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Avatar n tn , 22 Alcester Rd, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8BE phone/fax 01214498895. Dr. Skinner is a private practitioner in the UK, with particular interest in patients with thyroid problems - here is a link to a letter he submitted to the British Medical Journal. He holds clinics in Birmingham, London, Sway and Scotland (plus maybe others I don't know of). There are also names of supporting GPs on the BMJ article if people can't afford to pay privately.
Avatar f tn hi just read you post yes i think ourr sons who is 2 1/2 years old has this problem were he has been rushed to hospital with in last two weeks we live in uk and happy to chat about advice we have been give and what plans are set up on his release from our local hosp if you wish to have a chat Dave and Carol
Avatar f tn Hello I just found this forum after googling for 'MS not shown on MRI' and so many of the things I read in that thread seem to apply to me. Could MS possibly cause all these symptoms, but still not show up any lesions in my brain on 3 MRI scans done (on different machines in different hospitals under different consultants) over a ten year period? Shortly after my youngest daughter was born in 1992 I experienced tingling and numbness in my arm, face, hands and feet.
125112 tn?1217277462 I won't go on about the rest during that time. It in itself is a long read. Today, along with the respiratory and oral symptoms, I have very irregular periods. Likened to perimenopause. Apparently, easily confused with thyroid conditions.
3057345 tn?1340439281 The knee pain you describe is very common in children. Your current symptoms are consistent with late stage disease. I have late stage Lyme and my symptoms also mimiced MS. Ask your doctor for blood tests for Lyme. Usualy, labs do a two tier testing process where they run a screening test first, and then if it's positive, they run a Western Blot. Unfortunately, the screening test is much less accurate than originally believed. Ask your doctor to specifically request the Western Blot.
Avatar n tn Markie is right - you need to find a physician who specializes in diabetes/endocrinology. Now. If you are in the US or in one of the worldwide areas that has a branch of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), give them a call and ask them for a list of pediatric endocrinologists in your area. It is so very important that children with diabetes are cared for by specialists. Your GP sounds ill-informed about diabetes.
4173379 tn?1355360151 Early detection is key, and doctors are missing the important early warning signs, INSTEAD, looking for what they have been taught in medical training to look for, the three CLASSIC symptoms which are END STAGE...cirrhosis, diabetes related to liver cirrhosis, and bronze skin (ever tan). Latest research has shown that these three classic symptoms are by then too late, and patient has irreversible organ and tissue damage and joint degenerationby this point of diagnosis that cannot be resolved.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am in the UK and relate to these symptoms very closely. I train for triathlon and various other sports and suffer with the 'flu like symptom' frequently, often pushing through. I put it down to picking up viral infections but often i have no build up of catarrgh or other common cold/flu symptoms except fatigue, headache and malaise. Please could you specify the dose of probiotic taken - i beleive you can take them by the 4/6/8 billion etc as i am willing to try anything!
Avatar n tn i am usually regular/on time. i had all the mentioned above symptoms and i questioned in my mind..am i pregnant? then i said, wait a minute, my husband and i didnt have sex for a whole month so it cant be that! you probably have period symptoms if HPT is negative.
Avatar n tn org and got a lot of info. Also, my husband started symptoms in June and in the last six weeks they are getting worse. Do you get worse before you get better?
Avatar n tn This is the first Web site I've found where there are people with the same symptoms that I have. I am a 32 year old male who lives in Seattle, WA. I have Thalassemia minor and suffer mainly from ongoing fatigue. I am ALWAYS tired, no matter how well I eat or what vitamins I take. Doctors tell me that I'm fine and "just need to avoid Iron and do some aerobic exercise." I would exercise if I had the energy to. It's comforting to see postings from people all over the world.
Avatar n tn You are completely wrong. In every way. Jaime is absolutely correct. All of the symptoms Jaime described have been experienced by me and other I know who tried the quit Paxil. As my father told me, "If you know nothing about a subject it's best to not join in on the conversation." If you are so sure of your words, why not take Paxil for a couple months doctor, then quit..see who's right here? Hmm..?
Avatar f tn I just thought if I could get some opinions from some of you already taking them. I am wondering if the flu-like symptoms really last for 24-48hrs and how barable are they?
Avatar m tn Because exercise-induced asthma has the same symptoms and results from the same airway reaction involved in regular asthma, standard asthma medications can control it." Patients who experience excercise induced asthma but don't necessarily have a problem with allergins, and do not already take the medicine on a daily basis can take the medicine two hours prior to excersising, but not again for 24 hours thereafter.
Avatar f tn Hey guys, I'm a 19 year old male in college and I have had symptoms for about a month and a half now. I got my flu shot in mid November and exactly one week later, I developed flu like symptoms. I felt warm (no fever though), body aches, bad headache and stuffy nose. I laid down for a couple days and went out two nights to visit friends. I was feeling okay, thinking that it was just a bad cold. A week passed and I didn't have much relief.
Avatar n tn wanted to know how robs biopsy went.i have alot of the same symptoms as rob. also i'm starting to have pain in arms and legs. dont know if its related. constantly tired. ct scan also shows i have in my abdomen,and under arms... two weeks ago i had one swollen so bad in my inner thigh area could barely wak from the pain.my pcp wants me to see a hemo/oncologist... rob i pray all is well with you,deb u as well.
Avatar n tn in the last two weeks i have had three blood vessels just pop in my fingers. i was not doing anything out of the ordinary. what could be causing this? should there be a cause for concern?
Avatar m tn 118, and am fairly active. Diabetes does not run in my family, nor does any other disease. Am I just being too paranoid?
Avatar n tn Visual, weakness, dizzy, anything? I would think an MRI of your brain and C-spine would be in order, but in the UK you have to convince your GP of that, right? Are you on any meds? Sometimes paresthesias are side effects. I'll await your answers. I'm sure others wil chime in. Paresthesias are a huge topic here. You can tell just by the number of questions involving them in the last two days.
Avatar n tn I've been dealing with this since I was pregnant in 1995. However, these symptoms are different than what i had in 1995. They are pain, burning and a fowl smelling discharge/urine. I thought perhaps it was the fish oil. Then at one point (I don't trust the cultures anymore), it came back with e coli! Please! I am super clean, never wipe the wrong way (that is how you apparently get it), and can't understand for the life of me how it would indicate e coli.
Avatar n tn I have had the same symptoms in my lower left leg. I Googled the problem and found your comments. I am going to the Dr. on Monday. I will post what ever I find.
Avatar n tn However, I have been told by my Optician that I do have dry eye symptoms/blepharitis. I have been advised to use a product which only Opticians stock (at least in UK) for cleaning around the eye lids called 'Lid Care' (as already suggested, warming and gently massaging the eyelids first) and also to use 'dry eye' drops. As an initial trial, have some dry eyes drops beside your bed, which you can just reach out for, in the morning.
Avatar n tn I am a mother of 3 children and in July 03' I had a tubial done. The doctor used a method of all 3.. tied clipped and burned. Prior to my 3rd child I had to have my cervix frozen because of pre-cancer cells. Now I haven't had a period in over 4 months, my stomach cramps like I am on my period but nothing ever happens. I am unsure of what is going on and I have no kind of health insurance at all and do not know where to turn now.
Avatar f tn , even though they were totally inadequate and in spite of very severe symptoms. Of the ones we see in UK, many of them have to go private; those that can't afford to, stay sick.
Avatar n tn FYI - I don't however have the smell when watching tv or when I am in front of the computer - it is ALL DAY LONG. Someone also mentioned other symptoms etc. I have had no colds, my thyroid is perfect, I eat super healthy (vegan), dont use deodorant (no I am not a hippie), I dont feel like i have a sinus infection (feel pretty good actually), have not taken an antibiotic in over 8+ years...
Avatar n tn I am 35 with two children, 10 and 5, and have an IUD in place. I think if it continues I will see my GP as my mum had her menopause at 38 and I'm now wondering if its connected. Just thought I would leave my comment, we're not alone!
Avatar f tn Reading my journals for the last six weeks-will provide some of the highlights when I can, but now I just can't. Hopefully, this will help somone else recognize the symptoms of kidney failure in their babies. I cannot express to all of you how much your comments mean to us right now. Not sure we could make it without you. It is so hard.
Avatar n tn I was confirmed pregnant on day 14 after the procedure by blood test. I had the symptoms before I was confirmed positive and I also thought they were in my head, but there could be more to it. I had a failed IUI a few months before and I did not have any symptoms at all. Good luck!
Avatar m tn This is in spite of many studies, a lot of which are done in UK, that prove that adequate testing/medication could/would be beneficial. In UK, they have the "standard of care" and no one is allowed to deviate. Even if a patient does find a doctor willing to order specific tests, labs are not allowed to perform them, without special permission from NHS, which is usually withheld.
Avatar n tn Simon Fisher. He specializes in thyroid disorders...not just diabetes!! He spent over an hour in the room w/ me on the initial appointment and I liked him very much. I was hyper then did RAI and now hypo. During the initial appointment I brought up the standard issues educated patients have regarding thyroid testing and replacement drugs...Dr. Fisher was very open to any testing I was requesting such as tsh, ft4, and ft3 etc.