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Avatar f tn Assuming that you all had the same virus, the “upper respiratory virus” is likely to have a more sustained effect on your asthmatic bronchial tubes than it did on those of your children and this effect could continue as a cause of your cough for some weeks or longer. Often when this occurs, an increase in ones regular asthma drugs until the cough finally subsides. I cannot suggest that you make any changes in your usual asthma drugs or their doses.
Avatar f tn My Chihuahua started Coughing and gagging this morning and seems depressed not eating or drinking and is being very still, She has been in Heet for the last week and half and may still be in heet.
Avatar f tn I have been coughing for the past 3 weeks almost just coughing and coughing up mucus.When it first started i had a sore thorat but that went away. I am trying mucus dx but the cough is not going away. i have (and still on) cough drops. i some times gets coughing fit in my sleep and wake up coughing. it doesnt feel like a cold. its spreads to all my co workers and my boyfriend but only one or two of them have it as bad as me. how do i get ride of it?
7169697 tn?1389441134 Omg I'm in the same position. I've been coughing for a week!! I just finished my mucinex this afternoon and I've been using vicks vapor rub.. It still isn't better. I'm going to the hospital if it doesn't let up by morning.. my Dr said a cough is fine but if you think you have a virus to get checked because viruses can pass to baby. That's what I'm worried about...
250701 tn?1320978365 Still coughing my head off. I just don't know about this cough, It has just been lingering and lingering throughout the treatment. It really worries me. Gotta go to the lung Dr. this Thur. I know she is going to say stop smoking. I try and just can't right now. God Bless us all.
Avatar f tn Hi i have a 12 year old male staffie who has had 4 seizures over the past 4/5 months other than this and a few fatty lumps he eats well runs around and is very happy but for the past few days has started coughing normally first thing in the morning and when excited cough sounds like he has some thing stuck in his throat any advice ??
Avatar f tn My Shih tzu keeps coughing like he is choking I'm taking him to the vet on Monday any clues what this could be and should I be alarmed?
Avatar f tn Sinuses are filling and at night, I must swallow to moisten my throat to avoid coughing. I am slightly achy, but no fever.
Avatar f tn Does this mean that a bacterium WOULD NOT cause the coughing induced by laughing? And that, therefore, an antibiotic WOULD NOT be effective?
1232362 tn?1333139006 Please know that coughing (unles it's a hairball) or panting is NOT ok in your cat. We had an upper resp, virus go through our house and 2 cats were fine. The 3rd I thought had mucus in his throat or trouble breathing due to stuffy nose like the rest and didn't realise his distress till he coughed up a frightening gob of green phlegm. Bob spent last night @ the vet w/pneumonia. happily (so far-say prayers for my boy) all signs looking good for him and he's coming home tonight.
Avatar n tn It seems to come in waves of coughing spells and then no coughs. I have been coughing up phlegm that is mostly white/clear with small amounts of a yellowish color and small brown flecks. When I lay down I can hear myself breathing/wheezing and makes it impossible to sleep, not to mention coughing fits making my partner unable to sleep. I have been taking antihistamines before bed and it seems to help calm my cough.
Avatar m tn I have been coughing since September. I caught a bad flu and after that I can't stop coughing. I also went to Asia for the first time in October and with the recent typhoons there, could I have made it worse. I used Biaxin (anti-biotics), started with Symbicort (puffer), then on Alvesco and now I am on Nasacort, Advair and Aerius. Is this a post virus cough, asthma or something else...your thoughts?
Avatar n tn okay im coughing my head hurts and im nausea and very tired what is this symptoms of
721523 tn?1331585402 Hi all! I started Gilenya 4 weeks ago. I now have a nasty virus. Most people spend a couple of days down and out, but I am finding that I am still getting worse at day 5. One thing that I noticed about Gilenya is that my normal body temp droped below 97.5. With this virus, It registers "normal" or just above. However, that means it is up more from my new normal. Anyway, I guesws that I should try to get into the doc.
Avatar m tn I went to walk in clinic last Sunday and was told it was a virus. Coughing, sore throat, ear felt swollen, dry skin on inside of ear.
Avatar n tn I was given albuterol, and the first time I used it my lungs did open up (max FEV went from 350 to 475), I could breath better, but I also started coughing up some green phlegm. after a couple of days I had a low grade fever on and off. I went back, was given a z pack, and that seemed to help- no more coughing etc. But within the week I started to have night sweats and episodes of fever a couple of times a day, and have been coughing, sometimes productive, but mostly a dry cough.
Avatar n tn If the child had an intestinal virus or bacteria, it would have to go quite the circuitous route to get into your your digestive tract, because airborne germs applies more to sneezing and coughing from colds.
Avatar n tn I don't know where you live, but this summer people have been getting a virus with exactly those symptoms. It is a nasty one and your just have to ride it out. The people that I know that have gotten it the worse took almost a month to get completely better. The rest, 2 or three weeks. Antibiotics do not help with a virus and the people that I know that had this bug were actually sick longer if they took them. Find out if other people you know, work with, hang out with, etc.
Avatar f tn Am 32 weeks and my daughter and husband got the virus today or we found out today and am kinda scare cuz IDC if am gonna get it if its going to affect the baby its Saturday and Dr office is close has anyone gone trough this???
Avatar f tn My pain and symptoms seem to be gradually getting worse. I currently have a bad cough associated with a virus. The pain I experience when I cough is intense. Sometimes I feel like I am going to pass out. It only last a few seconds, thankfully, but due to the frequency of the cough, it is happening a lot. My question is this: Is the pain dangerous or just another unpleasant aspect of this condition?
Avatar f tn An awful cold virus was going through my house last week, and this weekend was my turn. Fever, headache, congestion and cough. I've been taking Tylenol every 4 hours since Saturday to try and keep my fever down. Fortunately, I had my checkup this morning and my doctor said everything seems fine, keep taking the Tylenol for fever and add Robitussin DM at night to help me get at least some sleep.
Avatar f tn Ill have an itch in a random place on my body and it will go away right away. I am also beginning to get stuffed up and have been coughing up yellow phlegm. I can tell its been somewhat hard for me to think. I have a feeling it has to do with a virus but do the symptoms sound at all like ms?
Avatar n tn Tightness in chest, diff breathing, coughing, low body temperature, they ran a EKG showing 2 heart attacks. Then he had a Echo 27 percent ejection, slightly enlarged heart from CXR. He did smoke 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day for 23 years, he also smokes now some cigars. He is a social drinker if even that. He is having a heart cath in 7 days but his Dr.
Avatar n tn I've been having some unusual symptoms over the last 8 months or so, and I've been wondering if it could be some kind of virus. I've also changed my diet & gotten back to the gym which has helped me lose about 25 lbs so far, so my problems could be related to the weight loss... of course this is all speculation. Anyway, my problem is I've been having skin symptoms like zits and reddish sorta marks that I wouldn't really call zits but they're definitely skin irregularities.
Avatar n tn I was coughing for about 8 months, a dry nonproductive cough. I saw and ENT and he diagnosed me with sensory neuropathic cough. He has worked with people that have been coughing for up to 20 years. He stated the cause is a virus that causes damage to the nerves in your throat causing you to cough even though your lungs are clear. I have been on neurontin for about three months and the chronic coughing is gone. I still have throat clearing and some unrelated breathing problems.
Avatar n tn I have been having constant phlegm in throat, with a annoying tickle that makes me cough for about almost 6 weeks now. It started out as a virus. Then it was a visious cycle after that of allergies, post nasal drip and asthma. I have switched blood pressure medication now for the third time. I just stopped taking the last one which the doctors told me I should start seeing relief as in just a couple of days. I'm worried that this cough is not going to go away.
Avatar n tn it seems something is going around, many are starting to have the same thing, It could be anything, Fluoride in most of our water supply, those medications getting into our water supply, Corn syrup- the body can't process very well it must be processed in the liver, instead of by each cell like regular sugar is processed , A virus from mice excrements on cans, it's causing problems, lack water and balanced minerals.
Avatar n tn Infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia can cause coughing. These infections can be caused by virus, bacteria or fungus. Diagnosis includes pulmonary function studies,CT or x-ray sinuses,upper GI endoscopy and allergy tests to rule out these possibilities one by one and reach a confirmatory diagnosis.I sincerely advise you to consult an ENT surgeon and discuss these possibilities with him. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep us posted if you have any additional queries. Kind regards.