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Avatar m tn I took 108 mgs of the ADD pill concerta. (2, 54mg pills) I woke with an irregular heartbeat, and it seemed like it was pounding. I also felt weak and light headed. How long will this last??
Avatar n tn Oh, the Concerta/Ritalin products are normally used for ADD, and the Adderall/Vyvannse products are normally used for ADHD. Hope this helps. Please do let me know if it is a overdose of Concerta, it helps me - help others.
Avatar f tn He was moody, distant, and very emotional. The doctor is now switching him to Concerta. Any thought son this medication? I am new at trying to deal with ADHA, my son is diagnosed with the concentration protion of ADHA. He can not focus for the life of him!
Avatar f tn I usually take concerta 15 mg every few days, mostly every day lately. Today I took 90 mg and am feeling insanely sick several hours later. I felt better about an hour after but now it feels like it's getting even worse than before. Extreme anxiety, shaking, stomach pains, nausea, headache, weak, can't even stand up without feeing like I'm going to pass out, plus I'm exhausted but I cant even rest my eyes.
Avatar f tn I can see being on V and perhaps adderall in the late after noon. Or concerta and ritalin in the late afternoon. Since the Concerta/ritalin are the same type of meds. Same thing for Vyvannse and Adderall. Point being, why was the V not working for you? What symptoms did you have. I would think that the two could have been over dosing you. Did you ever try just V alone?
Avatar n tn I know someone that I care about dearly who takes 25 mg of Adderall a day for ADD. The other night she was taking pills like candy and going insane with them and just swallowing them. She took about 280 -300 mg of adderall all in less than a couple of hours was basically like on speed. She is 120 pounds, 16 years old and is about 5'4''. She couldnt eat and was having panic attacks, and puked, but refused to get help. She wouldnt let me help her and i was afraid of her.
Avatar f tn I'm not a Doctor but I have an opinion. One of the main side effects of Concerta is Headaches. Your daughter could have just built up such a tolerance to it in her body that she is having some kind of a over dose type reaction. She almost sounds like her Central Nervous System is being overloaded. She is having headaches with uncontrolled eye movements & hallucinations. Google Concerta Overdose Effects, print it off and bring it into her Dr.
Avatar n tn i took a overdose of concerta xl and prozac and meltonin abour a month and half ago and now i am getting slight pains on my left sife in my breast bone any advise thanks
Avatar m tn I have been taking strattera for about 4 weeks I was first on 40mg for two weeks then 80mg and at first I felt motivated would wake up naturally in the morning,but now I feel tired all the time have trouble getting out of bed and finding motivation to leave the house. I have been on concerta but it never seemed to agree with me, do I stay on strattera or was making thinking the next step to try Wellbutrin at the moment I have zero get up and go.
Avatar m tn My sister abuses her concerta (she knows the risks) she will stay up until around 5am and sleep for an hour or two. Her doctor is giving her 400mg of seroquil to help her to sleep. Will that get her to bed?
Avatar f tn i'm on several medications: concerta 52 mg, topamax, and effexor. i am so tired still during the day. i'm also cold. i thought concerta would keep me focussed during the day; not still have me feeling lazy. what is wrong with me.
Avatar m tn About a year and a half ago I started watching anime (kind of dumb but for some reason it makes me happy) and it sort of became a big part of my life. I had been on concerta for nearly a year and though I would talk away too much, I seemed to be doing well. I started feeling tired later in the day and cranky, so I asked my doctor to switch me to Vyvanse and did. Since taking Vyvanse, when I watch anime I can tell that I enjoy the story, but I just don't feel excited.
Avatar f tn Try this link to see if it helps. I'm not sure if it is the same thing as what you described, but if it is, it could be due to a fungal infection of the banana. I don't know anything about banana's, but if you are still feeling bad, maybe you should get checked out.
Avatar f tn After trying a few medications, his doctor chose Concerta as his daily medicine. It seemed to help a little with his so called "hyper" behavior. However, the doctor has increased the dosage a few times and my son is now taking 54mg.
Avatar f tn Our 9 year old son has ADHD and we have been on a roller coaster ride with medicines. We started with Concerta which was a joke! Second was Vyvanse and third Amphetamine ER, all of which brought out a very agitated and uncontrollable child with a horrible attitude. Our doctor switched him to 2mg of Intuniv and 40mg of Strattera every morning and our son can barely stay awake. When he's doing something he's fine, but as soon as he sits down he will fall asleep. Will this go away?
Avatar f tn Well, see when I switched from Concerta to Adderall, I just stopped the Concerta and went to taking the Adderall XR. After a few months the XR did not seem to work very long or throughout the day. So, in 2007, I went on Adderall short acting pill form which generic form is amphetamine salts or amphetamine mix tabs. With this pill, first of all, it is extremely inexpensive. I pay $30 for 180 tabs 20 mg each. I cut each in half and take each half 4 times a day a total of 40mg.
Avatar f tn So the first time I went there the PDoc said its sounds like adhd. He gave me concerta 18mg for a month. I didnt see much of a difference but did realize that i do focus a bit easier. But realy not much. Then after a month he put me on 27mg concerta. I didn't feel a very big difference but did realise that I was more focussed and felt more tired at night and got more sleep. So after that month the concerta dosage stayed the same but the pdoc gave me 25mg lamictal with it.
2010625 tn?1329375656 It was recommended in a book I was reading. It is an amino acid. It is primarily used for tylenol overdose and some other heart related stuff, it is not widely used in bipolar so don't be surprised if your doc hasn't heard about it. There is only one study out there that I could find, but it was a well done study, that showed it helped with the depression end of things as an adjunct to what people were already taking. So it was as an addition not instead of.
Avatar n tn Thank you so much I usually take 18mgs of concerta but ever since I started Zoloft it causes chronic fatigue for me even after I take concerta I fall asleep
Avatar n tn When the drug adderol or any of the other drugs listed here are prescribed for the treatment of ADHD, what are the guidelines for increasing the dosage versus no increase, and what are the reasons for the increases? 4.What are the side affects to observe from overdose and or underdose? 5.What are some of the indicators to observe to alert, that the dosage is the right one, versus indicators to alert you that it is the wrong one?
Avatar f tn I've.
Avatar f tn Two months ago I experienced an overdose on excedrin, clonidine and benadryl and recovered. At the time, I was informed of a potential heart murmur. Lymph nodes have been tender and large for years but one has become hard in the last month. I occasionally have moments where I loose a couple seconds and get startled. I get random, painless muscle spasms quite regularly. I normally have lower blood pressure floating around 120/55.
1920054 tn?1431634191 My son was prescribed a few different types of medication over about a course of a year or so, before we decided that Concerta was the best med for him. Also, he attended monthly therapy in the beginning, now he goes maybe twice a year or when needed. Another very important thing that I learned, was that my son needed a lot more one on one time with each parent, everyday ~ an hour each day alone w/ him makes a big difference.
Avatar m tn He does have ADHD and takes Concerta, 72 mg every morning. He is sometimes hypoglycemic, but when the syncope happens I test his sugar and it's normal. I've only been told his blood pressure was low a couple of times, and he has med checks every three months, and a physical every year. Besides for these fainting spells and bad cases of boils at least twice a year, he is physically fit, works out and in great shape.
Avatar f tn Sorry I've gotten into details but I'm sorry but I have token 175 mg concerta, 300mg novo-quetiapine and I don't know what to do I wasn't thinking and now I am and I'm scared if I'll overdoes? PLEASE HELP ME WHAT WILL HAPPEN ? Please don't judge me.
Avatar f tn My 'shrink' took me off Concerta and prescribed Wellbritin HCL SR (100mg 2X a day). Doesn't work at all ... ha...didn't even stop me from smoking!!! I already take Paxil for anxiety. My 2 adult children take Adderall and are doing just fine. Doc keeps telling me ADD meds are 'too addicting'. What the heck ... I just want my ADD to be under control so I can cope with accomplishing day to day tasks !!! I think I have anxiety because I cannot cope with the ADD symptoms ...
Avatar f tn might take you a full day. you won't sleep tonite, that's for sure.