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Avatar f tn The use of a benzodiazepine (Klonopin) daily over a prolonged period of time can lead to depression. It is a reported side effect, it is not common but yeah. You should never stop this medication without tapering it very slowly and talk to your doctor.
1722607 tn?1335751458 I was determined not to get involved in drug related questions anymore but I just wanted to say that Klonopin and Paxil/Zoloft are totally different types of drugs. Klonopin is a tranquilizer, usually taken on as "as needed" basis whereas Zoloft and Paxil are SSRI's (anti-deressants) taken daily. Although the AD's can take the edge off anxiety these drugs are NOT interchangeable. Take care.
1134609 tn?1269275800 I have been told that 1.5 mgs of klonopin is small dose of the medication and that it's not something that I should be concerned with. Is 1.5 mgs a small dose? 2.My psychiatrist and I have discussed weaning off of the Klonopin, or at least decreasing the dose. I am also on Neurontin, so we would like to know if that medication is enough to control the mania. Again, I take 1.5 mgs, split into .5 mg doses, three times a day.
186166 tn?1385262982 Her psychiatrist should be made aware of the fact that she has a co existing addictive disorder as benzodiazepenes (the class of medication Klonopin and Xanax are in) are contraindicated with a person with a substance abuse disorder due to the potential of addictiion but only a psychiatrist would understand this in full.
Avatar f tn The different Benzodiazepines are classified as: 1) ultra-short-acting 2) short-acting agents, with half-lives shorter than 6 hours 3) intermediate-acting agents, with half -lives of 6-24 hours 4) Long-acting agents, with half-lives of greater than 24 hours (Goodman & Gilman's :The pharmacological basis of therapeutics, 11th ed,2005) Klonopin(Clonazepam) has a half-life of 23+/- 5 hours.
Avatar m tn Now, I've heard that klonopin is much better than xanax in that it's more ideal for panic disorder. Do you know the differences between attivan, valium, klonopin and xanax. Do you suggest klonopin? Why or why not?
Avatar n tn I have never been on xanax or any of the other short acting benzos. But I am on Klonopin, .5 3 times a day. It has really helped my GAD. I also suffer from depression. It is addictive but it is the one my doc likes the best because it has a longer half life. I tried to taper down, on my own, but anxiety and nausea started to come back. I like it but also would like to see a day, some time, when I don't need it. I also take 60 mg. of Celexa daily, as well.
Avatar n tn ) And after reading your post and bodymechanics post, i'm getting scared that this up and down intake of klonopin is dangerous. I really was in full blown depression 7 years ago when i started klonopin. I feel much better today depression wise and if i can just find out why i need to *fix* some parts of my days with these drugs, maybe i could be totally clean soon. Gonna visit the link you posted about this drug. Merci for you help!
Avatar f tn Im actually on Klonopin for anxiety along with xanax,im trying to taper off the xanax then the klonopin...this is my 3rd time on klonopin and everytime im on it i feel like im in a big deep black pit,,,,has anyone else expercied this using klonopin....i have no joy no happiness and i have lots of reasons to be happy....i think this med robs me of my emotions..
Avatar f tn He has stated he thinks I have a mood disorder but I disagree being that I have been to many docs and have never gotten that diagnoses, I think he concluded that from my reaction to zoloft, What is your opinion on this stiuatuion, How do I tell him I think he is wrong and I feel I need another antidepressant? I have been anxiety free since klonopin but am ridden with depression and alcohol cravings, what is the solution?
Avatar n tn Hello Dr Gould, I would appreciate you input on Klonopin and effects on depression. I have a friend who is 11 weeks post-partum and has been having increase depression and anxiety. She has been using Klonopin over the past two months and has slowly been using it more. It seems to help here get through the difficult anxiety/panic times, but the depressive symptoms seem to be getting worse. I have been doing some online searching for her.
Avatar f tn Klonopin is for anxiety. I take it myself. If his symptoms don't improve speak to his psychiatrist. They generally discharge a person from the hospital when they believe they are stabilized. Ask his psychiatrist what they believe improved. A person can be psychotic and believe things that don't exist but they can also have irrational phobias from anxiety disorder which from the medications prescribed appears what the psychiatrist believes it is, in addition to depression.
Avatar f tn Ryan posted that klonopin can cause depression, if thats in my case, when would i start to notice the depression? is 11 days too early to determine anything? i wonder if i should try to go back down to my normal dosage of .25 mg am/pm but then im going to start having really bad anxiety/panic attacks again. please let me know what i should do! any suggetions, thoughts, anything! thanks.
1075007 tn?1255649651 Everytime I go see my doctor (General Practicioner) he has me feel out a mood disorder questionaire and my answers determine my medication. What do you recommend I do to get off of these? I just got laid off my job so I do not have health insurance to see someone else. I still have refills so I pay cash for these.
Avatar n tn Since a stroke caused a seizure-like condition, I had to take Klonopin to be able to sleep. Klonopin is also an anti-anxiety medication. What a total change in my outlook! No anxiety at all anymore. I have been on the lowest dose of it, 0.5 mg of Klonopin, for the past 5 years with no need to increase it at all. Yes, it is a dependence kind of medication, but I am so happy that I am taking it. I will need to be on it for the rest of my life due to the uncontrollable jerking condition.
1764174 tn?1313462480 I sit and cry and wonder why. The doctor has put me on blood pressure medication and Klonopin because I am feeling so much anxiety with my bp around 190/126 and the lowest is 135/101. It's causing me to feel anxious and hot headed. I don't know if I am coming or this type of behavior normal? He goes to PT/OT and acts if everything is normal, but gets into the car and starts complaining.
Avatar n tn I am considering asking my doctor about discontinuing medication for depression completely to see how I can handle things with counseling, but am concerned since I have been on various medications for depression for such a length of time - probably 10 years. I'm not sure what to do, and when I consulted with my psychiatrist, who has been simply a medication manager, he said, I don't have any answers for you, come back in a month.
Avatar f tn It is one month since I have been medication free, and I feel really well. I am hoping depression will not return, and I will never need to go on anti depressants again. Keep in touch, as I am really interested as to how you get on. I would like to offer friendship to you if you are agreable.
Avatar m tn You could also be seeing the anxiety symptoms from the original condition you were treating with the Klonopin, as obviously, the Klonopin only treats the symptoms while you take doesn't make them go away. If you haven't already, I would recommend getting into therapy. That's where the long term progress is made as far as learning hoe to manage chronic anxiety. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn 5 mg daily, but she has been buying 2 mg on line. She has developed behavioral problems as well as increased depression, menstrual problems and sudden mood changes. Not to mention the fact that she sometimes looks drugged and gets confused easily. She has admitted to me that she double doses, but I am afraid it is worse that that. She has even tried to give my sister some. I am unsure what to do.
Avatar f tn I also take 50mg of pail and high dose of lamictil for anxiety, depression and mood there any hope of getting off the anxiety is very high as I am sure u can tell..please, all response is greatly appreciated?
390096 tn?1214510053 I found a new doctor who put me on Zoloft and gave me klonopin. I have to say that klonopin was a life saver for me. I mean I was worried from the beginning about getting addicted and how hard it would be to come off- but at the same time I was so relieved to have something that took me out of my nightmare even if it was for only a few hours a day. I was given 0.5mg pills and I took 3 of them a day about 6 hours apart. I ended up being on the dose for 4 months.
193245 tn?1189993322 But it didn't last so I went to my PCP a couple of weeks ago. He looked over all the work I had done at the hospital and prescribed Clonazepam/Klonopin. The thing is, I'm absolutely TERRIFIED to take this stuff. I'm afraid it'll make me sicker. Logically, I know the odds are very small that it would make me sick, but it's enough to scare me.
Avatar f tn I have been taking either Xanax or Klonopin for the last 26 yrs. I started off with Xanax in the beginning and then about 9 yrs ago a Psych I went to put me on Klonopin and took me off the Xanax. This due to the fact that Klonopin does have a longer effect than Xanax. I have been on 6mg of Klonopin for the last 9 yrs. A little background: I started having anxiety and panic attacks when I was in 4th grade. Doctor after doctor told me it was "all in my head".
Avatar n tn I have a couple of questions for you. 1) Could the klonopin be making the depression worse? 2) How do you recommend I proceed with stopping, since I'm down to .25mg every other day at lunch. 3)Could the klonopin be causing gastro problems and nausea? I'm a male, age 32, and have lost about 22 lbs since I started the klonopin. Also, two months back I had a very extreme reaction to Zoloft, which was originally given to me for anxiety...before the klonopin.