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Avatar n tn Well, here goes nothing. I have been on depo provera for over 8 years. I have signed up for a forum for people who are trying to concieve after depo and have had some great support. I have been reading alot your posts and replied to a few. I am told that it could take as long as 2 years before I can get pregnant. I don't think I have ovulated yet. Last shot was August 4, 2006. Usually you take the shots every 3 months since it is possible to get pg if it is taken too late.
Avatar n tn iwas on the depo got it one time no period for 4months dr put me on provera no period then he put me on orth tricycline no period when i was provera i was cramping a little i have been on the pill for a week have missed 2 but my boobs are heavy my back hurts my belly is bloated im urninating alot very tired sleep all day up all night the first preg test before he put me on the pill was neg is there a possiabilty that i am pregnant ?
Avatar n tn i have been on depo shot for 6 yrs.i have now been off for 1yr.4months,my husband and i are trying to have a baby,by me being on shot so long do you think its still in my system the reason i havent gotten pregeant since ive been off the shot?
Avatar n tn I have also been keeping a Basil Body Temperature chart, and according to the chart i ovulated 3 days after starting provera. I've wondered if there were any side effects to worry about if i should get pregnant while taking provera. i have searched the internet looking for any info i can find. But still always end up confused yet hopeful. my dr. has me starting clomid on days 3 thru 7 of my peroid. im so excited and can't wait.
Avatar f tn i had a baby on august 2nd 2009 through emergency c-section. i have only taken one depo-provera shot and it was a low dose on august 6th 2009. my husband and i are trying to get pregnant again. i am having regular cycles, and wondering how long it could take for us to get pregnant. oh and i will be 30 in may.
Avatar n tn In this respect even after being together for almost 8 years (for which I had been on depo provera), we are still very healthy. My cycles are very irregular due to coming off the depo. Any input would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Hello, After depo stoppage your body may take some time to adjust to the changing hormone levels. You can get pregnant anytime once you start getting your periods. After stoppage of Depo-Provera one can become pregnant as soon as three to four months after the last shot. It varies women to women. It may take some women up to a year or two to conceive once they stop using Depovera.It does not depend on how long you have been using Depovera.A woman ovulates every month.
Avatar f tn I am 31 yrs old. Have used BCP's, birth control patch, Depo Provera shots and finally a copper IUD in the past. I had the IUD removed in March of '06 and began charting using BBT and trying to conceive since this time. I have had brown or bloody spotting intermittently during luteal phase since I was around 19 years old. Some cycles it begins as early as 3-4 days post ovulation and sometimes it begins around 8-9 days post ovulation and continues intermmitently until menses.
Avatar f tn "Future Fertility Women who want to become pregnant may stop using Depo Provera at any time. For some women, fertility returns immediately. For others, it may take 6-18 months or longer for the body's hormone cycle to go back to normal. Going Off Depo The book Contraceptive Technology says: "It is not possible to discontinue Depo Provera immediately.
Avatar n tn I was on depo for about a yr after having our son 21 months ago. I stopping getting my shot in dec. I called my gyn in feb. and she ordered provera to kick start af. On the 9th of march I spotted, which continued for 3 additional days. Then on the 13th I had a very light flow of red. This lasted 2 days, 13-14th. Then I had 2-3 more days of spotting till it stopped. Everyone I've talked to assume its due to the fact I didn't have much lining.
Avatar n tn I cant seem to convieve no matter how hard i try. I was on the Depo-Provera shot about 2yrs and I quit getting it a yr ago. And i have tried to concieve for sometime now and having the awfulest time. I dont know what to do. I have a very regular period and I try to have intercourse the best days of the month or as to what a doctor says is the best and i havent had anything turn up good. Can you help? I dont know what to do anymore. I am just ready to give up actually....
Avatar n tn But I was on Depo and my last shot was 8/04 and stopped because I bleed for 3 months almost all the time. I switched to a low hormone BCP and it was great never a problem with early or late periods. In Aug 05 I stopped the BCP's because my husband and I are ttc and still no AF except twice and that was with the help of Provera. Ive never tried the patch but it depends on your weight if you can use to your Dr.
Avatar n tn In this respect even after being together for almost 8 years (for which I had been on depo provera), we are still very healthy. My cycles are very irregular due to coming off the depo. Any input would be appreciated.
1611503 tn?1325485790 for about 4 days its called medroxyprogesterone b/c my period are irregular i have 6 more days to go and i just wanted to know can i get pregnant when im done with the pills and if i can when is the best time to have intercourse???? i really want all the women who knows about this medicine to help me thankyou so much!!!!! please stay in touch ill answer all questions!
Avatar f tn The fact you say you were on the injection, i'm taking this to be depo-provera, i think your in for a long wait. I was on depo 2 and a half years and have now been off of it the same length of time and have yet to conceive and i blame this contraception 100% for not having conceived. My partner and i have been for tests and all have come back clear, we are now on the IVF waiting list which is up to a 3 year wait.
Avatar n tn I am still having the same symptoms to this day. I'm in pain 24-7. I was put on depo provera but it made it worse. Have you started a pain chart along with your times of cycles? I have been doing it since October. My struggle was I couldn't find anyone that would take me serious enough so that's why its taking me so long to get any results. If you continue to have your cycles every 2 weeks its only going to get worse.
Avatar n tn I think you're thinking of DepoProvera (a.k.a Depo). Provera is different.
Avatar n tn i would get pg on bc and then it would stop them from growing. i was on depo provera. that stuff is awful and causes miscarriages....i have been off of it for 18 mos and will never touch it again.
Avatar n tn I feel like **** all the time, could put money on AF coming, but chart shows no O, have taken preg tests...still nothing. I am supposed to start Provera again at the end of this week so I can tell my dr when I go in 4 weeks if anything happened. My DH is 37 (I'm 24) and we've only been trying for 6 months now. Well, if you can even call it trying when there's no O. I had a bunch of tests done and everything else looks good.
Avatar n tn I was waiting for my cycle to start so I got kind of got relaxed on my temps and was not paying much attention to my chart. The whole time I have been feeling like something was different. 3 days ago, I gave my chart a really good look and realized that there was a real temperature shift and hubby and I BD on the day of or day before (missed taking my temps. for 2days. The killer is I am having cramps like AF is coming but no bleeding or signs of it. It is kind of scary.
Avatar n tn Currently that would put me at 19 days past ovulation. If I ovulated, I was on Depo Provera for a long time and it says it can take a while before you ovulate. I have been cramping a little the last 2-3 days like af is coming but nothing. I have still be checking cm and it is very creamy, white, and lots of it. More than I ever recall having seen. My cervix seems pretty high so I can't really tell if it is soft, firm, etc.
1124023 tn?1261542848 I have PCOS too and was on depo provera injections for 2 years but then came off about 2 years ago too. Was regular up until the day before my wedding 16 Oct, then didn't have a period in Nov but came on 01 Dec (day 47!). Looking like a normal period, so think it may have been my body adjusting to the new experiences of being married and the stress that it caused too, although it was around the right time for me in October and the December one (just skipped one I think).
Avatar n tn DH and i have been TTCing for 9 mos now after depo provera shot. i have been off the shot 19 mos and it has been a struggle. i finally ovulated and concieved last cycle for the first time....but i had a m/c due to low progesterone...another side effect of depo. it can take 12-18 mos to get PG after this ****. i am in my 2 week wait for testing now....just ovulated today. so i know how important it is to have support. feel free to e-mail me or join my group. i hope you get your little one ASAP!!!
Avatar f tn Sometimes I will have 30ish day cycles, but most times I will miss my period for 4-8 months at a time. I was on depo provera shot for three years, followed by two years of being on the pill. I stopped all contraception 19 months ago, thinking we would see what happened. Nothing yet, now I am worried there is something wrong with me because of these very long cycles, lack of periods and the fact that I have never been regular except when I was on the pill (which was a 'fake' period).
Avatar n tn but i didnt get it for the rest of that year. i started the depo provera shot in october 04, my third shot was due in April 05 but we wanted to start trying so she put me on the mini pill again and i took it up to july 05 and i didnt get AF, doc said the shot was probably still in my system and holding back AF so i started diane 35 in july and got AF in August, then i stopped diane 35 september 6th 3 days into my new cycle and got withdrwal bleeding september 10th.
Avatar f tn I'm actually not sure that I'm ovulating at all. Before we started ttc, I went on the depo-provera injection for one year. It stopped my periods (which were regular before that), and I've never gotten them back. I have had a period with provera, and I have had a couple on my own (but they're short - about 3 days). I chart my bbt and it is all over the place. I've been pregnant once, so I have obviously ovulated at least once.
Avatar f tn If after next month your cycle is still longer than I would definitely talk to your doctor. All women are different in how they react after coming off bc. I was on depo provera for eight years. It took me about 8 months to get regulated. If you were taking the pill, I would think you would regulate by 6 months. What is really important is to keep up with your BBT to see if you are ovulating. Just because your cycle days are odd doesn't mean you aren't O'ing.