contraceptive effect during the period of exclusive breastfeeding[26].
1794671 tn?1338798991 It is bad and inconcsistent so I am pretty much always on norco and the morphine. I stopped the morphine 8 months ago when I found out I was pregnant and now I am 2 weeks away from having my scheduled c-section and my dr insists that it is quite allright that I am taking the norco and I should stop stressing but something tells me I should just stop a week beforehand... but I am so scared of being in pain. The pain that I have been feeling without themorphine is bad but the norco helps..
Avatar n tn I don't know if this information will help at all. I am a nosy nursing student who loves anatomy and physiology, and find any information about my thyroid condition empowering on some level. Not everyone feels the same.
Avatar f tn They can be seen in peripheral neuropathies of diabetes, hyper and hypothyroidism, lupus, and Lyme’s. Multiple sclerosis, Parkinsonism, TIAs or transient ischemic attacks or mini strokes, hypoglycemia, low vitamin B12 or low vitamin D, disorders of calcium metabolism, hyperparathyroidism etc. and certain epilepsies too could be the cause. It can be benign fasciculation syndrome if all causes are ruled out. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care!
Avatar n tn The Doctor thinks it was iodine-induced hyperthyroidism (Jod-Basedow) after I consumed a large quantity of iodine drops and also painting my wrists and throat with iodine to ward off a cold. I'm on my 7th week and feel fine now and my thyroid levels are back in the normal range. I went through hell the first few weeks and gradually got better. The doctor did not prescribe any meds and all I took was 300 mg of magnesium at night which really controled the palpitaions and hearet rate.
Avatar n tn It seems to persist through any type of allergy medication, antibiotic, etc. and all seasons, any location in the country, when we travel. My wife has develop a similar form of perennial rhinitis. The sinus inflammation, and constant throat clearing is not similar to anything we see in other people around us regularly. Now I must say that my earliest symptoms, in my early twenties, were also along these lines...
Avatar n tn For the past few months though, it has been happening several times throughout the day, and sometimes 2-3 times, one right after another. I originally thought it may be cardiovascular and had something to do with circulation, but my BP is good and an EKG I had run came back normal. I asked my nursing instructor about it today, and she said it could be neurological, so I'm posting here. I don't know if it makes any difference, but a bit of neuro history... my dad has Dystonia.
Avatar n tn Polycythemia Vera, Essential Thromobocytosis, Myelofibrosis, CLL and AML. Sometimes the red hands can preceed the disease by 2 and 1/2 years. While I am trying not to catastrophize, I am still researching the possibilities and trying to piece things together. My hope is that everyone who has posted on this forum finds the answer to this bizarre symptom. I also hope that the easiest and least life threatening possibility is the answer for most.