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Avatar f tn any dust at all in the cpu heat sink or fan, or anywhere else in the case for that matter will really affect the way the computer deals with heat - when you use it, are the cooling vents and ports clear for air to circulate? make sure of that!
489798 tn?1270476475 As some of you allready know, I started Spotting on 7 DPO and AF was late around 18DPO and negative test. Well really horrible AF CD 10 was still spotting so I called the RE. Went in yesterday and he said everything looked ok, but he did ask me if I had a positive test and I told him no. But when they did the u.s he said I had some follies on both sides this time nothing to measure yet but they should be around Sat. I am not doing a trigger this cycle so I am hoping that I ovulate on my own.
Avatar m tn It did say should done before 2 weeks, is 11 days enough for a urine test to show these.
Avatar n tn Your risks were very low but you can get herpes (3-4 months for testing), HPV-no test in men just a exam if symptoms happen, and for the most part that is really it.
Avatar n tn I can produce a numbert of different opinions what is the appropriate heart rate and so on with exercising. The best method for someone with a heart issue is to have a stress test. A stress test is oftened done for the purpose of learning the degree of tolerance/risk one can safely do. The rule of thumb stated is not recommended for someone who has heart issues. You will be safe to engage in exercising according to METs.
Avatar n tn ve seen the doctors on this website say that you can test by day 3, when he talks about the urine NAAT test or PCR test for chlamydia and gonorrhea. It does matter if you do a urine or swab, because the swab is painful. Ouch! Just that alone made me think twice about a pernicious lifestyle. All you need is a STD test via urine.
Avatar m tn There is not much statistics for those that take PEP. I believe you should test 4 weeks after last dose of PEP for a conclusive result. It is recommended you test 3 and 6 months post exposure, but this is very conservative testing periods. These hiv tests are very sensitive. Was the person confirmed positive?
1990785 tn?1327039619 Ok so I have barely any headachs and when I do they are very slight but anyway I went to my gp doc.
Avatar f tn The cardiologist put me on a 24 hour portable EKG machine to monitor the palpitations and prescribed a Echocardiogram and Nuclear Stress Test to be done the same week. I got both of them done last week. He said the echo looked fine, but the EKG under stress was abnormal. The pictures taken after the treadmill walk apparently also showed that some part (about 10%) of my heart was not receiving enough blood.
212161 tn?1599427282 Hi, we'll I had my stress test done, just the exercise one with no dye or pictures, I ran it about 7 mins got my heart to 104 percent, could of keep going if I needed to, had no chest pains, or sob. They said you passed sent me on my way. Good news My question is , without pics how much can they tell about the heart, if I had a blockage would it had shown up? Should I feel good about my heart? Thank you so much for all your time.
Avatar f tn Okay so I have had a 4th gen test at 7 weeks post possible exposure and an HIV RNA test at 8 weeks post possible exposure, both tests came back negative. Now I have heard that I can consider these tests results conclusive, yet I am still having a lot of anxiety about it. I keep having the "what ifs" talk with myself. What if the lab was not legit or what if my test got messed up or what if this what if that.
Avatar m tn What Liz told you. It's the biproduct of anxiety. Anxiety causes chemical imbalance in the brain and the imbalance results in to the mentioned superficial symptoms. Human body is the most complex computer. I am a computer engineer by qualification, I have always told people around me that computers are nothing but a substandard replica of the human body. When there are malware in the CPU, the optimum performance of your computer is hampered.
Avatar n tn My nuclear stress test results were as follows ver batim. I do not know what it means, are the results acceptable, good very good etc. What does this say about the blood flow to the heart muscle ? "injection of Myoview nuclear tracer & resting images obtained excercised on a treadmill for 5 min 34 sec. to 10.
Avatar f tn I was trying to send a reply via IE8 to say it is working fine on IE8 and Firefox, XP, but it wouldn't post on IE8. This was posted on Firefox with no problem.
356054 tn?1218552475 I think I remember you? Were you tapering off methadone? If so let me know how you did? As I am almost done with my taper & any kinda positive feedback would be great to hear as I cant help but sometimes feel a bit negative in my taper as I hear all kinds of horror storys, if I were a stay at home type person it would be no big deal, but my job I have requires me to be on the go 24-7, I have a life that must be lived & no drug is gonna stop me from being me, not anymore!
631676 tn?1333718203 Hopefully it works correctly and will not cause any extra stress. I would hate for it to say your a less further along then you think. But it is a neat idea.
Avatar m tn The question is if I am already safe or my windows test could have change because of the PEP. Thanks a lot for your help!
Avatar f tn My stress test was terminated after about 7 minutes at the tolerance level of 7 METs. Healthy heart individual goes up to about 15 METs (it represents the metabolic rate that is corrolated to vital signs). An EKG output could show an alleged abnormality such as an elevated ST interval, etc Keep us posted with your results. Thanks for sharing.
Avatar n tn thankyou for responding, yes had the test reached my target heart rate , but didnt feel like i had exerted myself enough to give my heart a real test, thankfully nothing showed, but wish i had some answers to the chest pain that goes down my left arm, and cardioligist says its nothing, well its not nothing its very disturbing actually put me on lipitor as bad cholestrol is 7 oh well if i cark it least i know nothing was wrong..
Avatar n tn Are you using dated studies or are you basing this 6 month figure on few isolated cases where people took that long ot show signs of HBV on a test, like when people say it takes 1 year to test positive for AIDS because 1 person tested at 9 months a decade ago?
Avatar m tn hi everyone, i am a chinese man 24 years, on Nov second, i had a dangerous sex with a women, and now i have test for 45days, it's negative. tomorrow i will test for 7 week(49 days), i just want to know how long about the windows, i really want to back to normal life after i test 8 week. do i need to test 12 week? thank you all, and the reagent is 3th gen Elisa. after 8 week test, is there any possible turn to positive?
Avatar f tn t matter if it is low or high a risk is a risk and 3 month post exposure test is conclusive for a negative test result.
Avatar f tn Dear Kumar: i had tested ve- about 3 months after possible exposure. But BP lab and Pathlab inMalaysia keep asking me to re-test another 3 months. That's mean 6 months Windows period in Malaysia. This really make me very stress and nevours for everyday. Can be 3 months as conclusive result in Malaysia? Hope you do reply me. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I also tested for HIV(blood test) 10 weeks later again negative. My question is was the test for gonorrhea long enough for results to be accurate? I have no had no symptoms in 11 weeks but unusual joint pain starting about a month ago ? Can I rule out gonorrehea / due to the test at 9-10 days?