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Avatar n tn This pertains to my first question about the multiple depression medication. Do these cause memory loss as well, for I have told my partner a lot of things about myself in just a matter of 3 months and she doesn't seem to remember most of those things. She also seems apathetic about what and how her kids talk to her. I don't know if this is a result of this medication or not.
Avatar f tn About 60 percent of men and 30 percent of women have had one or more adverse alcohol-related life events. Together with the data on medication use, these statistics suggest that some concurrent use of alcohol and medications is inevitable. To exert its desired effect, a drug generally must travel through the bloodstream to its site of action, where it produces some change in an organ or tissue.
324184 tn?1308079803 (hey I was in my 20's and at that time I felt good because my depression was in a remissive state) I wouldn't EVER advocate binge drinking with AD medication, I'm just saying that I did for years and I'm still alive. I would check first about that combo you on, just to be sure no alcohol interaction is present with it.
Avatar n tn I have been in a mental ward for alcohol detox, and major depression and saw over ten seizures in less than three days from various patients. Some were epileptic type , others the typical psychogenic type. I had four seizures myself two days ago in less that 12 hours. Mine are the status type lasting 10-15 minutes each and only partial so I stay half conscious. It's not fun so why add Marijuana to your seizure problems?
Avatar n tn Hmmm, trying to figure out this puzzle & not easy. Quit drinking altogether 5-months ago cold turkey, which was not pleasant to say the least. I'm healthy & exercise all the time and the alcohol never seemed to show any physical effects [I always had anxiety issues & self-medicated myself by drinking]. So here's the thing.
Avatar n tn I'm in my 50's, always worked out & alway drank every day of my adult life. I guess with the vitamins & working out it never really showed. I drank like a 6-pak of beer & a couple drinks every night to mostly compensate for acute anxiety problems. The problem is it gradually got worse - anxiety & drinking last fdew years. I decided to quit drinking 5-months ago and the anxciety sky-rocketed and I was in deep depression for about 3-months.
Avatar m tn it's going to exacerbate your depression bigtime. Also, again, you cannot be the best parent you can be when chronic alcohol use is a factor.
Avatar f tn Hi My mother is a known case of depression and i was wondering if depression could be inherited..i mean im a medical student i studied a psychiatric course and what i read from many lectures about depression is it says one of the etiology is genetic! so do i have higher risk for depression than someone whose mother is not depressed?
Avatar n tn I am considering asking my doctor about discontinuing medication for depression completely to see how I can handle things with counseling, but am concerned since I have been on various medications for depression for such a length of time - probably 10 years. I'm not sure what to do, and when I consulted with my psychiatrist, who has been simply a medication manager, he said, I don't have any answers for you, come back in a month.
Avatar n tn Once I decided I wanted to quit taking pills I knew damn well that I would be 100x more successful if I was managing my depression with medication because everytime I have tried to quit in the past, I have gotten SO depressed that it was unbearable. Physical w/d symptoms aside, I personally think you will be much more successful if you handle your depression before you get off pills.
Avatar n tn It is possible with the help of a psychiatrist or therapist to get over the depression, but can take a long time, depending on the cause. Medication allows you to function normally while going thru this and to just make dealing with it all easier. If it is due to a chemical inbalance then medication is the only thing that will help you.
Avatar n tn He talks about suicide, does not work, gets physical if I refuse money or alcohol, threatens my family and pets, blames me for his depression, won't allow friends or family to visit because they are all out to "get him", the delusions and parinoia have gotten worse. He was nothing like this in the first 5 years of our relationship and I want to help, but I can't even suggest the hospital without him freaking out. Can anyone help?
Avatar f tn Many docs and shrinks will refuse to treat people for depression if they have chronic alcohol or other substance problems so how this doc can virtually encourage someone to drink is beyond my comprehension. Frankly it sounds like your boyfriend is lying to you as I cannot imagine a doctor saying what you report. Google "antidepressants and alcohol" and you'll find the statements you need to print out.
Avatar m tn Although ZOLOFT does not potentiate the cognitive and psychomotor effects of alcohol in experiments with normal subjects, the concomitant use of ZOLOFT and alcohol is not recommended. Keep in mind alcohol is a depressant. Even without meds, a depressed person would be wise to avoid drinking. There is no evidence to suggest that the tapering of Zoloft causes memory problems.
Avatar n tn they have helped me ALREADY in a matter of just one day and yesterday being my first post. or the day before yesterday. alcohol is actually bad for anxiety(in high doses) cuz i know at least when i have like 3 or 4 beverages i panic easily. but for the most part man your not our there or crazy man. ur in the right place to open up.
Avatar n tn Beta-blockers decrease heart rate, and decrease blood pressure by decreasing the work load on the heart, so yes this is why it is considered a heart medication. May not be a heavy medication for hearts, but you'd be amazed at what they use Beta-blockers for. Listen, I'm no doctor, but I am an Registered Nurse, and know a little about certain drugs. Take for instance, I'm taking an anti-seizure medication called Neurontin (Gabapentin).
Avatar f tn Also, my friend's birthday is this saturday and there's going to be so much alcohol at her event. If people ask me why im not drinking, I don't want to tell them I'm on medication. I've also used alcohol a lot to ease my stress so I am afraid I might start drinking. Do you think I can have one drink or no?
Avatar m tn It doesn't help, though, that your docs know about your alcohol habit; as you state, combining benzos and alcohol is a bad combination for most people, though apparently not for you. I think what you need is a psychiatrist who will look at you as an individual -- which is hard to find. For most people, benzos are just a temporary fix until they wear off, and then you're either back to where you started or taking more and more as they work less the longer you're on them.
Avatar n tn 2 @ bedtime) comb/w klonopin 1 mg (1 tab 2x daily) comb/w Zyprexa 5 mg (1 tab 2x daily) This combination seemed over the top and precipitated some manic behavior. All of this medication was removed and Depakote 250 mg (1 tab 3x daily) was issued as it's replacement. Im probably borderline in some capacity with a touch of seasonal affective disorder.
2010625 tn?1329375656 Is it common to have a bad reaction or get bad side effects at the lowest doses of almost every psychotropic medication tried? I have tried 6 different antipsychotics, I had bad side effects at the lowest dose, and can't take them. 4 SSRI antidepressants, bad side effects at lowest dose, can't take them. I also can't take Welbutrin, Depokote, Effexor, vistaril, This can't be normal right?
Avatar n tn If I have even a single glass of wine or beer, at some point the next day I will probably experience a short 'burst' or 'wave' of a very intense, debilitating depression. During that depression, I can't move or speak. If I'm doing something in public, like walking in a store, I'll probably slow down and stare at the same box of cereal on a shelf for a minute. But in about 30 seconds to a minute, it's over, and it's like it never happened- I feel back to normal, I resume walking, whatever.
Avatar n tn Taking medication with alcohol is never a good thing, especially if the drinking results in a binge. If your wife drinks occasionally but when she does drink - she can not stop, she may be a binge alcoholic. This condition is as serious as if she were a daily drinker. Alcohol intoxication does initially seem to help anxiety and depression which is why people often drink. They may use it as a form of 'self medication'.
Avatar n tn All the asnwers pertain to depression. Since i am not taking this medication for depression, would i experience the same thing if i had a few drinks? i know that drinking while taking medication is not smart, but i am on the lowest dosage and dont plan on drinking daily.
Avatar n tn 30 -6am everyday except weekends ,on weekends i do great i feel fine but the 75mg of effexor's arent working and the 150's were too strong and i have a chemical imbalance and the dr says i will be on medication all my life i have panic disorder with depression and the fear where i never want to leave my house or drive but i will get better once i get on the right medication.
6531549 tn?1382156890 I had a very rough childhood and lost my father when I was 10 years old, and then just last year I was in a really unhealthy relationship and starting struggling with depression horribly. I lost over 30 pounds (that I didn't have to lose), cried all the time for no reason, and got very easily stressed out. Needless to say I dumped the boyfriend because I knew it wasn't healthy. That was about 8 months ago.
Avatar n tn Her primary care physician prescribed them. Upon taking the medication (1-3 tabs a week) my depression subsided, my body quit hurting, my thinking became clear, I had my prior level of energy return and I felt clear of the fog that has been plagueing me for decades. I am going to discuss this with my primary md today. Aside from the usual warnings what can you tell me about this as a treatment, if only temporary, for depression?