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Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the forum! Anemia and electrolyte disturbance should be ruled out first. Worms in stool is another cause. Dehydration also should be ruled out. If all of the above are fine then endocrine problems like diabetes and poor thyroid functions too should be investigated. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn I was told that sugar free foods and drinks can cause diabetes in children and I wanted to know if that is true.
Avatar n tn While I have never heard of headaches being related to any kind of reaction to insulin, I know from personal experience that horrible headaches sometimes accompany low blood sugar levels. While they sometimes go away when the glucose levels return to normal after drinking some juice, I have found that sometimes they stay with me for hours after a low blood sugar spell. So my first question would be: has your son experienced any low blood sugar episodes at all on days when he has headaches?
Avatar n tn Hi, Truely normal blood sugar in adults will be close to 83 and will not vary much at all from this point, and definitely under 100 nearly all the time. In children it may be a bit lower, but probably not lower than 70. Fasting levels 99 - 125 are considered prediabetic Fasting levels > 126 are considered diabetic. 2 hours after eating numbers should not be above 120, and numbers above 140 will be considered diabetic.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure about type I, but there is a greater risk of type II diabetes in children of type I diabetics.
Avatar n tn No, your son's behavior is not necessarily a sign of any medical problem. People react in different fashions to 'low blood sugar', and children not infrequently become easily frustrated, hypersensitive and irritable when their bodies require some nourishment. So, I don't believe there's any cause for alarm - it sounds like your son is a typical child in this regard. It wouldn't hurt to talk with your son's pediatrician and get his/her thoughts. Let us know how you make out. Dr.
Avatar f tn I do not know if I am at the right forum, but I have always heard that burning and numbness in hands and feet is a sign of diabetes!!!!??? Anyone ever experience these sensations before? If it is serious we will go to the doc but it is hard because we have no insurance and cannot afford it. Should we go anyway?
Avatar f tn Aside from that, you can do absolutely anything with Type 1 diabetes that you could do if you didn't have it! The only thing you can't do is ignore your diabetes. If you learn how to manage and control your diabetes with regular testing, shots (or a pump), matching doses to carbs, correcting highs, etc you can fit these things into your life very well. It isn't easy, but Type 1 diabetics live happy busy lives, have children, are athletes, etc.
Avatar n tn i was wondering if someone could email me recent informative information or a website to where i could find infomation on depression in teens wih type 1 diabetes !! thanks !
Avatar f tn 1. Diabetes Basics - American Diabetes Association (ADA) http://www.diabetes.org/ 2. Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know - FDA http://www.fda.gov/Food/DietarySupplements/UsingDietarySupplements/ucm109760.htm 3. Tips for Dietary Supplement Users - FDA http://www.fda.gov/Food/DietarySupplements/UsingDietarySupplements/ucm110567.htm MedHelp also has several diabetes communities that you can join for additional support. Good luck!
873325 tn?1295465496 Those numbers are definitely in the range of diabetes. When you say the doctors have "checked a few different times for diabetes", how did they check? Random blood sugars? Those are virtually meaningless. They need to do an A1C. Results under 5.7 are normal, from 5.7 to 6.4 are pre-diabetes and 6.5 and over are diabetes. I don't really know what " ketotic" hypoglycemia is, but those numbers after meals are indicative of diabetes.
Avatar n tn Many children do not have a history of type 1. My father-in-law, who did have it, had five children, none of which have diabetes and out of all of the grandchildren that he had, only my son was diagnosed with it. I have been a JDRF volunteer for 16 years and have worked with many, many other volunteers with no history what so ever. That isn't to say that genetics don't ever play a part. None of us here are physicians, but volunteers with life experience and our own personal knowledge.
117065 tn?1280878007 The reason is that fat cells are insulin resistant and when a person, child or adult, has an excessive number of fat cells, insulin doesn't do its job as well to lower glucose levels. Diabetes can be the result. Type 2 diabetes in children is not common, but your family member does ask a good question, considering the thirst and frequent urination. If I were this child's parent, I believe that I would ask his doctor to check his sugar levels just to be safe.
Avatar n tn Yes, these are all symptoms of type I diabetes in children. My child was wetting the bed, extremely thirsty all the time and was vomiting; his vomiting, we think, was contributed to a stomach virus he had at the time. We took him to the ER due to dehydration -they did a blood chemistry and his blood sugar was 399-they immediately admitted him to ICU and he was put on IV insulin. He's been a diabetic now for 3 years-he's now 9. He's has handled it amazingly well!
Avatar n tn What are her chances of becoming diabetic? Her doctor said hypoglycemia sometimes precedes diabetes in children. Is is possible to "grow out of" hypoglycemia? If so, what are the chances of this happening?
Avatar n tn No it is not low. Normal blood sugar in children is lower than in adults. In normal children blood sugar will stay close to fasting levels all the time. Ie. his blood sugar is probably in the range of 70 to 90, regardless of what he eats. Actually in non-diabetic adults blood sugar will also stay close to fasting levels all the time.
Avatar n tn He is supposed to go back and have it checked again, only fasting. What are the chances this is Type-1 diabetes and can children outgrow it? Some people have said yes and others no.