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Avatar n tn Type 1 diabetes, formerly called juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes, is usually first diagnosed in children, teenagers, or young adults. In this form of diabetes, the beta cells of the pancreas no longer make insulin because the body's immune system has attacked and destroyed them. " Here is some info.
Avatar n tn I am 24 years old and have had type 1 diabetes since 1 1/2 years old. I have been on the insulin pump for 4 years now and have experienced much better control....still not where it could be, but way better prior to the pump. Recently I have found myself wondering what is wrong with my memory. I have trouble remembering most of my childhood or even events that happened months ago. I can only truly remember portions of conversations I have. My boyfriend tells me all the time....
Avatar n tn I'm 21 years old in college, and I have had type 1 diabetes for 12 years now, and i have always eaten good, and exercised regularly, but just recently, i wanted to lose some weight, around 10 pounds, but for some reason i am finding it really hard to lose weight. I work out about 3-4 times a week. Usually i do a lot of cardio to burn the calories, so about 2 miles on the treadmill. But i still cant lose any weight. I was just wondering if being diabetic had something to do with that.
Avatar n tn I wonder how many of you who were diagnosed before the age of 1 have been checked for Neonatal Diabetes? My son was diagnosed at the age of 4 months with Type 1 diabetes but we later found out he had Neonatal Diabetes caused by a genetic mutation of the KCNJ11 gene.
Avatar n tn I noticed quite of few questions from other parents regarding their children with type 1 complaining of stomach aches, I would like to "add" to the list that my daughter who is 8 also complains of stomach aches at least 3 times a month. I've taken her to her regular pediatrician and the endocronologist who have made a couple of suggestions of maybe its gas or she's irregular but this is not the case. As a parent I can see its more than that. At times she is doubled over with pain.
Avatar n tn Markie is also correct that we still do not know enough about how type 1 happens. Probably type 2 as well. We do know that obesity can diffently cause type 2, while you will find type 1's, upon diagnoses usually experience weight loss and is not associated with obesity in any way that I have ever heard of. There have been recent studies that have created a gray area between the two regarding age and developing diabetes.
Avatar n tn Furthermore, you may find some encouragement in meeting other type 1 diabetic people in your area and knowing that you are not alone in this. Many parents of type 1 children notice that their kids are irritable or depressed when their glucose levels are out of whack, so part of your problem may actually be that your glucose is not under control. Which makes you go into guilty denial and not take your insulin, which makes the glucose levels go even more out of control.
308074 tn?1289690946 I might also suggest that you look under J for Juvenile Diabetes for type 1 help. I made the same mistake when I first looked on this site too. First, Type 1 diabetes is not only for the yound and the old. Anyone can get it and there is no known cause for it. Some say it is genetic and others say it is caused and neither is proven. Most believe that it is both to some degree. I did not get it until I was 40 yrs old and there is no history in my family of it.
Avatar n tn Part of it is because even though juvenile diabetes affects children the most it is still a rare thing. Type one diabetes can present itself up to age thirty so it isn't always young juveniles that get it. i would contact the local school district to where you are moving for advice as they would be the most in the know of such needs.
Avatar n tn I am one of the Forum Team who happens to be a female type 1 diabetic since childhood, so I speak from experience. While you don't want her to be ashamed of having this disease, she will feel "different" from her classmates and will probably go through a phase at some point where she wishes to keep her treatment as discreet as possible in order to keep her friends from focusing on her disease rather than on her as a person.
1422227 tn?1282534743 Type 1 Diabetes is a rough condition for a young child to cope with and can definitely cause emotional/psychological problems. I would talk to her regular doctor and ask him if he thinks a referral to either a diabetic specialist who works with children or a children's therapist. If she is willing to do so you might also consider having her attend adiabetic children's camp as it is a good way for her to meet other children, normalize her condition and have her learn new coping skills.
Avatar f tn Kids can become very sick be in a life and death situation quickly. Have you been to the Children With Diabetes forum? Go there and ask for advice. http://forums.childrenwithdiabetes.com/ Diabetes in children is nothing to mess around with. The sugar over 300 is very worrying. Good luck. I'm sorry that you're going through this. I hope he doesn't have diabetes, but you can't take any chances.
Avatar f tn If there is it probably is not specific to Type 1 because there are too few of us. It would be either a general Diabetes facility (with more Type 2's than 1's) or a weight loss facility that had a nurse or diabetic educator on staff that could monitor you and adjust the regimen to your requirements. The latter is the most likely. I unfortunately don't know of such a place. I would start your search by asking your doctor or endo.
Avatar n tn I wish that I had an easy solution to give you, but dealing with type 1 is never simple. I have been a JDRF volunteer for many years. Some children are wonderful at testing and taking care of themselves. Then there are those that rebel, have ADHD, ODD or are suffering from depression. My son dealt with some of the same problems and has discovered in the past few years what taking care of himself means.
Avatar f tn Yes it is greatly possible....I am also 20 and my doctor thought I had type 2 diabetes. Recently I found out that I have type 1.5 diabetes. I'm still trying to wrap my head around what is 1.5...lol. I know what is 1 and 2, but not 1.5. Believe me for a 20 year old I feel like I have way too many problems.
Avatar f tn Hi Rosie I'm a Type 1 myself, but diagnosed later in life and I have no children; I can only imagine your obstacles. I'm not sure how much response you'll get on here, so if you want to PM me, I'll give you a website where you can connect with other parents.
Avatar n tn Most type 1 diabetics do NOT have diabetic children. Most children of diabetic women are very healthy. I have been diabetic since age 12 (35 years now), and am a mother of two children, who are both healthy and happy young adults now in their 20's. So don't necessarily give up on the idea of children. The main issue is how well her diabetes is under control. If she is well-controlled, having children is no more difficult for her than for other young women.
1469903 tn?1286650297 At present, the American Diabetes Association does not recommend general screening of the population for type 1 diabetes, though screening of high risk individuals, such as those with a first degree relative (sibling or parent) with type 1 diabetes should be encouraged. Type 1 diabetes tends to occur in young, lean individuals, usually before 30 years of age, however, older patients do present with this form of diabetes on occasion.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am so sorry I missed your question, it did not come up in que when you write the most recent question. Type 2 diabetes can develop into a type of Type 1 later on IF the pancreas is not able to keep producing enough insulin. This is not definite and only happens to certain individuals. Complications related to diabetes are mainly from high glucoses and not the medications taken. All medications can have side effects ofcourse, herbals, teas etc included.
Avatar n tn I have read studies that discuss the statistics, and it appears that if the mother is a type 1 diabetic, the odds are fairly normal that the children will be healthy (just slightly elevated chance for developing type 1 diabetes), but if the father is a type 1 diabetic, the odds for children being type 1 diabetics rises some. I thought this interesting and suggest that you and your husband do some reading about the genetics so you at least make some educated choices.
Avatar n tn There is a link between having Type I Diabetes (the autoimmune type - typical of children and adolescents) and a three fold higher risk of developing MS. This does not apply to the more common Type II Diabetes which is characterized by insulin resistance. Therre is also about a 44% higher risk for close relatives of a person with MS to develop Diabetes Type I. This higher risk between the two is clearly due to a genetic predisposition.
Avatar n tn Type 1(juvenile) diabetes is most often diagnosed in childhood, but young adults and seniors can develop type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the persons pancreas stops producing insulin, resulting in the rise of blood sugar. Because Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmunine disease (like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis), the person's own immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. More than 1 million Americans have Type 1 diabetes, for which there is no cure.
Avatar n tn are outdated terms. Children are diagnosed more and more frequently with Type 2; adults can be diagnosed with Type 1. Type 1.5 (LADA) is a more recently understood designation for Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults and I have had it for two years and am age 60. As in my case it is frequently misdiagnosed initially as Type II.
Avatar n tn //www.library.nhs.uk/genepool/ViewResource.aspx?resID=37529 This form is very rare, but ihas been successfully treaded with drugs - A success story. http://jdrfillinois.org/Downloads/NeonatalSuccess.
Avatar n tn I am a volunteer and not a doctor so I am unable to give you medical advice, but we all have experience dealing with type 1 diabetes. My son is 28 and was diagnosed at 8. Your honesty is wonderful and the fact that you are asking shows that you are concerned about your own health. Having said that, my concern is for anyone drinking at any age (even a few times)who is missing the buzz from drinking. Your friends do have a right to be concerned about drinking with type one.
Avatar n tn My daughter does have Type 1. Although it is unusual for adults to develop the illness, it happens occasionally. Also, my daughter ALWAYS ate a low carb, low sugar diet, with only occasional "fattening" foods. As a result, she is quite thin. In addition, she exercises regularly and is extremely athletic. She may well have had the illness for some time before it was diagnosed, following gestational diabetes.
Avatar n tn I would love to hear from someone who has type 1 themselves or has a child with type 1 that plays a lot of hockey as it seems like a constant struggle to keep his blood sugars and engery levels at a consistant rate. Any info on the timing and make up of pre game/practice meals and or nutritional info would be much appreciated. He frequently mentions that he can tell what type of game he is going to play by the way his legs feel when he first steps on to the ice.
Avatar n tn My daughter has had diabetes for 25 years (type 1) and is having a battle with anxiety, depression and terrible mood swings. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn My son is a Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed at 15. He has a 2 1/2 y/o son that they had trouble waking one morning. My son grabbed his tester. My grandsons blood sugar was 42. They went to the ER. Lots of tests were taken, all came back normal. The endocrinologist they followed up with said his case was not the norm and was odd. (His A1c was 5.0) They were told to keep a log of his blood sugars for a couple of months.