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667829 tn?1297981723 Just thought I'd give a little update about my little group of AMA's. The Stats are in as the last one of us just delivered. Me (Joanne) - Baby Mackenzie 5lbs12.5 oz, 19 inches, 37w1d gestation 09/29/09 I was due October 19th, turned age 39 days before "conceiving", first and only child for myself and hubby, au natural, 3 months, pre-seed on "winner" month Had a bit of drama at the beginning, spotting, possible blighted ovum....whoops now we find the fetus etc.....
1272624 tn?1395437957 Probably not the best decision for us because we never got pregnant on any fertility treatments. We conceived this little guy au naturale. In fact, I wasn't even tracking my O at all. We were totally surprised. Sometimes Western medicine, doctors don't know everything. Unless there is some hard core proof that shows you absolutely cannot have a biological child, then anything is possible. Don't get caught up in the stats, numbers, etc.
572651 tn?1531002957 Work with several special projects going on, my wellness classes, dental cleaning appt, masage therapy on Thursday, and Podiatrist on Friday. Best news is the shingles for our new roof arrive late this week and will be installed on Saturday. The new roof is compliments of our insurance after the crazy hail storm we had back in late May.
Avatar m tn Cardiovascular Disease Ischemic heart disease Stroke Congestive heart failure Obesity/Diabetes Pediatric obesity Type 2 diabetes Diabetic neuropathy Cancer Prostate Breast Brain Colon Lung Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases Arthritis Lupus Fibromyalgia Crohn’s Cystic Fibrosis Neurological diseases Alzheimer’s Depression ADD Parkinson’s Multiple sclerosis http://familydoctor.org/familydoctor/en/diseases-conditions/small-vessel-disease.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Compounded Bioidentical Hormones have received a great deal of coverage in news, on talk shows, and in magazines over the past several years. Claims of weight loss, increasing energy, improve mood, are safer, and many others have been made. Hopefully this article can help you answer questions and dismiss many of the myths surrounding this highly published, highly marketed topic.
1556219 tn?1309551808 Hello - I'm 43, just delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy one week ago. Had a very easy pregnancy - no issues, no diabetes, no high blood pressure. Even though I was considered "advanced maternal age" - there were no issues. I must have been one of the easiest patients for my OB doc. The only issue was that the little guy was breech, thus I needed a c-sx. Also breezed thru this and was walking the same day.
Avatar n tn It's like a needle in my heel and then it stops just to hit me again. It feels like a nerve pain, but I do not have diabetes. Have you gotten more info.?
Avatar m tn First...you need to tell your husband. The lying and secrets just keep you sick. You will probably be pleasantly surprised by his reaction. Even if it is a little harsh...it will be much better than for him to find out another way. I found that out the hard way...I lied to my wife for years and was left to do this alone. He will be able to help you and the challenges you will face over this period. Second...attack this with everything you have.
352007 tn?1372861481 Diabetes, Hypertension, etc. It's a health problem and there are therapeutic modalities (pharmacological, psychological, etc) that can help and treat me to get better. I would not be ashamed if it were so and I'd do anything to make myself "functional" again. Again, my MS Specialist reminds me at every visit my symptoms do not match up with my lesions. That he "doesn't" understand why I am having what I am having.
530191 tn?1214166411 My hematologist is not crazy about this idea because of my young age and the long term affects of suppressing your immune system. He suggests I meet with Dr. Kapplan in SC who lectures on this method of treating AU...have any of you been to see him? I am constantly trying to figure out what sets off my hives but, there just seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.
Avatar n tn I don't mind your "mothering" comments, in fact I appreciate your concern. And I figured someone would bust me for my comments about how much I've been drinking lately. I know the amount I specified is a bit excessive, I just wanted to be honest. But don't worry, I'm fairly health nuttish. Not a health nazi, but definitely health conscious. Sooner or later I'll come back to earth and get on my mountain bike again and start ordering grilled ahi salads instead of prime rib and au jus.
Avatar m tn If that is the case than the good news is that it is treatable. So I've narrowed it down to three possibilities for my case: - Prostatitis - Unbalanced circulation or hormone levels caused by the MDMA - some weird STD (I've had unprotected sex numerous times, but this option is very unlikely as it started the morning after I have done mdma). I am going to get checked out next week and I will post my findings.
413852 tn?1317312312 You have been so WONDERFUL. Keep the FAITH and remember....this is your SEASON :) Where there's two or three....(you know the rest). Alaska...I am still on Turkey overload. I need to get up and walk, exercise, SOMETHING. Cause please believe I was puttting the food down. I did not get a chance to shop on Black Friday (too busy sleeping). Congratulations on the new cycle! You know your sis*STARS are in your corner lifting you up and praying that all goes well.
Avatar n tn His family has a history of diabetes, but he still didn't the last time he was tested for it. No idea if the diabetes is hereditary or caused by his parents' morbid obesity and sedentary lifestyle. My friend is neither overweight nor sedentary, but I thought I should at least also mention the family history, for the sake of the list we have going here.
1294995 tn?1330666336 rain: I hope the news about your sister-in-law hasn't gotten you tood own...believe me, I know what it feels like as it happened last week to me. But don't worry, you'll have happy news to share too soon. Hang in there. wanna: SSBD to you this month! I hope your TWW goes quickly and most importantly, goes successfully!!! I have a good feeling about you this cycle! camdy: Boo hoo about AF -- but at least she came on her own and quickly...that's good news.
1647691 tn?1363727302 I had an episode in my head when a drug rep came in to tell us she was pregnant and that was followed by an emailfrom a friend w/ the same news. Then I thought- my time is coming- I just have to be patient and keep trying. I am just so ready. @Hoping2BAMom- lol. I would drive you NUTS!
1160836 tn?1332333769 My DR called.. My blood tests came back normal.. I am not at risk for Diabetes and we can continue doing the meds that I am on to try to get an O!!
299260 tn?1304219705 ) Shysana: Feel better! At least it's Friday. You can relax more this weekend :) Stacey: Yay, the last day of work for us both! I'm SO happy to have next week off & I can't wait to hear how your transfer goes! I'll be thinking of you!!! :) Luvkayln: I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!!! :) Candie: Have you gotten a + yet? I'm still waiting...
299260 tn?1304219705 Good news! I'm going to ask too. At least by 35 weeks. Does your doctor ever tell you how much effaced you are or just dilated? I read that a 2cm cervix is equivalent to being 50% effaced. Just curious. It was the question of the day yesterday.
1358341 tn?1282213443 abnormal low levels of phosphorus indicate dietary imbalance, Diabetes or overactive parathyroid gland. low levels of blood urea nitrogen can indicate Liver disease or starvation.. I am not saying that possibly you ran across something that has actually "cured" your cat but as we all know if your cat has Renal failure there is no cure only things we can give them to help and to slow down progression..
Avatar n tn so although everyone is different, the symptoms started rather early for me. We'll cross our fingers for you and hopefully you'll have some good news in a week or so!
Avatar m tn Hello! The good news is that my guy is still around. We're continuing to tinker with his pheno levels--it is tricky business, because there is an impact to the liver, and that needs to be balanced with the benefits of the phenobarbital. Also, he's now on anipryl for dementia (he is 13), and that's adding some new stuff to the mix. He still has a grand mal about once every 37 days. We're continuing to try for better control, and we are gradually increasing the time between seizures.
Avatar n tn The cost is round AU$120-200. It depends on what you get tested for - oestrogen, pregesterone, DHEA, testosterone etc. You may want to get the lot tested, there are many good natural remedies to treat these disturbances. Nutritionally, all I can suggest is that you have a healthy and balanced diet but do lots of exercise. Exercise makes us feel great, its not much fun thinking about HAVING to do it but after, you get a rush and you feel on top of the world.
Avatar m tn http://www.healio.
Avatar n tn look at me, Im 24, slept with 2 people and turns out this is what it is. Since finding out this news ive joined a support group and it turns out millions of people are affected by herpes the same way as me, or as the hundreds on here writing about "no relief" or itching or dry skin below, etc. and i wanted to write to let people know it is completely possible, even when you think it is not.
Avatar n tn They both specialize in breast cancer. Well, this news is interesting considering how much discomfort I have had since the surgery. I have experienced shortness of breath and swelling and pain along my rib cage, around to the edge of my shoulder blade and above my clavicle and up my neck. I also have all the typical tingly, numbing, and sometimes needle poking sensations in my arm. My mom, who has had a lumpectomy, kept telling me that what I am experiencing is not normal.
Avatar f tn I am 50, normal weight, no diabetes, but heart disease does run in the family. I walk the treadmill 30 min. a day and swim laps twice a week. I have been to 2 cardiologists, one heart surgeon, and a family practioner. None of them know why I am still feeling pain, they don't think the stent is causing it. I also had a myocardial perfusion study and a coronary CT angiogram, both turned out normal. Over the weekend, I had sharp pains in my heart.
Avatar m tn Hi Tiredsight, I hate to hear that you are having these types of problems. You stated: "An idea - start finding out if you have a family history of funny things that people have just shrugged off - visual problems, fits etc." My opinion which I consider fact is that you have labeled a symptom as the cause. I feel that many people these days are labeling symptoms as causes and afterall people can name a disease after either.
Avatar n tn It has been hard to face the fact that something is going to take me, and it could be a stroke. BUT, if I don't exercise, and I get fat, it could just as easily be diabetes or a heart attack or depression. I listen to my body so much more now, and I guess maybe I am taking a chance, but deep down, I believe that fitness saved my life in the first place ("we usually find this in an autopsy") and that staying fit (carefully) is the best thing I can do live a long happy life.
Avatar n tn She then had surgery and radiation to remove the tumor. The good news is that she is now 29. My advise would be to get another opinion and an MRI. Some Dr told my parents that nothing was wrong with her that it was all mental. Your the parent and you know when something is not right with your child.