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298579 tn?1192250448 I've had the pain for over 2 years, and it has definitely put me off sex. If any of you have had any sort of diagnosis or advice, PLEASE let me know... Thank you.
1294995 tn?1330666336 I'm 4 days past provera and nothing yet. I'm getting alittle worried because I've been on provera like 6 times and almost always like clock work I get it two days after stopping it. I'll wait until it's been 7 days past then I'll call my dr. Didn't realize I could wish so much for AF :-) Well I have enjoyed this day off. Back to work tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend :-) SSBD!!!!
Avatar n tn They wanted to start me on provera but I wanted to do a little research first. I was having many pregancy symtoms along with the late period such as feeling tired all the time, nasea,and my husband and family even said that I had the pregnancy glow. Then I got the call today, very frustrating. Then I started felling like I might start. This evening, I had very light spotting - would have missed it if I was not looking, but nothing ever since.
Avatar f tn After letting my body try and establish some normalacy from that , the doc gave me provera for a chemical bleed just prior to my fisrt hsg on June 1st. I was scard to death about this test having heard horror stories from others. For me it was a cake walk!! I heard "fill, spill, fill spill, thank you ma'am". No pain, no discomort and above all NO BLOCKAGE!! This was on June 11th. June 23rd- I have a regualr , all by myself kinda period and then again on July 20th.
Avatar n tn I got these checked a month ago and I am assuming it's negative for herpes. So if anyone gets a diagnosis plz let me know it just sucks to get tears on your vagina. I don't want to be intimate any more as I am scared to infect my partner for anything. Never had problems like this in the past.
Avatar n tn i couldnt believe it, they were just as surprised as i was. we have, per member, per lifetime, $5000 for diagnosis, $5000 for meds, and $15000 for treatment, and since it all is priced differently through insurances, we have a lot of options before it is all gone.....
1647691 tn?1363727302 That's ridiculous that the Dr wouldn't try that. What on earth is it going to hurt to try a different kind of scan to double check his diagnosis other than his pride if he's wrong? He's asking you to end your pregnancy, he can't expect that you're just going to do that on blind faith. Sorry, I'm done ranting now...that just really makes me upset about his attitude. As always my thoughts and prayers are with you.