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505995 tn?1211554807 Has anyone ever been on the depo provera shot before? If so how did it go for you?
Avatar n tn Just from my experence I was on depo shot and you have signs of pregnancy and are not pregnant and there is no way possiable you could feel you baby kick so soon you don't start feeling any movement until your about 4months pregnant I had a baby about 5months ago tomorrow is 5months and well I didn't actually really feel him move until I was 4months along maybe a lil ferther and I had a m/c on the depo shot the shot was in my systom but the shot killed the baby well anyways I don't think a baby
Avatar f tn I had had baby in Sept 04 and then went on Depo Provera a month later. A year later I started getting manic depressant and just didnt feel right. This was the second time that this happened to me on Depo Provera so I immediately went off. I let my system clean out for a month and then went onto Lo Ovoral pills and into the 8th day of the second pack I started to get these horrible migraines. I have never been sickly or have had headhaches in my life.
Avatar f tn Goodman, I wonder if you have any information about how Depo-Provera can change the symptoms of ovarian cancer v. ovarian cysts? I have been on Depo-Provera for two years and it seems that it would mask all the symptoms that are most likely to identify a cyst vs. a tumour. Do you know anything about how the two would look different in the presence of Depo-Provera?
Avatar n tn You girls have to discontinue Depo Provera at once and I highly recommend never putting any hormones into your bodies ever again. I have experienced a living nightmare from Depo Prover for the past three years. After I got the Depo shot I went home and researched on the web about the drug. I cried for three hours in fear that that could happen to me. What happened was worse. Five days after the shot a menstrual cycle started that would not cease. It wasn't a normal cycle.
Avatar n tn My GP initially suspected IBS as I have had this in the past but this has not been relieved by IBS treatments/diet changes etc.,. As I have a strong family history of breast and ovarian cancer (Maternal grandmother and mother, both deceased) I requested a trans vaginal scan and was also given an external pelvic scan. The pelvic scan showed no issues but the trans vaginal revealed a right side ovarian cyst, which my GP felt was most likely functional.
Avatar m tn Don't freak. Easier said than done, I know. Knowledge is power. Don't be afraid of it. Go to the doctor. It could be one of many things not cancer, and the only way to know is to have diagnostic tests. See an OBGYN for tests, starting with a thorough exam and vaginal ultrasound. Take it from there. It could be cysts, harmless but annoyingly painful. It could be digestive, also see your PCP if you can. But waiting things out no matter what it is, is NOT the answer. Best of luck to you.
Avatar f tn I will never go on Depo Provera again. My daughter was on Depo Provera at college, and discontinued the shot and has lost that weight and is thin again.'s free site has helped me keep up with my carb intake, and also tells me how many calories, how much fat etc. I use. It does this automatically when I put my food in for the day. Also Magic Bus has a forum where you can learn how to lose weight quick and even post on a challenge to keep you honest and responsible.
Avatar n tn here is my web site and depo group web address. please feel free to take a look and ask me questions!!! love...kimmie
Avatar f tn I have a question for you. Have you ever been surgically diagnosed with endo or have you been on the depo shot and other period suppressed medications for a while? This is important because if you are not treating the disease through excision (cutting out) you are only using these meds as a band-aide. Lupron is hit or miss with some people. I have met some that have horrifying side effects like you describe with hair etc.
Avatar n tn ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cyst. I would also rule out any hormonal disorders like hyperthyroidism and Cushings, and diabetes. I would suggest that you have a pelvic examination, possible endometrial biopsy, ultrasound of your pelvis, uterus, ovaries and a complete female hormone work up including a beta HCG, TSH, FSH, LH, E2, Prolactin, DHEAS, Testosterone, AM Cortisol, fasting glucose, comprehenisive metabolic paniel, liver function tests.
Avatar n tn My doctor can't explain the recurrent cysts, but feels that I can't have ovarian cancer since 3 CT scans only showed the hemorrhagic cysts. He is reluctant to remove my ovaries and put me in menopause and has referred me to a hematologist to reassess the severity of the clotting disorder. He hopes to get clearance to give me Depo-Provera. Is there anything else we should consider? I'd really like an explanation for these cysts as well as treatment. I am concerned about cancer.
Avatar n tn Other things that suppress cysts are oral contraceptives and depo provera. If you were my patient, I would not recommend removal of you ovaries, unless, either we suspected cancer, or the pain was intolerable. I would probably encourage you to continue with the lupron plus some hormone replacement therapy for your bone density, and do periodic follow up ultrasounds.
Avatar f tn I have had the same pain for years. I started Depo Provera birth control...which stops your period and keeps cysts from growing any larger and sometimes they reduce in size. I know from my exp.that it has helped a ton with the pain. I don't know how old your are but the Depo Provera shot does rob bones of soon I will switch my birth control to also stops your period. Good luck to you...I hope this helps you.
Avatar n tn For the past two weeks I have had my period, bad lower back pain, severe cramping, dizziness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, and my appetite is very rare. My family has a history of ovarian cancer and my mom had a scare last year but tests came out negative. Does this sound like I could I have something wrong with my ovaries? I don't know much about it and was hoping someone could tell me if I should look into it more?
Avatar f tn Hello Lauraher I suffer (to this very day) all my life with ovarian cysts, and while I am not polycystic, I have had several ruptures over the years. I started having ovarian cysts from the age of 14 and was put on the birth control pill to prevent ovulation because of the possibility of rupturing cysts. For 17 years I didn't have to worry about ruptures, but after I stopped taking the pill, my cysts came back with a vengeance and I endured a few minor ruptures.
Avatar n tn Then you go on some sort of BC again, but not taking placebos, so you don't cycle or have a period, so the endo doesn't grow (I'm on the Depo-Provera shot now). If you take things to prevent the endo from growing, there's no reason why you should need a hyster. If the endo is really severe, they may take stuff, but it's not that common. Endo can be controlled, though you may need occasional surgeries to remove adhesions.
Avatar n tn My 15 year-old stepdaughter has been diagnosed with complex ovarian cysts and the GYN has recommended surgery - after seeing her 1 time. I am concerned that this seems a drastic step for someone so young and have heard statements from others regarding the effect of scarring on the ovaries. Should we be worred about her future fertility, and what happens if these cysts recurr? Will she have to go thru surgery again?
Avatar f tn After the first daughter I suffored from secondary infertility and had 6 miscarriages. I was on depo provera for 3 cycles coming off of the depo back last August. In December I started having severe lower back pain. In February it became unbearable so I went to my GP. They did an ultrasound and found that I had a 2 cm ovarian cyst. My GP then sent me to my GYN. The GYN put me on 3 months of birthcontrol pills. Last month my dh and I decided to try for another child. Well...
Avatar f tn I did try several birth-control methods when I was in my 20s and 30s's such as Norplant, the pill and Depo Provera but I had many adverse reactions to them. Mainly and most bothersome..., my periods became reversed and I was on my period for three weeks and then off for one week. I haven't been given any info on the other options as to date.
17213106 tn?1456529591 I can't gage my symptoms based on everyone else's, I've been on Depo-Provera for the last 10 years, so I don't have a monthly cycle. But I do experience cramping and abdominal pain around the time I refill my Depo. That pain is nowhere near what I experienced this time around.
Avatar n tn I also have an Hx of ovarian cysts. I have contacted my GYN and he is on vacation and cannot see me until April 1st. I don't know if any of these things have to do with each other but I would just like some advice. Thank you.
Avatar n tn It also precludes me from getting the usual hormone treatment for these cysts. I am concerned about ovarian cancer since I was on fertility drugs for 13 months (about fifteen yrs ago and before I was diagnosed with clotting disorder). My doctor says nothing showed on my CTs or sonograms and he has referred me to a hematologist for updated tests to see if I can safely tolerate Depo-Provera to halt ovulation. Has any doctor or patient dealt with this scenario? Thank you so much!
Avatar f tn Now i'm having tiny spotting when i wipe and i'm worried about ovarian cancer. I don't have health insurance either. I just want to know what this is and get back to normal. Can anyone help?
Avatar m tn i'm 24 years old lady from Bangladesh and suffering from right ovarian cyst which is approximately 5.8 cm × 5.3 cm. I've one child who is 8 years old. My CA 125 level is gradually increasing. On 7th January it was 28.64 U/ml. On 6th February it was 125 U/ml. I took Injection Depo provera on January according to my gynaecologist advise. Is it safe to take another Depo Provera injection Or is there any other management for this condition. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn i'm 24 years old lady from Bangladesh and suffering from right ovarian cyst which is approximately 5.8 cm × 5.3 cm. I've one child who is 8 years old. My CA 125 level is gradually increasing. On 7th January it was 28.64 U/ml. On 6th February it was 125 U/ml. I took Injection Depo provera on January according to my gynaecologist advise. Is it safe to take another Depo Provera injection Or is there any other management for this condition. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn that he could, and has recommended that I go on Lupron Depot for 6 months to minimize the leftover lesions and prevent additional growth. After the 6 months he recommends that I go on depo provera for contraception. I am trying to weigh options - I've heard both good and bad things about Lupron Depot. My concern is that the endo hasn't really caused me many issues over the years and I had no idea I had it until I got the cyst (benign, by the way).
Avatar n tn Hi Dr. I am almost 38 years old and have a family history of breast and ovarian cancer. My maternal grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 50's and had a mastectomy. My mother died of ovarian cancer at 35. I was recently tested for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene and it was negative. I have had irregular and heavy bleeding for about two years now. Birth control pills have not helped as I was still bleeding while taking them and now Depo Provera is not helping with the bleeding either.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Progesterones may increase breast cancer risk, promote weight gain, cause depression, increase cholesterol, and do not prevent bone loss. The use of testosterone in menopausal women has been studied and shows some benefit at low doses to treat vasomotor symptoms and decreased libido. Higher dosages have been associated with elevated cholesterol, triglycerides, male pattern hair growth, and acne. So what are the FDA-approved Bioidentical Hormones?