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Avatar f tn ) But i have always wondered about having endometrosis because i read it can even get on your colon and cause bowel movement thats why im so concerned and worried about this. And im 19 so i think it shouldn be a problem trying to get pregnant cuz im still young...if theres a problem i want to get it fixed before its too late...
Avatar f tn I ended up going to the doctor as i too didnt want to buy over the counter solutions that can seem unsafe whilst pregnant. I had serious back pain with constipation and the doctor prescribed me some lactolose which has been my best friend through these last few weeks!
Avatar m tn Currently 2 months later I began to have mild pain while having a bowel movement. However after the bm there is severe pain inside. It's constant for about 30 minutes. I can sit on my couch and it relieves it, but not completely and will remain with me virtually all day (decreasing in pain) and will certainly return if I have another bm. Currently no blood in stool or on tissue.
Avatar n tn I have had symptoms associated with irritable syndrome since age 17, (unexplained abdominal cramping after eating and relief from that discomfort after a bowel movement) but don't think that my current symptoms are associated with IBS. I just saw a gastrointerologist who recommended a colonoscopy (I am having the test done in 3 days) and said it could be something as simple as hemorroidal bleeding, or something as nasty and complex as colon cancer.
537974 tn?1213748515 finally prescribed a drug called Diamox which seemed to help ease the pain after the first administration and now after taking it for 3 days she is out of pain and just had a bowel movement for the 1st time in over 2 weeks without the searing pain. In addition to the Diamox she is also taking an anti depressant/muscle relaxer. Hopes this helps someone, this has been a horrible ordeal.
Avatar f tn I have bowel movement problem for the past one week. I will go to toilet each time after meal. For the past few days I have been passing normal stool 7-10 times a day. After passing motion, I will have a terrible stomach pain. I consulted a gp through telephone and he asked me to take probiotics but it doesn't help. The gp asked me to take flagyl to kill the bacteria inside my stomach but i didn't take as I was afraid that there might be a side effect later on.
Avatar f tn Doc said it could be pinched nerve in neck. Monday it happened again and with each bowel movement my headache got worse. Thought my brain would explode. Went to ER and they did a CT scan which of course all is fine. Doc is going to send me to a neurologist. Anyone know if abdominal adhesions could cause this? Of course before the surgery, all the docs thought I was nuts because all the tests were negative. I am just so exhausted from always being in pain.
Avatar f tn Doc said it could be pinched nerve in neck. Monday it happened again and with each bowel movement my headache got worse. Thought my brain would explode. Went to ER and they did a CT scan which of course all is fine. Doc is going to send me to a neurologist. Anyone know if abdominal adhesions could cause this? Of course before the surgery, all the docs thought I was nuts because all the tests were negative. I am just so exhausted from always being in pain.
Avatar f tn If it doesnt help, I have tried heat (heating pad, hot baths, or hot tub) I have found that this does not really help with the pain. My surgeon is understanding that I am in pain, so he has given me pain medications. I do not like taking the pain meds for a few reasons (I do not want to become dependant on the meds, do not like the feeling from the meds, and most importantly - pain meds cause constipation).
Avatar f tn at first I pooped hard small pellets liked and I was worried about my stools so I tried to use something to checked on my stools whether there were blood in it, so when I did that the toilet bowl water changes to dark red or something, I suspect there is blood hidden inside my stools, I checked for symptoms like this it jus mention CANCER. I am only 16 with no records of bowel/anal/colon cancer! I am a vegan as well, I really had this changing type of bm!
Avatar f tn Well, if your bowel movements only happen, say, once a week or longer, then it's probably constipation... the white discharge is the mucous the intestines make to get a lot of waste out. If things get really backed up, it can make you feel quite sick when it's ready to come out, you'll get shaky, have pain in the lower guts, you'll sweat. So, the way to ease transition of waste is drinking more water, exercising regular, and the fiber suggestion from the doc, that usually takes care of it.
Avatar n tn Now i get the urge to go and everything gos fine at first then mid-way through, my bowel movement just quits. Its emmbarasing but the stool like breaks off and even though theres stool right about to come out, it wont, no matter how hard i try, it leaves me feeling very uncomfortable like something stickin out my butt(litteraly). My stool isn't dry so taking fibre made it worse. I've had strectoscopy(?), mri, blood tests and several gastroentoligist(doctor) visits. And they found nothing wrong.
Avatar f tn I had these problems [loss of appetite, generally feeling sick but I also had very uncomfortable and even sickening gas.. then finally the full on nausea and vomiting with a bowel movement... I know this is personal and quite gross but I also suffered from an anal fissure at the same time [they are incredibly terrible!] and none of it is getting better yet. I was diagnosed with a parasite i think it was called blastis homonis.
Avatar f tn I get migraine headaches (relieved with sumatriptin). The headaches improve after a bowel movement. The way you describe it is exactly how I experience it. Last year I did some thorough googling on it and ran across an article or post that talked about serotonin reuptake inhibitors being stimulated/released during bowel movements. If this is true, this may be an explanation for any migraine headache relief you may feel after a bowel movement.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with nerve pain, probably from a trapped nerve either in my spine of in adhesions in my pelvis and take Oxycodone for the pain which burns across my entire pelvis and up my spine and a little into the inside of my leg.. I have a partial obstruction of the sigmoid colon. Sigmoidoscopy and barium enema both suggested a loop of bowel trapped in adhesions. but the surgeon didn't want to even discuss the possibility.
Avatar n tn i have been getting this sharp pain right below my ribcage...where my upper stomach would be...and i get this pain before gas and a bowel movement...i do not know if it is an ulcer...
Avatar f tn For one month I have had horrific pain during each bowel movement. The colon and rectal surgeon told me that I have a fissure, gave me a special cream and told me that it will get cured in one month. It's been one month, and it still hurts like crazy. I take metamusil every morning and stool softener. Any one out there with the same thing?? Thanks Alicia This discussion is related to <a href=''>pain in bowel movement</a>.
Avatar n tn Hello - thanks for asking your question. What you are describing is known as tenesmus. It is defined as constant feeling of the need to empty the bowel, accompanied by pain, cramping, and involuntary straining efforts.
Avatar f tn It's been on and off, meaning for about a month I'll experience it, then for a few weeks it's completely gone. The pain disappears after the bowel movement though sometimes my ankle feels a little weaker if I get up too quickly. Sometimes I feel the pain when I'm standing or sitting for no apparent reason. I am 24 years old, pretty healthy, and have had no ankle or foot trauma that I know of. I'm an optometry student so I pretty much sit most of the day.
Avatar n tn the warm water seems to be soothing to the colon, too. Prunes only help short term, and I'm still left with the colon pain afterwards. The solutions I'm trying are meant to be long-term. One other thing I've been doing is taking ONE cascara sagrada every night before I go to bed. The trouble with taking two of them is that they end up working too well, because they are a natural laxative.
Avatar m tn I have been bleeding every time i have a bowel movement but it only started after i moved into my new homestay. I think it may have to do with my diet, it has been going on for quite some time almost 3-4 months i don't feel pain anywhere in my abdomen just the occasional body 'pain' telling you its time to let it out. The bleeding has been consistent in amount probably able to fill a tea spoon but i may be exaggerating cause i see it from the tissue paper.
Avatar n tn I too have been having vaginal bleeding with bowel movements for about a year now. went to the doctor had the uteine bx, ultrasound. Though I had a polyp but it wasnt on one on a bx. the bleeding use to be about 1 week prior to my monthly cycle, but this monh my cycle was only 2 1/2 days (before been 5-7 days), and a week after my period the bleeding has started. My mother has had colon ca, but I dont have any s/s of that.
5696127 tn?1381089797 Hi I did not have any stomach and bowel problem before, but from last year after a 4 day period of pain and black stool it began. After that after 5 months I go to doctor for bowel problem and the problem was that my stool got very soft and shiny and I didn’t fell empty any time after going to toilet. I did a stool examination came back normal but a positive Helicobacter pylori but doctor didn’t give me meds except Bismuth.