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Avatar n tn I am on Depo provera I got my first injection in February and my second in May I was due for a 3rd injection in August but did not get it until the end of September and I was bleeding when I went in now I think in pregnant what effects would the depo have.
1636874 tn?1311551031 Would it spontaneously abort? Would it hurt me? Would it keep the baby but give it birth defects? I'm not really sure and I would like my question answered because I am very worried. We used the condoms properly, no breaks or slippage. So, I highly doubt I am pregnant. My period should be due tomorrow or Friday (the day I get the shot). But I'm worried that my period won't come by Friday to prove to me that I am not pregnant.
Avatar n tn w/ Depo * pregnancy can and does occur during Depo, and can cause some defects to growing fetus * DEPO CAN DECREASE THE HCG LEVELS There are many more side effects you can experience, so please go to the site and read the facts, not the rumors you hear. www.depoprovera.
Avatar f tn Since it takes 12 weeks for the shot to stop working I would see a Dr asap as getting pregnant while on this form of contraceptive has been linked to miscarriage and birth defects.
911955 tn?1247337027 I might be wrong but iv read upon the shoot and it said it could cause birth defects but only God knows , after i went threw this my sides was hurtin bad and thay told me i had Ovarian Cysts on both sides but not very big so i thought i would have a hard time geting prego so me and my boyfriend did tallk about another baby not to replace my daughter becaus enothing could ever do that we just wanted a baby for our family so i end up prego May 09 and had a miscarriage in Jun 7,2009.
Avatar n tn I am in a group where all the women are trying to conceive after the depo provera. Many have been trying to conceive for years, and no luck. And it seems like those who do conceive have miscarriages soon after. Its like 80% of the women who get pg have a miscarriage. Is this linked to the depo? Age? Im 22 and am trying to conceive #2. (my son is 6 now) I am so scared that it might happen to me.
Avatar n tn Dear Jim - Thank you for your question about your sister-in-law and Depo-Provera. I'm afraid I am not qualified to answer your question completely. I can only tell you that there may be a slight increased risk for birth defects from the this drug - but the exact nature of that risk is unknown to me. I would recommend that your sister-in-law discuss at length any potential risks with her obstetrician.
Avatar n tn All I could find was regarding Depo Provera : The current opinion on the risks of depo provera during pregnancy is: "Current data do not show any increased risk for birth defects caused by taking hormones during pregnancy." (from Hatcher's Contraceptive Technology).
Avatar n tn I got scared--what if I was pregnant and I took Provera? But before I took Provera, my blood pregnancy test was negative. My doctor also wondered why Provera did not make my period come. They took all the tests they could and found out I was normal, including ultrasound to see if everything is doing okay in there. Two days after my ultrasound, my period came.
Avatar n tn I am inclined to say that your symptoms are side effects of taking Provera. But if you are pg, and you take this Provera, it won't necessarily cause a miscarriage. says there is an increased risk of birth defects but I didn't see anything about miscarriage. I would be scared of that but apparently that's not what Provera would do. I hope you get some answers soon, or at least your period so that you can finally rest easier. Good luck!
Avatar n tn you can always call your pharmacist and ask to make sure. My husband and I are TTC and I took the Depo shot twice and stopped 11/04 and then started BCP till 8/05 and havent had a period since except with provera. I think the Depo is still in my system and is screwing everything up. I hope the provera works for you and best of luck with the clomid.
Avatar f tn According to something I read about it once, if a woman becomes pregnant while using Depo Provera, and continues her pregnancy, there may be an increased risk of premature birth. But there's so much conflicting stuff, you would be better to talk to a doctor about it. They could give you better answers. You should have been tested for pregnancy prior to getting the shot though.
Avatar n tn You should discuss this with your OB/GYN doctor, but I believe the risk associated with becoming pregnant while the Depo Provera injection (a synthetic form of progesterone) is active is prermature birth, not birth defects or fetal abnormalities. Shizencephaly, as you likely know, is a pretty rare developmental disorder. It can be caused by toxins, by medications taken by the mother, or other environmental influences.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of a study which shows birth defects are greater when the fetus is exposed to Provera? My gynocologist said it's completely fine & it happens all the time & they used to actually use Provera as a pregnancy test years ago. Then I saw someone post a comment that said they stopped using it as a pregnancy test b/c it causes birth defects. Any proof of this??? Any answers would be greatly appreciated. I'm 4 weeks pregnant & afraid that I may have harmed my baby.
Avatar f tn To the best of my knowledge there is no link between the Depo-Provera shot and birth defects. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn You must immediately inform your Obs and Gyn, so that they are extra careful about monitoring your baby for birth defects and weight etc. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar n tn I got preggo on depo and he is 19 months now and he is healthy and rambunkshus let me tell you!~ Anyways he did have a low birth weight i had him at 34 weeks almost 35 and he was 5 lbs 3 oz. I think if i would of went the full 38 to 40 weeks he would of been a big baby!!!
Avatar n tn Thanks, I got on a site about provera and it said it could cause birth defects, but it was not a manufactures site. This makes me feel much better. If I am not pregnant I want my peroid to start so I can keep trying!
Avatar n tn When menstrual cycles resume, the fertility of Depo-Provera users is the same as women who have stopped the IUD or oral contraceptives to become pregnant. The average time to pregnancy in a group of ladies <30 years of age is 6 menstrual cycles. Following Depo-Provera, there is no increase in miscarriage or birth defects. Fertility drugs are applied "empirically" to help patients become pregnant.
438443 tn?1241999285 As i said ask your doc and next time you go for your depo shot, if your unsure then tell the doc and they should do a pregnancy test.
Avatar n tn I really want to get pregnant sooo.... instead of starting the birth control should i just do the provera and have sex all 5 days and try to conceive then take a pregnancy test. then if i get a negative just start the birth control. Because my doctor wants my uterus lining to be thinned out, which is the point for the birth control. but i want to to get pregnant asap.
Avatar n tn as far as the baby- all the literature says that depo can cause birth defects, but it doesn't specifically say what kind... it might just be a disclaimer- wish i had more info for you. she should just make sure she tells her doctor about the last depo shot. the doctor will have a better idea?
Avatar n tn I have had endo for over ten years now and after a few surgeries and depo provera i finally put my foot down along with my husband and said Enough is enough, i couldnt live like that any longer! so i started Lucrin in Jan and i've got my last injection in a few days time. I was terrified of going on it after reading side effects but...the hot flushes, night sweats, headaches and feeling pregnant lol are nothing compared to how much pain i was in before!
Avatar f tn Depending upon what your risk for blood clots is, you might be able to use depo-Provera to suppress the ovaries and the testosterone. A really great medication for excess testosterone is Spironolactone, but you must be on some kind of birth control to take it, as it can cause birth defects. It also sounds like you may need a workup for all those UTIs! After all those antibiotics, its no wonder that you have a yeast infection!
Avatar f tn i am on the birth control shot depo provera and my doctor gave me prenatal vitamins to take. she said it will reduce birth defects if i was to get pregnant while on the shot.can taking prenatal vitamins increase my chances of getting pregnant? and also when my boyfriend and i have sex he never uses a condom and always "comes" in me. sometimes several times the same day. i know its not smart but does this increase my chances of getting pregnant since im not being careful?
Avatar n tn I've been taking 500mg metformin myself and I have not experienced any weight loss. I am actually taking it for diabetes treatment. But it has not helped with my weight loss.
Avatar n tn I took Geritol for about 3 weeks as well as my husband, then i thought i was pregnant and switched over to prenatal pills, and sure enough i was! Im currently 7 weeks pregnant. Good luck to you!! My pregnancy isnt going so well though(not geritol related) but hopefully yours will be better!!
Avatar n tn I had a little boy in October 07 and i started birth control in early novenber. i got off birth control at the end of january anf my last period was feb 5th through feb11th. i have not had a period since and eventhough ive taken a million home preg tests and had a blood test come back negative i still have ALL the symptoms! heart burn...bloating...headaches...backaches...peeing constantly...EVERYTHING!!! i do not have insurance so its not like i can just go to my family doc...