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Avatar m tn I started by calling the pharmaceutical company to inquire about assistance, but they have canceled their Provigil assistance program and also told me that depression is one of the few illnesses for which they do not provide assistance anyway. I then looked into other assistance programs, but they require enrollees to be without insurance, and giving up my health insurance is just not practical.
Avatar f tn I am in the same boat as you are Cookie. Please if u find a cure let me know. Im on cymbalta and my insurance dont pay for it anymore and it is sooo expensive. Anyone out there that got advice please HELP!!
Avatar f tn SSDI or SSD is a long process that can take a year. Sounds like you need immediate help.
Avatar n tn I found out my insurance covers it so I just got a refill for 60.00. The first script cost me 150.00 for 30 so the insurance is nice. I've heard of some people paying as much as 20.00 a pill.
Avatar m tn Taking depakote and cymbalta. Treated with acyclavar. Flaviclover. Prednisone. Hydrocodone. Neurontin.All otcs. Magnalife shingles cream. Capsasion cream. Tea tree oil. Hot/cold compress. Meditation. License massage. Had migrane for three days went tonimmediate care they.gave naproxen. Said.ive been perscribed a lot of narcotics lately. I agree. But naproxen does nothing for pain and a little for migrane. Befor that went to er recommended pain doc. He gave lyrica and lipoderm patch.
921312 tn?1351081513 I hope there is financial assistance for you and your kids. Shared Solutions (the Copaxone people) do have a financial assistance program for financially challanged people. Hope this info has helped you. I will pray for you.
1069644 tn?1276932463 I'm only taking ambien, xanax, flexeril, and when I can afford it, percocet. Off the cymbalta and the morphine, tried the fentanyl patch but that too was very expensive. I'm sorry for the rant, I'm just at the end of my rope with all of this. They want to know how often I shower or clean my house...can't I just invite them over? They'll quickly get their answer then!
Avatar m tn I take Lyrica and Cymbalta. By 8:30-9:00 in the evening I can no longer keep my eyes open! That is when I usually go to bed. I normally wake up a few times during the night because after an hour or so of laying on any one body part for a while it is killing me, (usually my arm, hip, leg, or any combination of them), and I have to roll over. Then usually around 3:00 AM I wake up and that is it. By then, usually one of my hips, (sometimes both hips), are killing me and I am up for the day.
1692614 tn?1306170922 Tried other anti-depressants, but they only made me suicidal (cymbalta was horrible). After chemo had alot of joint aches and pain, and test showed RA level evevated. Dr. said I have symptoms of fibromyalgia. Anti-inflamitory medication causes severe pain in my kidney area, and renders my Zoloft useless. I'm always exhausted and never without some pain somewhere in my body. A recent CT scan showed a lesion on my C1 vertebre, and every thime I move my neck it sounds "crunchy".
199882 tn?1310188142 3, but I'm freaking out now. Also, can someone tell me what the withdraws are for Cymbalta. I quit cold turkey. It wasn't by choice either.. I'm really in a bind hear ya'll. What can I do? If anyone suggest crying then don't worry because that's all I've been doing since Saturday. I'm really scared here so any suggestions will help. I love ya'll so much and please have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
1351082 tn?1479843732 I have no insurance and with the above tests it has cost me thousands. If I had insurance I would have gone to a rhuem. My internal med Dr wants me to go to a Pain Dr. (anesthesiologist) but its expensive and I dont know what he can do I dont want drugs thats no a option I want someone to know what it is and fix it. Every second of my life is this tight burning pain in the left front of my chest and I feel every beat of my heart. I am not a anxious person so I know its not that.
725248 tn?1316165845 Her insurance requires that we pay 100% up front and then they send us back 80%, well according to them our last months med checks are just floating around somewhere and no one knows where, mean while I have been out of my fentanyl patches, oxycodone, gabbypenten, cymbalta and valium. My last dose of my meds was Sunday night and the withdrawls are just getting more worse with each passing day. We live on a very limited budget and all my meds alone are just about $600.
Avatar n tn Usually caused by work. Or the ex starts pulling stuff that will cost me more money. My biggest pull at my emotions is being away from my kids. While on Celexa I was married and that lasted for 7 weeks. I had a clear mind to think through the situation I was in and found that it would not work. Her children did not accept me. So, I decided to divorce her. During that time I do want to say that my sex life was poor. Celexa really put a hamper on all desires.
Avatar n tn this drug works for some people. But let's do a cost/benefit analysis as to how well it works as oppossed to regular opiates that are regulated to the...let's say, high the point where doctors are afraid to prescribe them. Yet, tramadol, which quickly spirals into an intense jones and nasty wd, even after short-term usage, is available over the counter in many places, and is available even in the US over the internet counter, with an internet prescription.
678449 tn?1263558216 Through the support of this network I was able to speak to my doctors about some medication changes. I am now titrating off of lexapro and onto cymbalta, have begun taking all of my neurtoin at nigh and began tramadol. The great news is my pain is imporving, a lot. However, I am feeling very "drugged" with all of these changes and have had NO energy. Sometimes I am so tired and weak it is difficult to make a fist.
211940 tn?1267884866 Since I can't take a lot of pain medications (liver, kidney problems) I use a form of meditation to help with my pain. Of corse I have been dealing with this pain for over 20 years and it have become almost second nature for me. While laying down in a dark room I concentrate on the pain and I guess force a sensory overload to my brain so it stops receiving the pain signals. I started doing this with the lower level pains and now can block out most of the more severe pain this way.
725248 tn?1316165845 I know with other meds the manufactures were able to send my mother a discount card for some of the medications she takes that cost her an arm and a leg. Also if you could find a cheaper clinic to go to they may be able to change your meds to something more affordable. When I was researching meds for My family member with prostate cancer I was told that morphine was one of the cheapest meds for pain. Don't give up, there has got to be some kind of solution to your problem.
Avatar m tn Lyme-Tap Lyme Testing Access Program The Lyme Test Access Program (Lyme-Tap) is a nationwide patient assistance program to provide assistance for initial Lyme-related lab tests to patients who demonstrate true financial need. For eligibility requirements, instructions and an application go to: or contact us at ***@**** Lyme-TAP P.O.
190559 tn?1280615967 The doctor she is seeing Tuesday leans on conversion and low thyroid for her mental issues as do other professionals involved in this intervention assistance. However, Thanks for your feedback. Her daughter will be recieving excellent care come Tuesday.
572651 tn?1333939396 How can a company collect such vast profits from a drug, yet keep it's cost so high that some people cannot afford it? Avonex it's flagship drug raked in $2.2 billion in 2008 - a number that was increasing rapidly quarter to quarter. Why, then can they justify ANYONE not being able to afford it? I did not have the discretionary money to apy to get myself into and out of the Medicare donut hole ($4300) over the two months that I need to afford the Avonex. I have to do this every year.
Avatar m tn You were an FDA drug reviewer from 1998 to 2008, working on well-known drugs like Cymbalta, Zyprexa, Concerta, Invega, Provigil and Saphris, and encountered the same kind of coercive working environment as the device reviewers. Ronald Kavanagh: That's correct. In the Center for Drugs [Center for Drug Evaluation and Research or CDER], as in the Center for Devices, the honest employee fears the dishonest employee.
Avatar f tn yea suboxone isnt for a pain releiver... it will not kiil pain, it is meant to get people off opiotes. Suboxone has a blocker in it ... so if u do pain killers while your taking suboxone the pain killers will be blocked out and you will not feel the pain killer i dont think your daughter should go on suboxone unless she wants to get off everything! sounds like she needs the pain killers!
214544 tn?1201150990 Does anyone have any other suggestions or questions that could help determine a possible solution or some assistance with the pain, other than Lyme disease information? I'm scheduled for two more final tests next week. A Breathing test and a thyroid ultrasound. I posted this on the undiagnosed symptoms forum already and only received responses from one person. Please advise anyone you may know that has had similar symptoms to post their solution if any.
Avatar f tn Are your symptoms sporatic? Today I am walking perfectly normal, but earlier in the week I needed assistance. Rest seems to be the best treatment for me, do you all do anything to help your spasms, etc...
147426 tn?1317269232 Yes, This curb is out to get me. Finally, a woman in a security guard uniform drove by and rushed to my assistance. Even with my nose bleeding I felt silly. I realized that all I needed to get up was some padding on which I could put some pressure. She supplied a jacket and I clambored to my feet. She helped me get my groceries and I was thankful for the ramp up the two porch steps. My hands were the worst of it. Skinned up and useless for any purpose for a few days.
401095 tn?1351395370 Trying to keep our heads above water and deal with things. Right now I'm tapering off the Cymbalta. One thing at a time. So this post is a sub basher in disguise. lol Thats ok. I'm happy for those of you who have been in the exact same shoes as all the low life Sub users but have risen above us with your extreme foresight, strength and intelligence. I understand, you would rather see us dead than use Sub. Whatever trips your trigger.
522415 tn?1242941355 They already have me on Cymbalta, Lyrica, Lortab10mg, Soma, Xanax and Ambien BUT I AM IN SUCH PAIN! It is unreal! I know it's not a good idea to double up or whatever but I have in desparation- it does not help! My legs give me the worst trouble. I take magnesium, calcium and a few other natural things. I do swim exercise religiosly now BUT the pain is beyond any pain I've ever been through including natural childbirth!!!
Avatar f tn I truly think I was in that state for a whole year during the episode of me being on Cymbalta and Adderall-prior to my diagnosis. That was a completely psychotic year for me and ultimately, it took a close friend to insist I talk to my medical doctor who INSISTED strongly (with the threat of hospitalization immediately), that I go back to my pdoc. It's also where my suicide attempt happened.
Avatar m tn Done This is my 3rd go round w/this stupid drug and the first time I went c/ fun at all! Last time I was quitting cymbalta at the same time so who knows which one was causing more misery than the other. Cymbalta is a bugger to get off ...the brain zaps are killer. At least I won't have those this time.