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1442059 tn?1340244552 This drug is very potent and can work very well but it's not a cheap drug and cost a lot. I was very active while being on Cymbalta (going to the gym 3-4 times a week and jogging 45 min everyday) and very outgoing. My tolerance to alcohol increase a lot. I had no side-effects. The withdrawal was kinda bad... At least 100 brain zaps a day, irritability etc... But I did quit cold turkey and only had to endure this for 1 month.
1258539 tn?1293843802 It can be stimulating for some, for me it was but it was not interfering with my anxiety. Overall I think Cymbalta is one of the best medication out there but this have a cost. Cymbalta cost is outrageous and Cymbalta is very hard to stop. I stopped cold-turkey after using it for only 5 months and I had brain zaps for a little more than a month. The withdrawal was quite severe but it is expected with all potent powerful antidepressant.
Avatar n tn No I'm not crazy just been on Cymbalta.. Please google cymbalta withdrawal and see what you can find.. interesting reading on cymbalta sucks if you use that in google as well.. I'm down to half my dose and still unable to get off 48 hours without feeling VERY sick.. I started taking if because of neck pain and it was great for about 3 or so months but I realized I didn't feel sad OR happy.. so I decided to go off of it a few months later..
Avatar f tn I am in the same boat as you are Cookie. Please if u find a cure let me know. Im on cymbalta and my insurance dont pay for it anymore and it is sooo expensive. Anyone out there that got advice please HELP!!
514704 tn?1228316237 I have taken my self off my effexor 225 mg (due to the cost)... it has been 4 wks... I find that while i was on the medicine i was a very reclusive person. now i don't mind getting out. I still have some sad days... but not near as bad. Im going to try to stay of the meds for a while to see if i can get along with out them. If i have to get back on them i would like it to be a drug like effexor... it did help me thru my sucidal and blue times. I just want to get off as many meds as i can...
Avatar n tn Ok I read your post and I am trying to understand it, but I am having great difficultly with what your trying to say. I gather that you were on Cymbalta and are now off Cymbalta" Is that correct? Then your Psych doc put you on Lamictal (generic is called Lamotragine) Is that correct? Now your out of Lamotragine and your needing to get more? First thing....
Avatar m tn He said I will get the cymbalta. So I brought the cymbalta and again my insurance DENIED it again. The Pharmacy called my doc and he called my insurance. They worked out a solution. They and my family doc prescribed a generic med called citalopram that I am taking for 30 days and if it doesn't help then they will ok the Cymbalta. Actually so far the Citalopram IS helping!!!! Thank you so much for your help and asking. Have a GREAT HOLIDAYS!!!!!
Avatar n tn They have lowered their priced on alot of prescription meds. I think the walmart here charges $4.00 for generic brand drugs. I dont know what type of meds you take for yourself, but sometimes the doctors have samples that they can give you for free. I had to do this when I did not have insurance. They gave me cymbalta for free. One question for you though. I currently take avinza 60 mg twice a day so I know how expensive it is. Almost impossible to have without insurance.
1076494 tn?1255765361 00 at my pharmacy,( which i could not afford) It took 5 weeks but now I'm getting them FREE....I'm in the process of applying for my other meds..Lyrica and Cymbalta these also cost a lot :( Let me know if your intrested I can post some sites..If I can do that here? Have not been here for a while, I will have to refresh my memory on the rules :) hehe Oh!! also...Do a google search on your meds!! I did a search on Nuvigil and I printed out a coupon for 7 free pills...
135691 tn?1271100723 When I had complications from my hysterectomy the psychiatrist put me on Cymbalta, unfortunately at the time there was no generic and the cost was too much. It worked really well for the depression and for ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder) I was then given amitriptilline which also worked well for depression. There are many kinds of antidepressants and the different kinds work differently. I hope this helps some. Good luck and God bless.
Avatar f tn Neurontin is only available by prescription but there is a generic called Gabapentin that is much cheaper but you would still have to pay full price for a doctor visit to get the script. I also take Gabapentin, 1800 mg a day. The max dose is 3600 mg a day. There is also Lyrica and Cymbalta but both of those are very pricey prescription meds. I also take two over the counter Aleve every morning immediately when I wake up.
735919 tn?1236448149 I've been on Lamictal for 2 years and it's been good to me. I did have blurred vision with the generic version and have to use the brand name. Supposedly, blurred vision is a common side effect with the generic, and also isn't as strong as the brand name.
Avatar f tn Meds include lithium, protonix, nuerontin, lamictal, allegra-d, cymbalta, inderal, klonopin, zanaflex,?synthyroid?, provigil, vicuprofen, promethazine, atarax, iron & multivitamin (monthly Vit B shots @ this time). 25 Jan: TSH 4.962, Free T4 2.6, T4 8.5, T3 30.4. ANA reflex neg. 19 April: TSH 3.685 (no med chg). 8 May: TSH 9.586, FT4 2.2, T4 6.7, T3 33.2 (inc to 200mg levothroid). 25 May: passed out in store, taken ER, UTI.
Avatar n tn I know that some of the antidepressants you can get as generic, much cheaper. I take paxil and get it for $4.00 and that's a months supply. Do you want to try another med? You can check at walmart or some grocery stores and see what antidepressants they carry that are on their list of $4.00 meds. I hope this helps some.I've heard that gabba helps with the withdrawal but I did'nt try it when I quit effexor. Hang in there, these symptoms will go away. Take care.
Avatar f tn I plan to get Endoscopic Spine Surgery next year after we buy our home. It will cost $70,000 and my insurance covers $60,000 so I will have to finance $10,000. But it is so worth it to have piece of mind that the surgery has a high chance of being successful at eliminating most or all of my pains. I would consider getting a nerve conduction study completed to see how extensive the nerve damage is to know whether or not you are at risk for paralysis or not.
172715 tn?1285498090 Now I have serious problem again with depression and suicidal thoughts. I don't know what I am going to do now. How can a generic drug cost so much. My thyroid medication is only $4 with any insurance. Nobody in the insurance companies really care about mental health issues nor do the government until someone kills someone then they are all talk and no action.
Avatar f tn Just to let you know, both of those drugs I mentioned are available in generic, the celexa (citalopram) is on walmart's $4 generic list. The generic of klonopin (clonazepam) and is not very expensive at all, a few dollars. If anxiety is an everyday issue, you probably need to take something everyday for it. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn i have been to a sleep specialist and he suggested an anti-depressant to help wean me off, which i didnt want to do. now i am taking generic ambien (zoldipem tartrate) for about a month. i am having lots of side effects including sore muscles & dizziness (i take about 5-10 mgs per night). anyone who tells you sleep meds are non addictive is either stupid or a liar. i rue the day i ever started taking them - now i am addicted.
Avatar m tn I used to use the Ambien CR and that did a much better job of that, however, my insurance no longer covers the CR and since there is no generic for that one, it is cost prohibitive for me, so I stick with the "regular" Ambien. Have you talked to your doctor about trying a sleep aid? It's not uncommon for fibro patients to need them - insomnia is a HUGE part of fibro/cfs.
3126128 tn?1342885371 My experience w/anti-depressants (AD)......on one kind or another for 10 yrs! A long.....time. I am 117 days clean (off hydros & soma) and have been off antidepressants for that long as well. I just decided I hadn't really given my seratonin levels a chance to level out.....or see what they are.....or would be like without a reuptake med for an extremely long time. I'd like to find out. I have days when my atrophied muscles, slow physical progress & stamina really depress me.
Avatar m tn Have you tried to talk to your old GP to see if they can take small payments until you get back on your feet. And also Lyrica doesn't come in generic but nuerontin does so its much cheaper. My husbands cost around $35 for 120 pills, plus if you have AAA, they offer discounts as well, and Sams club is pretty reasonable with their prices and you don't have to be a member to use their pharmacy, and also maybe ask for "samples" too.
168348 tn?1379360675 Just got back my labs yesterday......... I'm on 100 mcg Tirosint; 5 mcg generic T3. TSH 0.01 higher than last time, which was < 0.01 FT3 3.7 pg/mL (range 2.3-4.2) vs 308 pg/dL (range 230-420) prior to Tirosint FT4 1.5 ng/dL (range 0.8-1.8) vs 1.
Avatar n tn For me, the symptoms lists sounded alot like what Cymbalta did to me. Some do well on Cymbalta; some don't. It (Cymbalta) was a nightmare for me, and yes, I also believe it brought on a real uptick in just about uncontrollable anger (even tho I was really sick with fibro and a really bad, long acute Epstein Barr experience and other personal events).
574118 tn?1305138884 I am on record as being a fan of lithium, it works very well for me and many people and I like it because it is not a psychoactive and it does not become addictive, you can come off it if you need to and the side effects are often way over hyped not to mention it is cheap and generic.
211940 tn?1267884866 If you don't have insurance, look for rx drugs that are available in generic formula. I don't know what kind of pain you have, but neurontin is available as a generic (gabapentin) and it's very inexpensive. I think I paid ~ $4/month with insurance. Even w/o insurance it still probably won't cost more than buying a months' supply of ibuprofin. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I had to walk about 1/2 mile in Jan of this year, I came home and have not been up and functioning since. Typing this is and will cost me mentally/physically. I can not take proper care of myself (hygiene). In 3 yrs from 0 cavaties to over 30. My husband, children, grandchildren can not touch me due to the pain. New doctor 10 days ago, no immediate action, tests, follow up appt in Feb '08. Your words of encouragement are appreciated and needed. Here is the post: Aug 2006 Dx w/above: TSH 107.
Avatar m tn The problem is that my insurance company refuses to cover the medication, which is $2400 out of pocket for the generic form. I just cannot afford to pay $29,000 a year for medication. I started by calling the pharmaceutical company to inquire about assistance, but they have canceled their Provigil assistance program and also told me that depression is one of the few illnesses for which they do not provide assistance anyway.
606584 tn?1224853036 I'm on Lithium, Risperdal, Cymbalta, Concerta, and Klonopin.....I've developed incredibly bad ringing in the ears. (tinnitus)I don't see my doctor for another week. Any ideas if it could be from one of these meds. It kept me up half the night last night!