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Avatar n tn Do you have any symptoms of reflux, such as heart burn? For some individuals their only symptom is a cough, triggered by the stomach contents making it's way into the esophagus. For some the acidic contents will even aspirate as high as their vocal chords or into their lungs. There are simple tests your doctor can do to determine the cause of your cough. I would recommend seeing your family doctor and discussing your symptoms with him/her.
Avatar m tn Coughing has the ability to reset heart rhythm but as for helping with a heart attack, I don't think so. During my heart attack I was taking natural deep breaths because you feel short of breath and it didn't help. During a heart attack, you have a totally blocked vessel and no amount of coughing is going to remove that blockage.
584692 tn?1218271047 Certainly felt like a heart attack. Just turned 50 - 64 kilos in weight and 5 foot 7. Certainly not overweight and if anything underweight. Have lost heaps of unintentional weight in the last 12 months. 6 weeks ago after suffering from chronic bronchitus and constantly coughing, ended up getting angina for the first time in my life - twice and spent 2 days in hospital.
Avatar n tn Wouldn't the enlarged heart show on the x-ray??? Our dad died of a heart attack at age 52....the doctor knew this. I am very sad and frustrated.......and need more answers.
Avatar n tn I had the same symptoms as you just a week and a half ago and was told they were classic heart attack symptoms for a women. Please go...your in my prayers and hopefully it will be chest wall pain like mine was. Best wishes.
1366039 tn?1277976896 i had a mild heart attack last year very unexpected as i was going through the change so pains in my chest i thought ,was due 2 this anyway i had a stent fitted in my main artery and i am on medication some days i feel fine but other days feel little jolts in my anyone had these also the medication since taking it . makes me dizzy and cough ...
Avatar n tn Hello Everyone, I guess my question is really about hospice, don't know if this is the right place to ask, but here goes... My Grandmother had a heart attack last week, she is 92 years old. Her Doctor said she has a blockage, and there is nothing they can do. Her ejection fraction is about 20%, she has diabetes, and is in general poor health. Her Doctor said she could no longer live alone, and my parents decided to take her in. The Doctor advised hospice.
Avatar f tn i have now for 4 years been dealing with a heart condition that nobody can seem to figure out what it is they know something is wrong but dont know what but i will get dizzy and times pass out my heart races and sometimes it just beats hard and feels like it is coming out of my chest or throat sometimes it feels like my heart is on a roller coaster i cant do strenous activities cause all the symptoms get worse and i will shake and get short of breath i stay tired like i have had no sleep and is
Avatar m tn Your experience with the rapid heart rate, panic and feeling like you're about to have a heart attack are common side effects of having gone over the limit combined with no sleep, probably not eating and perhaps drinking alcohol, which is not a recommended beverage while snorting coke. You combine a strong stimulant, (cut with God knows what) with alcohol, which is a depressant, and you can create some very frightening confusion in your brain.
Avatar n tn But I still felt short of breath, my arms were tingly, and still felt light-headed so they proceeded with an EKG( Normal Sinus), a chest xray-(clear), a CT checking for a P.E.(Clear). My blood work was a bit screwy...the major concers were that my D Dimer was +1592 and My potassium was low. I was also given a Echocardiagram after a day of still feeling a bit light-headed and short of breath, and fatigued. (Normal results).
Avatar f tn Since then she has been taking a half of vetmedin 2.5 mg once a day , a half of furosemide 20 m.g twice a day and a half of tussigon twice a d day. The tussigon at first seened to calm her couching but up untill a week ago tussigon doesnt seens to be helping her with her couch. So she is forever couching it hurts me so much to hear & see her couching cause I cant help her. It looks as if shes in pain when she couching & it hurt me so much. Shes my baby & I wish I.
Avatar f tn So a health history would help evaluate, consequently your father could have had had a heart attack and troponin level for a heart attack marker not represented with first visit. Ruling out hypokinesis from a lack of oxygen due ischemia, and or other causes for hypoxia, with a heart attack troponin usually remains elevated but it the half-life is about 2 hours. Initially troponin in the blood initially rises in about 4 to 6 hours and peak concentrations appear at about 18 to 24 hours.
Avatar m tn so im taking welbutrin, citalopram, trazodone, and xanax for when i have a serious panic attack. which i believe that i do have anxiety and panic disrder, HOWEVER i have been short of breathe for about two months.. I cant seem to finish deep breathes and yawns.. its like my lungs just fill up really quickly and i feel like im not getting enough oxygen but my oxygen levels are fine..
Avatar m tn While it seemed to improve his blood sugar(I tested his blood), he had periods of excitement and heavy panting for hours. I was concerned about heart attack and I cut his dosage to 5mg three times a day, then 2. After a month of so, he started to develop a severe cough. Dry, but with almost every breath. This continues today, after 4 months. Out of desperation, I cut medicines out completely after dropping the dosage slowly for a week.
Avatar n tn Definately if it is before bedtime and he eats something within only a couple of hours before bed he will have the problem. He seems to do well for a while, but he had a cold a few weeks back and once he had the bad cough with that, it seems to trigger his very sensitive gag reflex from all his history of cough/vomiting and now it is a daily, sometimes multiple times a day scenario. We would love to know what is happening and how to help him, but aren't sure how...
Avatar n tn I must add that i have had cronic heart burn since i was about 16 and was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia only a year or so ago, i was told by the surgeon that i had one of the worst cases of acid reflux he has experienced and advises me to have the operation to correct the hernia. what else can i add? terrible head aches after a coughing fit,??i do feel these to be life threatening these attacks, they are very real and very scarey..
Avatar n tn Can you have a heart attack a month or two after it has been ruled out by doctors? I'm a 17 year old female and in March I went to the ER after complaining about left shoulder blade and left arm pain and heart palpitations. They took my blood and EKG tests and everything came out normal except for the anti-bodies in body were a little higher than normal. They blamed the pain on stress/anxiety and also diagnosed me with tachycardia. The pain in my left shoulder and arm was on off after that.
Avatar n tn It dont do it everyday just a few times a week.I had the heart mointer for 30 days that showed nothing.I also had an echo caridogram which showed my heart to be in good condition.It is very scary.Seldon drink caff.But sure love to eat it on daily bases.My cholestrol is ok and bp is great.I have a thyroid problem other than that im fine.
Avatar n tn She might benefit from a diagnosis from a major university hospital pulmonary dept. See this link for another possibility: Panic disorders and asthma Excerpts: "Panic disorders (PD), an extreme form of anxiety reaction, were reviewed recently by Carr of the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, NJ.
Avatar f tn My dad had a massive heart attack 16 days ago, I had to force him to go to the hospital cuz he didn't want to go and we came in on time, he was coughing a lot but there was no pain and the coughing was from fluid building up around his lungs. His right ventricle was closed and his left ventricle too. Doctors put a balloon with 3 stents in his left ventricle.
Avatar n tn I have had health anxiety (heart) for 7 years now, and I've recently experienced a change in panic attack symptoms as well. After experiencing panic attacks for so long I was surprised to feel something new, and quite troubled by it. But what's odd is that it's the same exact thing you've described!! About three weeks ago I had a full blown attack from out of the blue. I have constant anxiety, but hadn't paniced in over 2 years!
Avatar n tn Can these pains also occur without any spinal degeneration? I was seeing a lung specialist regularly, but he had a heart attack a year ago, and I didn't like his successor, so I haven't seen a doctor in a year. I'll take your advice and find another one. Thank you very much for helping me this way.
Avatar n tn I been with the blackouts after coughing for many years already. And nobody knows whats causing it.
Avatar f tn Thanks. I have actually been doing this as well due to having had a severe sinus infection. I have a sauna in my shower and sit there breathing in the steam. Hot showers also helps clear me.
Avatar f tn I just recently watched an episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and they were building a new home for a woman who lost her husband. Apparently her home had mold in the basement and her husband was doing some remodeling in there and was exposed to black mold. For months he was ill, but did not seek medical attention. One night he started foaming at the mouth and started having seizures.
Avatar f tn They terrify me to say the least and when I'm really focused on them and worried I can experience up to 6 skipped beats a minute for hours on end. I have had a heart ultrasound and ECG done by a cardiologist and structurally my heart is fine. At the time of both tests I did not experience any skipped beats - typical! Bascially, the cardio said it's fine, the skipped beats were ectopic (?) and not to worry about it. Fine for him to say be he isn't the one who has to live with it.
Avatar n tn His doctor has not prescribed a diagnosis of congestive heart failure, but when I look on the web, it seems that he is showing classic left-ventricular failure symptoms (except for coughing). Should I bring him to another heart doctor for a second opinion? If left untreated, how dangerous will the situation be?
Avatar n tn So here's the experiment - eat a big meal - you get mucus, maybe acid reflux or heart burn. Eat a high carb meal. same result. Eat a moderate sized meal with a protein and a fat, and keep you carb intake between 15 and 30 grams during the meal. If you don't get phlegm after that balanced meal with reduced carbs to lower insulin response.. Congrats, you have your cure.
Avatar n tn email me at ***@**** please i have been having the same issues for 5 weeks and have blacked out three times and just this morning had a small seizure in front of my kids when i came to i felt my body still shaking as soon as i start coughing for a short period of time and or laugh hard it sends me into a coughing fit and i black out hospital has said my vitals are fine and send me on my way they dont go any further than that one hospital said it could be my uvula that is long causing me to
Avatar f tn i went to the hospital 3 times a week for dangerous chest pains and they did echo of my heart and a heart Catha and did not find anything. then they did a ct scan with contrast of my lungs for clots and they came back neg for PCP but me on a inhaler to help me breath better.does this mean i have astma?