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Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes for several years. The diet is the same diet recommended for Type 1 diabetes. Your doctor or The ADA can give you a copy of the recommended diet. The difference in the diet for Type 2 is that you do not have to eat on such a strict schedule. Please be careful to check your blood sugars often. You should not have more than 3 servings of carbs per meal as recommended by the ADA.
Avatar n tn In Type 1 diabetes, about 60 percent of those individuals develop kidney disease. I was just wondering - of all the Diabetics on this forum .... how many have had endocrinologists put you on medication to *prevent* kidney failure soon after your were first diagnosed? My endo is really pushing to put me on medication in case (and I stress the words "in case") I may get Kidney Disease. I have no signs of it or have it now. My Kidneys are healthy.
Avatar n tn The doctor said her glucose level was 13 from the normal level 6. Can her diabetes be cured wth diet,exercise or is it too high to get rid of through a changed diet and exercise?
Avatar n tn Lots of interesting & useful info on this thread! I also want to comment that Type 1s need to discuss "low carb" ideas with our doc before choosing that way of eating. Many Type 2s and some Type 1s enjoy better control by having less than the traditionally recommended allotment of carbohydrates. A very low carb diet -- as in Atkins style -- causes the liver to "give up" stored glycogen as part of the carb-limiting routine.
Avatar f tn Too many carbs and not enough fiber as a reason for a kidney not working at full capacity for her age category? I don't understand their reasoning on that? Please don't rule out that 40 percent functioning enlarged kidney as a possible problem! See an experienced nephrologist about that! Regarding adrenal testing, they might want to do more than one test. ESR points generally to inflammation. Blood calcium- have they made sure parathyroid glands are okay?
Avatar f tn Well, off hand, I would say that a call to a local nutritionist would be in order she/he will be able to give you the right list of foods and how much to eat, etc. Some hospitals have one or two on staff and they are available to help, especially if the doctor writes a prescription to see one. Also, try doing a "google" search, there are all kinds of sites on what to eat and what not too.
Avatar f tn I'm considering lap-band surgery to lose the extra weight that I've gained over last 30 years. I was born with only one kidney. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 2 years ago. And my doctor just added a second high blood pressure medication as my bp was getting out of control. I am worried that my only kidney will be damaged. Can I qualify for medically needed weight reduction surgery?
Avatar m tn People with blood sugar problems are often told to limit the amount of protein in their diets. This can help delay the progression of kidney disease. But new research indicates the key to healthier kidneys for diabetics may have more to do with the type of proteins they eat rather than the amount. Findings from a large British study indicate that eating fish at least twice a week seemed to reduce incidents of kidney disease in patients with blood sugar problems! Amanda I. Adler, M.D.
1235957 tn?1270265122 I usually take green vegitables and food avoiding sugar, fats etc I practically work, engaged in kitchen guarden for two hours, walk in a temple for more then 45 minutes. remain engaged with tv, computer for 3-4 hours, practically remain busy in delivering lecture, mainly having positive attitudes and so on. sleep for 7-8 hours without any problems. I have crossed my age 65 years and is now senior citigen.
Avatar n tn My husband 75 years old with diabetes over 12 years.Right now the Kidney is damaged.Greatinie is 1.84,GFRis low 41.Hemoglobin Alc is between 6.4 to 6.8. My question is which medicine is better for him taking Glimepride or Prandin without futher damage kidney?
Avatar f tn Can any body give a diet chart for a kidney fail patient? Patient condition Blood Sugar = Normal. Urea = 111 Cretinine = 3.
Avatar n tn Dear winkster, Actually a diabetic diet is really only what a healthy diet would be for people without diabetes. And fruits are a part of that even though they have sugar it get metabolized like any other carbohydrates.
Avatar f tn Cushing’s syndrome should be looked for. The kidney function too should be assessed. Late night snacking and poor sleep too can cause weight gain. Polycystic ovary too causes weight gain, hence has to be ruled out by an ultrasound of abdomen. Certain medications like antidepressants cause weight gain. If all these causes are ruled out then you can start a diet and exercise program to lose weight.
Avatar n tn You're not getting any responses because of your poor grammar. Please re-write you question fully in understandable English, not broken sentences. I have reread your post three times and still can't understand what you are trying to say/ask.
Avatar f tn For you however the fact that your sugars are high during your pregnancy is associated with a higher chance then the general population for getting diabetes in the future. But remember association is not cause. There are plenty of women who never develope DM in there life times. After your delivery you will just have to be more diligent about getting excersize etc.
Avatar m tn The only treatment for type 2 diabetes is weight loss, lowering carbs in your diet, exercise and medication as prescribed by a REAL doctor.
Avatar n tn Ketones and proteins in the urine can result from many factors, like excessive exercise, dehydration, high protein diet, kidney problems, and diabetes. Diabetes in the initial stages does not produce glucose in urine. However neither will it bring about ketones and proteins in the urine at an early stage. These are generally the signs of uncontrolled diabetes. You need to check the blood sugar fasting (8-12 hours) and two hours after a proper meal.
146866 tn?1199599344 Have insulin resistance IGT IFG (the above raise your risk for T2 dramatically, in fact, you almost certainly can't get T2 without going through the above stages at some point) or full blown T2 (normal fasting sugar and a 2hr PP of 200 or more is full blown diabetes) If you have none great. Stay healthy, keep watching. Exercise! (you need it for health in any event). You can check your sugars even if you are normal.
Avatar m tn devita.com has great menu selection for kidney disease and diabetes together.
Avatar n tn You should be seeing an endocrynologist on a routine basis to regulate your sugar levels and then you can work on your cycles, but getting your sugar straightened out is the first step and is much more important for your overall health than for just your cycles - kidney failure, vision failure, blood pressure, heart issues......much more serious than just menstrual cycles.
Avatar m tn It is almost impossible to get near normal GFR levels. However with diet control and keeping a good control on diabetes and hypertension, you can slow down further progression and lead a normal life. Please discuss with your treating doctor. Hope this helps. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
1004888 tn?1250304153 If he follows a Kidney diet then he will have the others under control. The kidney diet has low sodium already in it and with low protein restriction the uric acid will not build up. You have to be count the amount of carbs eaten daily not restricting carbs with Diabetics. Suggest see a Registered Dietitian in your area so your grandfather gets a meal plan he can follow.
Avatar m tn My first thoughts on reading your post were diabetes and thyroid as well. One question is how long you have been eating low carb? If it has been quite awhile that might have lowered your A1C into the normal range. Another possible test is the OGTT which tests your response to a sugary drink over a couple hours. You could also try yourself eating something very high carb and then testing two hours later. Non-diabetics rarely go above 120 no matter what they eat.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am on a forum that I LOVE...it is only for people who are on the protocol, and want to share and keep track of their experinces. If you want to join us e mail me. I will be happy to share with you, it has been so much support for me, I am only on day 7, 7 injections, 5th day of vlcd.
Avatar n tn Hence peripheral vascular pathologies like deep vein thrombosis have to be ruled out either by angiograms or by dopplar studies. There are several causes for peripheral neuroptahies including diabetes, hypothyroidism, chronic involvement of liver or kidney, chronic alcohol use etc. Hypoparathyroidism too should be looked into apart from hypothyroidism. Neck strain, spondylotic changes in cervical vertebrae, bone disease or bad posture should be looked into.
Avatar f tn I am 20 years old and have had type 1 diabetes for 15 years. My latest a1c was 7.1. I have always been pretty on top of the diabetes care, but it's hard to be perfect especially during the hormonal early teenage years. About two years ago I was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and had a defibrillator implanted in my chest. I go to a cardioloigist twice a year and have no cardiac problems.
Avatar f tn Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease of absolute or inadequate production of the pancreas, and/ or the body’s resistance to insulin. It is a long term and a lifetime illness that is projected to be the second debilitating disease, causing most of the world’s mortality and morbidity. DM itself does not necessarily cause life threatening scenarios but its complications do.
Avatar f tn fist thing is too get the doc to check diet .she should possibly be on kidney diet not the diabetic diet the 2 diets do not compliment each other.this is what happened to me i have stage3 kidney failure and type 2 diabetes. if i eat the diabetic diet my renal # go all to **** to much protein in the diabetic diet.try and get her to do some exercise .i know that can be hard but i have lost 70 lbs and am still chunky.
Avatar f tn Hello, The kidney stone is probably a separate problem from the diabetes. 7 mm is not so large. With your Dr's consent you may choose to observe (and drink plenty of fluids to try to flush it out). There are also other approach which is using ultrasonic wave to break up the stone, though I don't know how applicable this is to a small stone. In any case, also work to control your blood sugar very well (diet, exercise, medication), to keep your overall health as good as possible.