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505857 tn?1329685117 i was on depo for two years and i then started taking the pill in january 2007. i stoped taking the pill in october 2007 and i got pregnant in december 2007. so going onto the pill worked for me.
Avatar n tn Although I do want to mention that if you like Depo because you can't remember to take the pill regularly then you should try the Nuva ring. It is the same hormones as the pill, just inserted into your vagina. When we first discussed it with my dr, I thought "I will never stick my fingers in my cooch!!" and I worried that I wouldn't be able to position it right.
Avatar n tn I was given the option to go on Micronor (progestin pill). I have done research on that pill and the side effects are mainly the same. People have reported weight gain as well. I have just heard horrible things from people on depo for a long time, but I love it (except the weight issue). Since you have been on depo for a long time, what would you do? Do you think the pros outweight the cons in my situation? Is it possible to loose the weight?
Avatar f tn Hey guys im 22 and i was on depo provera for 9 years.I came off back in jully and have been off it for 7 months now.My periods are starting to go back to normal.I have been trying to get pregnant for seven months and still no luck! I have been having sex 1 or twice a day for that whole time. Im really worried that my bodys messed up after being on it such a long time. Has anyone else had this problem?
Avatar n tn i don't know anyone on the patch but i would think it is similar to the pill which in some cases stays in the system up to 1 month, in others the first time you don't use it it's gone. it depends on what is abnormal about your pap. don't freak if you have had one, a pap can only tell normal or abnormal cells, usually they will do a colposcapy (sorry bad sp) basically a biopsy. to see exactly what the problem is.
Avatar f tn I had used Depo for 3 years and never had any issues. I didnt gain wait, or anything. The only minor side effects I did have was mild cramping after the shot, and headaches. Although once I got off depo that was different. My hair started to fall out, I gained weight, headaches were worse and so on. This pregnancy happened 2 months after being off birth control completely, and while hubby had a vesectomy. So the only real birth control i think is no sex.....
Avatar f tn However, I have not really experienced anything out of the ordinary. In fact, any side effects I had when I was on the pill, I have not had with the shot. BC works different for everyone, though. I think if you want something to counteract, you might talk to your doctor. Or maybe, for your anxiety, try to start meditating or start doing things like yoga. I know that they really help with those kinds of things. I can't say what to do about the hot flashes.
Avatar n tn If you would like to start a cycle, consider asking your doctor about another method of birth control that regulates your cylce (i.e. the pill or nuva ring). If you want to try and do it naturally, then just wait it out. I too got cramps and very uneasy feelings down in my pelvis when I was going off of Depo. It's going to be hard for a few months, but do not add more stress to yourself. Keep in mind that stress can also keep your cycle away.
Avatar n tn but i had my son sept 28 and got on the depo in october or the beginning or november but anyways i want to get pregnant again and i keep hearing things like its going to take a while to get pregnant but i was suppose to get my shot between sept5 to sept19 its now the 20 and i havent got my shot and i already had unprotected sex and took atest and it came not prenanat is there anything i can do is there anyone that can help me
Avatar n tn Anyways, after you get off the pill you can gain alot of water weight and it can take up to 10 to 18 months to conceive. I would rather go on the pill than the depo any day. Trust me i was on it for 5 years.
Avatar n tn period yesterday and it didn't come. Did is not come because of the provera or is it something in need to call the dr about?
Avatar n tn I suffered so many side effects with the shot I had to go off it and back onto the pill. Mr Dr hates the Depo shot and was glad when I wanted to go back on the pill. But I did go on the Ortho Evra Patch when that first came out and that was really good. I'm off bc now since we are ttc. But when we're done I'm going back on the patch or maybe the new bc pill that is a dissolving pill you chase with a glass of water.
Avatar f tn the depo uses a different way of doing the hormones. it can cause the weight gain and headaches for sure. If you can tough it out to the next dose the depo usually balances out and you won't have as much trouble. As far as the weight gain goes. well that is something you will face with almost every birth control hormones.
Avatar n tn i was on depo for two years, i was then on the pill for 10 months. after i got off the pill it only took me two cycles ( mind you my husband and i wernt trying) to fall pregnant. (i mean i fell pregnant on the second cycle.
Avatar f tn I've heard some horror stories of Depo-Provera but I've also heard a loooot of good. Could someone please share their story(s) and other's stories? I just want more opinions and comments so I get a better understanding on whether or not to get it.
Avatar f tn I went back to the doctor and told them that I was still bleeding, so they put me on a provera pill to take for two weeks and gave me bc pill to start after I was done taking the Provera pill. I am almost done with my first packet of bc pills and I am still bleeding. This bleeding isn't just bleeding either, I am having cramps and clots just like a normal period. It has been almost 5 months now that I have been bleeding straight through. The provera shot also made me extremely tender and thin.
Avatar n tn To re-hash, I was put on Depo-Provera for endometriosis. I'm at the end of the second month of its three month effective range, and everything's been fine so far. (I had surgery on 5/17, light bleeding until about the beginning of the second week of June, then nothing since *yay*). For the past 3-4 days, I've been getting that 'pre-period' feeling (slightly *ugh*, little crampy on the side where the cyst was, and mucousy discharge.
Avatar f tn I am TTC and I had my last Depo Provera shot in July 2010 (11 months ago). I had taken Depo for 7 years. I have yet to have my period or ovulate. I went to an RE and he prescribed Provera for 5 days at 10 mg. I took it, and have yet to get a period and it has been 5 days since last pill, so I guess it didn't work. He said my bloodwork was "normal", but said over the phone I must have hypothalamic amennorrhea. I have an appointment to go back to him in 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn This is a generalization but I would say return to ovulation with using your typical birth control pill is from 1 - 3 months. With Depo it's more common to be between 3 - 18 months or longer. This can vary from woman to woman depending on how your body responds to your birth control and if you have any underlying fertility problems you are unaware of.
Avatar n tn My girlfriend started using the depo-provera shot about a month ago. We abstained from sex for a week after the injection just to be safe. Two weeks after the injection we had to make a visit to her family practice doctor because we had a hunch that she had a bladder infection. We were right. The doctor prescribed her to take 250 mg of Ciprofloxacin twice daily and of course Phenazopyridine for the pain.
Avatar f tn I have heard countless stories of women on birth control who got pregnant. Nothing is 100%. I took the plan b pill the day I had sex and here I am almost 6 months later pregnant. All I can tell you will depo is prepare to put on some weight, becauss that shot made me gain alot.
Avatar f tn Sigh see and here I thought depo would be great for me because I was horrible with taking the pill and so many things can mess up the pill and make it not work, so hey a shot every three months? Great! I'm stressing even more about unplanned pregnancy than on the pill -.- ughhhhhhhh I hope were in the clear girlie!
Avatar f tn I knew a young girl who took Depo shots her entire pregnancy because she did not realize she was pregnant until she was in labor. Yes, that DOES happen! Her baby was so adorable and tiny!!! Anyway, that's beside the point... My experience in researching and asking questions about birth control is that they mess you up more than they help, especially in the long run.
Avatar n tn I don't know why this would make you lose weight, but it will have no interaction at all with birth control whether pills or Depo Provera. Depo Provera has been implicated with weight gain. Some say it is the increased appetite due to the potent progestin, but probably more than that. Some women won't gain an ounce, but others will put it on very quickly. The number of meds that actually have the potential to make birth control less effective is very short.
Avatar n tn They dont' tell you any of this when you get on the shot or the PILL for that matter!!! I had a mc with my first, and had been off the pill for 10 mos. I know it was the pill that did it. I wish i would have known i would have so much trouble conceiving after I was on the pill! (never have had the shot so i don't know) BUT the fact of the matter is that we took medication that altered what our body intended!! I didn't think of it at the time ( i was 15 when i started the pill).
Avatar f tn So I was on depo-provera for about a year, and once I was on it I stopped having periods altogether. I was supposed to get another shot in December but I decided not to because i want a baby soon, and I've heard it takes forever to get your period back. But its been 8 months and no period, but I know I am not pregnant. Anyone else had this type of experience?
Avatar n tn ( and so im now thinking ab just coming off of it for awhile, im really big on the no periods thing 3yrs was so enough for me. so i think ill just go off it til i get them again then go back to it.
Avatar n tn my breast are soooooo soar! I had sex 3times after getting off depo with a condom. The condom didn't bust or anything but I have been so scard thinking I was pregnant... I knw I'm not but I cry so easily now, my breast are soar & to top it off I still have milk in my breast from when I had my youngest son. So it's very scary!! I have two kids so I knw da feeling to be pregnant & its very similar coming off depo.
Avatar n tn I was on Depo provera for a few years, in 1999 I went off of it and I got pregnant,I was thrilled untill I started bleeding, I went to the hospital and found out I had miscarried, I had tried to get pregnant since then and I was prescribed Clomid last year. I got pregnant again, but lost that baby at 9 weeks. it has been heartbreaking. i cry everyday. I know now that it was because of the Depo. I have a hard time when all of my friends around me are getting pregnant with no problem.