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Avatar n tn I no longer have health insurance and can't afford the Cymbalta. I can buy the Citalopram at Walmart for $4.00 for a 30 day supply, whereas my pharmacy charges $175.00 for a 30 day supply of Cymbalta.
Avatar n tn They have lowered their priced on alot of prescription meds. I think the walmart here charges $4.00 for generic brand drugs. I dont know what type of meds you take for yourself, but sometimes the doctors have samples that they can give you for free. I had to do this when I did not have insurance. They gave me cymbalta for free. One question for you though. I currently take avinza 60 mg twice a day so I know how expensive it is. Almost impossible to have without insurance.
Avatar m tn The insurance company is giving me grief over taking name brand over generic, even though Pfizer is kicking in $75 toward my prescription. They want me to take the generic (NO THANK YOU) or Cymbalta (NO THANK YOU AGAIN) b/c it gave me suicidal ideations ALL DAY LONG!!! Now b/c my insurance is giving me so much trouble, and my Dr. hasn't been of any help, I am now in full blown withdrawal from Effexor XR!!! It is very painful and I'm back to crying all the time!!!
Avatar n tn HI doc.. im on zoloft(generic) .. i take 100 mg one night and 50 another night... i have taken zoloft for over a year and about 7 months ago i started alternanting doeses. I feel like it's not enough. I cry over everything, i feel like id rather just not wake up so i dont have to deal with my day, i stress over a load of laundry needing to be folded, if my house is a wreck than i feel like my whole life is ending. i have thought waaaaay too many times lately that i jsut wished i wasnt here.
Avatar n tn I know that some of the antidepressants you can get as generic, much cheaper. I take paxil and get it for $4.00 and that's a months supply. Do you want to try another med? You can check at walmart or some grocery stores and see what antidepressants they carry that are on their list of $4.00 meds. I hope this helps some.I've heard that gabba helps with the withdrawal but I did'nt try it when I quit effexor. Hang in there, these symptoms will go away. Take care.
172715 tn?1285498090 I started prozac at age 15 and it worked great for me for 7 years, then wellbutrin for 5 years, now I am on a combo of cymbalta and ritalin. The combo of Cymbalta and Ritalin has been amazing for me! It really helped to lift me out of the funk I was in or I always seem to be in. The only thing is it can really augment the antidepressant. So you will have more of the side effects that maybe the antidepressant carries?
528396 tn?1217529613 I hurt soo bad I can barely stand it and am so depressed I have lost all ambition or drive to do anything. Seems like I have tried all sorts of meds. (Lyrica, Cymbalta, Viox, Celebrex, Predizone, ect, can't remember, lol) I too take loritabs, ibupro, tramadol, tylenol, anything I can get sometimes that will help with the pain) but that doesn't really help and I think may even make me more depressed! I work for CSX railroad and have a great job but have been off work for 3 yrs now.
725248 tn?1316165845 Usually people would switch to 10mg OxyIR or other medications to take less pills a day but we decided for both flexibility and this is the least expensive way to do it by the generic 5mg being the cheapest.... All of these are generic....and the price is only $130 a month....Which is still a lot but worth it to have pain control. As well as he only needs me to come in every 3 months and only charges $75 for that appt.....So that also saves a HUGE amount of money... So...
Avatar n tn Should I even bother trying the a/d again with tx ending 2/24? I didn't like either. Have a full script for Cymbalta.....should I attempt at this point b/c I would get off of them after tx anyway. I just need to vent with others. Any suggestions, not just the a/d, I am asking for. What can I do to try to make things better (bubble baths, walks, etc) I already know.
168348 tn?1379360675 Just got back my labs yesterday......... I'm on 100 mcg Tirosint; 5 mcg generic T3. TSH 0.01 higher than last time, which was < 0.01 FT3 3.7 pg/mL (range 2.3-4.2) vs 308 pg/dL (range 230-420) prior to Tirosint FT4 1.5 ng/dL (range 0.8-1.8) vs 1.
211940 tn?1267884866 If you don't have insurance, look for rx drugs that are available in generic formula. I don't know what kind of pain you have, but neurontin is available as a generic (gabapentin) and it's very inexpensive. I think I paid ~ $4/month with insurance. Even w/o insurance it still probably won't cost more than buying a months' supply of ibuprofin. Good luck.
725248 tn?1316165845 I pay $350 for my fentanyl patches, $108 for my oxycodone, $154 for my cymbalta, valium is only like $7.00, gabbapenten is $28 bucks. I am trying to find or get an idea of some other extended release pain medications that I can talk to my pain doctor about. I already know morphine does not work for me, for a while they had me on 60mg 3 times a day on the morphine and it didn't work. The oxycontin is expensive here and for some reason my pain doctor does not like it.
1323549 tn?1276181747 THANKS!! GSW and Jamie--I did what you suggested and today the SECOND I felt my back tightening up (which is what mine does right before the pain surges thru my body) I took my 1/2 Percocet 10/325 and then about an hour later I took my other 1/2 Percocet 10/325 and that seemed to do the trick. I'm allowed 3 full pills in a day, it's just that the full pill really seems too strong for me all at one time.
Avatar m tn You can do this either with bed risers that you can purchase at places such as Walmart, or you could get yourself a sleep wedge to put behind your back in bed. The cheaper of those two things would be the bed risers.
317787 tn?1473362051 We are all different and no medication will effect everyone in the same way (as you know) AND the health professionals and doctors learn as more people take the treatment meds and the other meds that waylay some of the sides. I took a generic for zoloft while on treatment to prevent depression and I think it did a good job. That said however, one thing I did not share with anyone here is that I feel that I had an emotional "meltdown" around 8-10 weeks in to the treatment.
Avatar n tn I thought I was being dramatic when I suggested to myself that I *may* be addicted to Excedrin.(I use the cheaper walmart generic kind) I was basically laughing about it in my head as I googled the key words that led me to this site.... I understand people being addicted to excedrin/tylenol PM, but OTC Excedrin? lol I thought the FDA would've warned US about this type of thing? crazy part is I've had access to Vicodin/tylenol 3/etc etc.
Avatar f tn I truly think I was in that state for a whole year during the episode of me being on Cymbalta and Adderall-prior to my diagnosis. That was a completely psychotic year for me and ultimately, it took a close friend to insist I talk to my medical doctor who INSISTED strongly (with the threat of hospitalization immediately), that I go back to my pdoc. It's also where my suicide attempt happened.
199177 tn?1490502134 Anti depressants like Cymbalta and Effexor have been designed especially to take advantage of pain relief by blocking norepinephrine reuptake. There are patches like Lidoerm that are put directly onto the skinwhich are known to reduce pain. There is a cream called Capsaisin that can be rubbed into an effected area to inhibit the release of a substance known to add to pain.
Avatar n tn You can buy this at Walmart or Also if you are trying to lose weight on Effexor, it is pretty much impossible. If you stop using Effexor it will take about 6 months before you will see any of your weight coming off.
Avatar m tn Ita available @ any drug store, Walmart, or even Dollar General in a generic form. It is quite pricey, however (approx $8-$17). You can also try the Hyland's Restful Legs for the RLS, found at any of the same stores as the Miralax, except maybe Dollar General. (and no generic form, I dont think.
Avatar n tn I am on Neurontin, Tegretol, trileptal, seraquel, cymbalta, protonics, atenenol and clonopin also. I am always in pain, constipated, either sleep for days or dont sleep at all for days. I am so messed up by this pain. I have not worked in 2 years and my life is basically just falling apart. I saw that you all mentioned weight loss and I could really use that considering I have gained 50 pounds since this all started mostly due to lack of leaving the house and all the meds.
784382 tn?1376934640 i was also wondering in the generic zoloft going to have the same effect as the regular?....
Avatar n tn I had my legs lock up really bad one day in walmart while grocery shopping, and totally collapsed in the isle breaking a glass jar that was in my hand. It was embarrassing so I bought a cane that day so I'd have some support when things were bad like that. I am going to give the specialized diet you mentioned a try and see if I can gain any releif from that. If I could just get it manageable that would be nice. I havn't been able to find work that is willing to work around my problem.
Avatar n tn One time I found (I've tried them all) an anti-itch over the counter cream (generic) that helped a lot but haven't been able to find it since. The skin on my legs has started to feel leathery and "dead" all the time, thick, and even in between the outbreaks, doesn't return to normal, ever. I am at my wits end.
Avatar f tn Another possible cream for relief (sorry, can't remember if I read this in an earlier post or from another website)-----ICY HOT (or the even the generic equivalent). It's been working for me lately, but I still want the doc in on this mess, so I'll be going soon.
Avatar n tn Look up "Gwen Olsen" on youtube or google video.