Colon pain after bowel movement

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Avatar f tn After 8 years of diverticulitis attacks my colon abscessed and perforated the intestine wall. Luckily after removal of the sigmoid colon the doctor was able to resection. He tells me I'm doing great. It's been five weeks since the surgery. He told me to try new foods one at a time as I've been on a soft bland diet. Whenever I do try anything newI start vomiting about a half hour after I eat and the next day I have pain in my left side and also when I have a bowel movement.
Avatar m tn my husband just had a bowel resection and when he came home and started eating food had severe pain when having a bowel movement. We ended up BACK in the ER and he had a CAT scan and they found 2 seromas and a hematoma. He had 3 drain tubes inserted for about 10 days which drained blood and fluid. We thought we were good but now he is in pain again so back to the surgeon tomorrow. Make them give you a CAT scan, you should not have pain, merely discomfort.
Avatar f tn As I continue to have a small bowel movement through the evening the pain will gradually decrease but not go away. I am familiar with a "flair up" as my doctor calls it in my intestines and this does not seem to be that. IS THIS MY GALL BLADDER? What can I do to eliminate this problem?
Avatar f tn My gallbladder was removed June of 2011. My first bowel movement, two days after surgery, was horrible, I almost fainted even though I was taking Colace. For a couple of days I felt an intense pain as if I was having a gallbladder attack. Ever since surgery I have urgent watery bowel movements. At times I see the fat floating and undigested food. It is only getting worse. My stool has a very bad smell, as if I had some sort of infection.
Avatar n tn Hi, This pain in abdomen after bowel movement could be because of constipation. I would suggest to you to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day and eat a fiber rich diet. You can also try taking a OTC mild laxative. If symptoms do not improve in few days please schedule an appointment with a physician and undergo a complete clinical evaluation.
Avatar f tn i had thin/ flat stools was constipated and a numb feeling down below , went to DRs who done an internal straight away and discovered a lump in rectum which turned out to be rectal cancer , after a colonoscopy also found a cancerous polip in bowel which was removed in january this year , ANY CHANGE IN YOUR BOWEL MOVEMENTS MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR GP STRAIGHT AWAY , also check for blood in stools another good indication , wish you all the best
Avatar m tn Anyways, is it possible to strain your stomach muscles without even knowing it. I mean I had a difficult bowel movement 2 days ago, but could bloating and a difficult bowel make my "truck" feel like I laid down to do 100 sit ups, or could this be something else? Any thoughts or past experiences would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn For years, I have had small amount of blood on the toilet paper because I know I wipe to hard. In January, I had a bowel movement with blood filling the toilet. No pain except some stinging in the anus while taking a shower after episode. I have had increased anal discomfort since, described as glass just inside my anal area that comes and goes especially after a bowel movement. Itching as well. Occassionally I have small amounts of blood on TP with large bowel movements.
Avatar n tn I am not sure what your pains can be unless your constipated or its a colon spasm. Could it be IBS - irritable Bowel is usually resolved after a Bowel movement.
Avatar n tn I had an ileostomy reversal six days ago and have had very loose bowel movements for several days, and then yesterday, there were severe spasms of the colon as if I had a large movement, and then, nothing. These spasms were very painful and I went to the emergency room where they thought it was constipation, but, there was very little stool high in the colon, so they opted not to do an enema, but sent me home.
Avatar m tn Currently 2 months later I began to have mild pain while having a bowel movement. However after the bm there is severe pain inside. It's constant for about 30 minutes. I can sit on my couch and it relieves it, but not completely and will remain with me virtually all day (decreasing in pain) and will certainly return if I have another bm. Currently no blood in stool or on tissue.
Avatar f tn ) But i have always wondered about having endometrosis because i read it can even get on your colon and cause bowel movement thats why im so concerned and worried about this. And im 19 so i think it shouldn be a problem trying to get pregnant cuz im still young...if theres a problem i want to get it fixed before its too late...
5160575 tn?1364509880 what causes it, and its cause severe pain in my back especially after a bowel movement, and also problems urinating, like not emptying the bladder fully, please answer, no one seems to answer at this forum or group or to care about other people, i really don't know why...
Avatar m tn It doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out that two weeks food doesnt come out in a single small bowel movement, like the one I had on Monday. I don't want to go over the top, but if I have no movement by Friday then I am either going to see my GP again or drive myself to A&E and tell them I think I have a bowel obstruction. Would you agree??
Avatar m tn iv been having some lower abdominal pain for about 2 months now, sever dehydration, and weight loss, bloating, nausia, the pain normally comes on about 30 min after eating, alot of belching. my stolls change color often mostly a dark black and light red color. iv been told stool has gotten stuck on the sides of my colon, i was then prescibed a laxative and totaly cleared my system and all my symptoms went away. but when i started my normal diet again all the symptoms came back.
1405105 tn?1281104430 You are not getting ignored. It just means that no one knows an answer to your problem. I would say that for the gas, you could try gas-x, and unless you are having pain, I wouldn't worry about the appearance of the bowel movement for now and you should just give it more time.
Avatar m tn upper abominal pain (sharp,sudden), urge to have bowel movement, I pass stool 1-2 times a day, my stools are thin and foul smelling, sometimes it has red blood on its surface, and when I poop I can't feel my rectum. I also have a wound like thing near my anus which is I guess fissure which sometimes bleeds. I haven't lose any weight, I do have appetite, I don't have diarrhea now. Maybe I have colon cancer?
Avatar n tn recently it has been worse because i have been feeling a constant sickness for about a month now with back pain and stomach pain. my doctor says maybe its irratable bowel syndrome. my organs are fine i already had them checked out with a cat scan and an ultra sound. im not sure what else it could be.
Avatar m tn I have large bowel problems,Had a bowel resection from diverticulitis,After the surgery i still have the severe pain, have had a ct scan showed diverticulitis just below where the surgern pieced back my colon.My colon i was told is larger than it should be and i have alot of constipation,Was told to take miralax which i do about every 3 days.My pain is like yours so severe i have to take pain medicine but only 1 or sometimes 2 a day.
Avatar f tn placed me on a high fiber diet, which made my bowels move 5 - 7 times a day. (which is wonderful after not being able to have a normal bowel movement prior to surgery, due to a twisted colon). My BMs were healthy "looking" as far as size and color. Within the last week I've had bad cramping which comes and goes. Now my Stool is thin and the color is slowly fading to a dull tan color. I feel the urge to go but it's usually mostly gas.
Avatar n tn I must agree with Jaybay about the pain meds. How long ago did you have it removed? I only used pain meds for a couple of days after my surgery. Many people suffer with what is called the "dumping syndrome" while their body adjusts to the constant flow of bile into the small intestine. Your doctor would have sent you home with a low fat diet instructions. The low fat diet caused more problems for me and I did much better on a regular diet.
Avatar n tn Do you mean that you have pain as soon as you eat something and the pain continues until you have a bowel movement?