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Avatar f tn 150 for downs (age 30, 1sttest pregnancy). So now I just had the MaterniT21 (?) Test. I also have to get a level 2 ultrasound at 20 wks (was a level 1 previously). Anyone else get abnormal quad test? My husband and I are very stressed now and this didn't even occur to us. We have no family history and I didn't think 30 was a HUGE worry...
Avatar f tn My quad test came back positive 1 in 250 for down syndrome baby. I am only 31 and have 2 healthy boys. I did have a miscarrige in April and got pregnant in May. My doc that has nothing to do with it. I am scared my husband doesnt want me to go through with it if something is wrong. Just incase something happens to either one of us. Next Tuesday I get my first ultrasound and I will get an amio with it. I am 17 weeks and I need some advice please help.
Avatar n tn Ok that test!yes I have heard of it and I had a false positives when I took it I was so worried about my baby..I had to see a specialist and everything..my baby was healthy 7.
Avatar f tn Hi...My quad test came back positive for DS with the ratio of 1:11 All of the 4 hormones/proteins were going in the direction of DS. I just got my Amnio test done today (17 weeks). The doctor told me the baby looked ok from looking at the ultrasound (not level II). The result won't be available until next week! How do i keep myself sane until then? Please help!
Avatar f tn ask your doctor about these test instead of the quad screening done at 16 to 18 weeks as the quad screening gives alot of false elevated risk as you increase in age. these new test are said to be 99% accurate.
Avatar f tn In 2 weeks there gonna do my quad screen test, you think.they'll tell me my.baby gender.? I havent had a us since my 8weeks check up. I'll be 16 weeks.
1188977 tn?1264789655 My Dr calls me and tells me that my Quad Screen Test came back abnormal and they want me to do further testing and see a genetic counselor. Of course this sent me into panic, I just knew this meant something was wrong with my baby. So I've been crying for the last 24 hours and I just can't seem to stop worrying that something is wrong. I scheduled my level 2 sonogram for next Wednesday, so this is going to be a long, worriesome 7 days.
Avatar n tn The guar screening is not very accurate I refused that test with all 3 of my pregnancy because of the high rate of false negatives I wouldn't think to much into it. They have a new blood test that test the baby actually genetics an it's very accurate it even tells you the gender.
Avatar f tn Im 19 weeks...my test came back abnormal for spinabifida. I had an ultrasound that proved hes perfectly healthy! Also had a falsr pos with my 2 yo. They will call u if its abnormal and do further testing. Stay positive!
Avatar n tn I smoked from 16-25 recreationally but no more. I had an echo done, and ran a stress test, and it showed nothing. Obviously, I am a very high risk person. Do I have clogged arteries already? What does the echo and stress test really rule out. I've been told that they can detect nothing, even though something exists.
Avatar f tn I had my quad screening done last week. The Dr called today and said that the test came back showing high risk for neural tube defects. They scheduled me for an ultrasound ASAP but it's a week from now. I'm freaking out, any ladies have the same results or any knowledge about this test result?
Avatar f tn This is not a question but i had to let those who read my question a week back the answer i gpt today. (Reminder of ?
Avatar f tn Like a DNA test to find out the baby's father or do you mean a quad screening to see if your baby is high risk for anything?
Avatar f tn I had the same problem with that test, it came back positive and it crushed me and my husband, we went and did the special ultrasound and everything was fine. Now that we're pregnant again I think we'll skip that test, it's horrible stress to put on yourself and baby!
Avatar n tn Ok, my wife(age < 35) recently had the quad test with the following results in (MOM) MSAFP = 1.05 uE3 = 0.51 HCG = 1.50 INHIBIN A = 2.08 result = positive screen for Down Syndrome with an increased risk of 1:81 from 1:499 I have a few questions. 1. Where can I find normal values for these test results based on geographic location? 2. We had an 8 week level 1 Ultrasound and they corrected the gestation age by one day, yet this correction was not used in the test evaluation.
Avatar f tn ) Personally, I think the down syndrome test or screening should be remove and better not to offer the test or mention to the pregnant patient.. It would only bring anxiety, depression, nervousness and worry to the pregnant mother which is not good in pregnant woman. My wife was also high risk. She has 1:67 chances. But we also decline the amnio. test because I know our baby will be fine and no DS. Our baby girl was born on July 22, 2014 without DS.
Avatar f tn I had a prenantal appointment monday and they did the quad test to check for down syndrome etc. yesterday I received a phone call from my OBGYN saying my results came back looking positve for down syndrome and I had to go in for more blood work that is being sent out of state we should know the results in about ten days. Please if anyone has had the quad test done how accurate was your results when you had the first and final test done to see if the baby does have down syndrome?
1816154 tn?1463430018 I did mine. Its just a screening on what odds you as amother have to carry a child that could have something, it does not determine if your child has anything, but if you have high odds the doctor will want to look further into it. I had average results, which showed no higher chance of having a child with defects.
5437392 tn?1374888070 Well at about 16 weeks I took the quad screen test and a few days later I received a call from the genetic counselor and she told me that my baby had a 1:120 chance for downs. I was devastated! Even though that's less than a 1% chance, I was terrified! (I was never told about false positives)So after a lot of calling and one very kind scheduling professional my husband and I were able to have a targeted ultrasound done the next day.
997993 tn?1290751148 Due to my age (40), my doctor wanted to do an Amnio test and we elected not to because we were afraid of the miscarriage risk. So, the doctor then offered the Quad Screen test and we agreed to do that one. I had the Quad Screen blood test done on the 27th of October at 16 weeks and just got a phone call on Nov.4th and the nurse said the test was positive for NTD/Brain Damage. I asked what the ratio was and she said 1/25.
Avatar f tn If you said you had stage 4 lung cancer, then that should keep you up at night. I recently had an angiogram and stent placed. And my stress test was not marginal, it was outright bad. So, stop trying to analyze and speculate. Fill your time with cool things. It will all be good.
Avatar f tn Only took 6 business days to get my results back but it depends which test you took... It was an awful week of stress and waiting but so relieved once we finally got results. Try not to get stressed out, stay busy to keep your mind occupied, and remember that there is nothing you can do about it right now so just relax and ignore all those "what if..." questions.
Avatar f tn m sure you know this but make sure your running it as administartor and to check to see if its a cpu problem trying opening alot of web pages and doing things to cause alot of work on your comp to see it it fails you in the same way. Sadly without being there i can't really tell you whats wrong. It takes a lot of info that your pc may or may not give to solve a problem like this..
Avatar n tn no they havent done a quad test yet..they told me i needed to get it done from 16-20 weeks..then the dr said aminocentesis would be after the blood test.my dr is from africa and has a heavy accent, so its hard for me to explain myself to him..i don't know why he keeps suggesting the amnio, even though the quad test hasn't been done.so i guess im worried for nothing??
276983 tn?1308574048 Plus I decided not to go through with the amniocentesis because its dangerous..
Avatar m tn Our OB called my wife today and told us that our Quad Screen blood test from last week had came up abnormal for Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) she was told that we have a 1/110 chance of having a child with Down Syndrome. She recommended that we take Materniti21 test which is suppose to be 99% accurate. So my wife went back in today and had blood drawn. She was told it would be about a week before we would get results. So, my wife currently is a mess, but I am staying as positive as I can.