Diabetes type 2 and weight training

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Avatar n tn Does anybody have any advice why blood sugar increases after weight training and stays up even 2 hours after dinner ( i do my weight training in the evenings before dinner) and blood sugar only comes down by middle of the night and goes so low that i get hypoglycemia. PLEASE HELP ... thanks i m going crazy trying to figure out how to adjust my insulin..
Avatar f tn I am a newly dignosed diabete type 2 person and am just 23.its has been only 3 months am married.i have discovered my illness on the 1st month of my newly wedding life.am visiting the doctor regularly now.All my hopes,my dreams,my wish are gone now.am depressed,weak and anxious of all precaution,treatment,care for this stupid diabetes.i think that nobody can understand my pain because they are not in my shoes which made me more depressive.the food which i loved,i cannot touch anymore..
Avatar n tn I am 56 years old and have Type I diabates for 22 years. I continue to gain weight, although I eat less than I ever have before. I work at a computer all day, with little to no daily exercise. I know that growing older my metabolism has slowed, but I continue to gain weight from anywhere to 3 to 5 pounds a week! Does insulin cause weight gain? What else can I do other than signing up for an expensive gym workout session?
Avatar n tn I'm 21 years old in college, and I have had type 1 diabetes for 12 years now, and i have always eaten good, and exercised regularly, but just recently, i wanted to lose some weight, around 10 pounds, but for some reason i am finding it really hard to lose weight. I work out about 3-4 times a week. Usually i do a lot of cardio to burn the calories, so about 2 miles on the treadmill. But i still cant lose any weight. I was just wondering if being diabetic had something to do with that.
Avatar n tn I exercise five times a week, with both cardio and weight training. I eat healthy foods -- no pop, very little candy, low carbs, lots of vegetables and fruits -- but I still can't lose weight. I want to lose about 10-15 pounds at the most. Even though I have always exercised regularly, I decided to put a avid effort forth and have been faithfully working out for three months now, and have not lost ONE pound.
Avatar n tn From your previous questions, it sounds like you have a lot of questions and concerns about weight and diabetes and I would striongly recommend a visit with your dietician. She/he will direct you to an appropriate diet for your lifestyle and activity level, while taking into consideration your diabetes. Make an appointment today. You will feel better knowing that someone is guiding you in the right direction when it comes to diabetes and weight. Again, good luck.
793305 tn?1493929118 If you are also normal weight or thin, or have been losing weight this would be another indication you are type 1, not 2. The tests include c-peptide to see how much insulin you are producing, but the definitive test is antibody testing.
Avatar n tn Hello :) Im 14 and i have had type 1 diabetes for nearly 10 years and i recently got an insulin pump about 5 months ago and have noticed that where I used to give myself injections has flattened out a bit....i also used to have about 5 injections a day and was taking novo rapid actrapid protophane and lantus.
Avatar n tn There also appears to be a higher than normal occurrence of thyroid disorders in people with type 2 diabetes, with hypothyroidism being the most common. When the diabetes and hypothyroidism are properly controlled with treatment the weight should automatically come off - of course that is with a proper diabetic diet and exercise. That is what I was told by family (hypo) diabetecs. On the other hand, we are not all alike. Good Luck.
Avatar f tn I have type 2 and have started rowing. I do 30 mins each time and have notice a drop of 50-75pts after exercise. ~180 before exercise and ~125 after.
Avatar n tn I am a Type 1 diabetic, so I am not as familiar with Type 2 diabetes-which I think you are describing. I did look up on http://www.diabetes.org/about-diabetes.jsp, American Diabetes Association website, to make sure I had correct information. It was informative if you want to take a look. It had information about pre-diabetes, when blood glucose levels after fasting are between 100-125. It says diabetes is indicated when fasting blood sugars are 126 or higher.
Avatar n tn Hello, i have type 1 diabetes and am bipolar which used to be called manic-depression. i have been taking medications for both and i am glad you are trying to handle a difficult time. But you have answered your own question in ways in that i highly recommend you see a psychiatrist as they are medical doctors with special training in medications for mood disorders. i know how you feel as i've been more than a handful for my wife to deal with at times.
Avatar n tn Hello FlJenn We are volunteers with a lot of experience in Type 1 diabetes. We're not medical professionals, so it's really important that you discuss specifics with your doc so s/he can work out a plan tailored to your needs. When we 'bottom out,' the fact is that we have a mismatch between the insulin on board and the insulin we need.
Avatar n tn Get a GTT + insulin levels - find out if you have IGT, IFG, type 2 diabetes and/or insulin resistance, or even an very early type 1. Also get complete blood work, cortisol, hormones, etc - they may be overlooking something.
1154065 tn?1262188306 To manage blood sugar 'naturally' it is necessary to exercise frequently and combine aerobic and weight training (HIT may help), maintain 'normal' weight and eat a very low carb (moderate protein, high healthy fats) diet. If these are not working, then it will mean that your pancreas cannot put out enough insulin / insulin is not effective. First line medication to try (if you are indeed type 2) is Metformin / Glucophage.
Avatar f tn It was tested evening time.whats the risk and what diet he need to follow? is it type 1 or type 2.what fruits can he able to eat?can he eat brown rice or wild rice?
Avatar n tn I also take the medication for type 2 diabetes. I also take glyburide for my diabetes. I would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but I'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
215905 tn?1214505001 I was told by a friend that she know someone with Grave's Disease that gain weight and lost weight when she started treatment. The Endo that I am going to see next week is supposed to have dealt with hyper and weight gain. I will definitley post and let you know what he tells me. In that way, we can help each other. From my experience so far and from what I hear, there are not many good Endocrinologists around anywhere. That's why I've seen so many and still can't find one that can help me.
Avatar n tn Hello all, I visited the Dr. again today and brought up the topic of weight loss. I have been eating better the last 2 years than I ever had in my life. I work out 3 times a week and have a crazy busy schedule. I am 38 and extremely healthy except for occasional headaches, but I am depressed daily about these extra pounds I just can't lose. I love my Dr. and trust her completely, but would love to hear your comments.
Avatar f tn Do you have type I or type II diabetes? How long have you had it, and are you on any medication for it? Type I diabetes requires medication, such as insulin shots; while type II diabetes can often be controlled with diet and exercise. Maybe you could give us an idea of what your typical diet and exercise are, and we could help come up with simple changes that help get you started.
Avatar f tn To incorporate eercise that burns 500 cals/day plus cutting back on 500 cals/day (if there's room in your diet to scale back that much), that's 1,000/day and a 2 lb weight loss per week. But even at a normal healthy weight, exercise is still so necessary to keep us moving and to stave off some of the ill effects of our disease, our medications, and aging.
Avatar n tn 5 weeks ago. I was on it for about 1 1/2 years and had to get off after 25 lb. weight gain, effexor worked great for my mind, but not my body, felt very fat. Does anyone know how long it takes to lose the effexor weight after stopping. I work out every day and eat pretty well. Just tired of not losing. HELP!
Avatar n tn I also joined a gym 6 months ago and do 30 minutes or cardio 5 days a week and weight training 4 days. I have not even lost 1 lb. What more can I do? I didn't even lose weight on the Atkin's diet.
Avatar n tn Hence a diet chart prepared in consultation with a dietician and a balanced exercise regimen will help you lose weight. Also health problems like thyroid disorders and diabetes and high cholesterol should be ruled out. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
Avatar f tn I just found out I have pre diabetes and high cholesterol and am overweight. About 60 pounds overweight. Ugh...so upsetting..I am.determined to get this under control without meds. Please if anyone can suggest apps or anything else it would be appreciated.
1434731 tn?1382725984 Well I have read and heard about doing this but I'm **** it my own way. Pcos diet is basically eat a big breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner. I am doing that but I'm doing it like this. Larger breakfast with carbs Medium lunch with light to no carbs Small dinner with no or very little (cuz sometimes you can avoid it) carbs. I like the low carb diet but its to hard to do living with my pizza and carb loving hubby!
Avatar m tn I have had 2 different opinions from the Docs on this. One says this is totally normal, and the other calls it pre-diabetes. Hoping some of you with experience can help me out? I eat around 130 carbs daily during the weekdays (Breakfast: plain organic oatmeal, ground turkey. Snacks: seeds & nuts, Lunch: spinach & broccoli salad w berries & banana. Dinner: lean meat with more veggies).
1317224 tn?1378708734 Thanks, Mary, for your note of encouragement. I've lost 50 pounds 4-5 times in my life and 75-100 pounds twice...but always regained the lost weight and more. At the time of my most recent loss...2005-2007, I'd thought I'd found the secret to keeping the weight off. I was using "food as fuel" instead of "food as friend" and was exercising 2 hours a day (an hour of cardio and an hour of weight training), five days a week.
958098 tn?1246812818 I'm 14 and I really need to lose weight. I have tried going on a diet and not eating a lot, but that would be a bad thing to try now that I'm PMSing. I always fail at dieting. Anyways, does anybody have some exercises or suggestions on how to lose weight at home. I also currently have a broken wrist, so nothing that will affect that. Also, I am not gonna go to any type of gym or anything and I don't really wanna do anything around the neighborhood because there are bad people around.
Avatar n tn I have been exercising doing circuit training, weight training, bootcamp, kickboxing-aerobics, jogging, and yoga between 2 to 3 hours a day for 3 months, I am in 4 classes a week for exercise and the rest I do on my own at the gym. I am sweating up a storm. I also started walking my kids to school every day rather than taking the car which adds 45 minutes extra exercise to my day. I am working really hard never lost a pound and actually I have gained 10 pounds. What the heck am I doing wrong?