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Avatar n tn I have had bowel issues all my life. About three years ago I got sick of them and went for a colonoscopy. I was told I had no polyps, hemmeroids and minimal diverticulosis. Follow up in 5 years with repeat colonoscopy. About 6 months after this first colonoscopy I had rectal bleeding for a full day. Lots of it. Not just streaked stool but toilet bowl full of blood.
Avatar n tn If I just had the simoidoscopy a year ago could it be colon cancer that is causing alot of pain in my lower side? Are these tests good for finding colon cancer in the sigmoid and descending colon? The reason I havnt had a colonoscopy is because I cannot have sedatives. Is there a chance that colon cancer comes that quickly after the Flex-sig? I am really scared. I thought I saw blood in the toilet. I am so afraid. Is colon cancer diagnosed alot around my age?
Avatar f tn thanks for the help guys, turns out it was my colon causing the problems. dr perscribed a muscle relaxer for my colon and now im pain free.
Avatar m tn I have had recurring left side lower back pain that I think could be related to the colon. It only occurs in the morning (I usually go to the bathroom to relieve in the morning) and has been happening for a few months now. My health problems started 2 years ago with pain on the left lower back as well, and doctors still have not been able to find a problem after tons of tests. I had gallbladder surgery about a year ago, and was fine for a while afterward.
2030686 tn?1351688548 Pseudomembranous colitis Pseudomembranous colitis — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, treatment of this inflammatory colon condition. Definition: The colon, also called the large intestine, is a long, tube-like organ in your abdomen. The colon carries waste to be expelled from the body. The rectum makes up the last several inches of the colon. Colon and rectumPseudomembranous colitis is inflammation of the colon that occurs in some people who have received antibiotics.
1440074 tn?1283996071 starting on Sunday, I have been having very severe anal spasms along with a ton of pain, and some itching. It is very hard to sleep at night due to the pain. I have not been constipated, so I don't think it would be hemmorroids. It does not hurt to go to the bathroom either. The pain is pretty constant with spasms very often, and when I have a spasm the pain is so intense that it causes my entire body to tremble. I would describe the pain as almost like a bite near my butthole.
Avatar f tn Okay my question is for about 6 months now ive had alot of issues and im thinking it could be cancer I went to my primary care docter who ran blood test but hasnt really done anything else more it came back i have hypothyroidism which fluctuates so i dont think i actually have it but oh this is embarrassing but i feel like i have colon or anus cancer and im scared because im 24 woman with 2 kids my symptoms are low back pain,hip pain,upper stomach pain.
Avatar m tn My husband's 1st wife had colon cancer. It was discovered too late, & she passed away at the age of 24 saddly. Your symptoms don't sound like what my husband told me she had. She started having symptoms in her late teens... chronic constipation, stomach pain, etc. One day while she was away at college, she started throwing up really hard & thought she had a virus. She was staying really tired & just couldn't shake it.
Avatar m tn I have been diagnosed with Colon spasms. My episode started with pain in the lower-left side of the back and the lovwer-left front side below my belt, then I noticed blood in my stools. My Doctor diagnosed me with diverticulosis. I had a colonoscopy and had a few polyps (no Cancer - Thank God!!!). However, I have been haunted by this for over 2 years now and am going in for another Colonoscopy. My Doctor claims I have Colon Spasms, but I also get feverish a lot and get the chills often.
Avatar m tn My questions are, are these symptoms the beginning of his down hill slope? What should we expect his symptoms to be to know when we should stop treating the cancer and only treat the symptoms? Anything you can tell me would be great.
Avatar n tn sorry i didnt mention im in my early 30s and this pain feeling i have had for a fe years which has gotten much worse then before, i as also diagnosed with fatty liver which i did lose weight seems to have fixed it.
Avatar f tn My husband had pains on his left side so we went to our dr he showed him where the pain was that is your colon so while my husband went and had the colonoscopy,my dr found a tumor the size of a base ball we had the sergery done the dr came out and said that my husband is ok but its colon cancer so they removed all the lymphth 22 of them 2 got hit so he had to go for chemo for 6 months its been over yr my husband was only 44 yrs old when he found out but he is doing really good he goes every yr
Avatar f tn Abdominal symptoms worsen with menstrual cycle, stress, and caffeine intake. Oral prednisone resolves arthritis pain and lessens GI symptoms. Cannot treat arthritis/psoriasis until determine cause of GI complaints. Cannot take sulfa medications or NSAIDs What exactly is chronic nonspecific colitis? How is it treated? Can it cause arthritis pain in back, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, and fingers?
Avatar m tn Ok Ive had 4 brain surgs & one colon cancer surg, stage 1.The pain Im experiencing is right lower abdomen almost in the crease between my leg & abdomen.Its not getting any better. Sometimes the pain is sharp & sometimes a burning pain. Its stronger if I have my legs crossed for a little. It happens walking, standing & sitting. Sometime the pain is extremly sudden.
Avatar n tn I was told by my GI after colonoscpy that I had a lazy colon, no suggestions or treatment though, symptoms continue I almost feel like what was the use
Avatar m tn the area is very bloated and the pain never lets up. for some reason, that i cannot understand, codeine stops all of these symptoms and i feel normal for a short while. codeine is an awfull drug and i cannot do this anymore...please help me. i have had a CT scan, barium enima, and colonoscopy. all of which were normal.
1391134 tn?1280008443 I have a sharp pain on the left side around my colon. it hurts usually all the time but here and there it doesnt. when i lie down or bend over is when it hurts the most. i didnt wanna go get checked out for something dumb so i wanted to get other opinions on what the deal is.
449658 tn?1211304322 I am a 26 year old female - I just had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy with my gyno last week due to severe pain in my lower right abdomen. I have pain when having a bm and pain all the time! All I know so far is that she did see some adhesions on my colon - i will know more next week when i meet with my docotor for the follow up results. I also have pain with intercourse and putting in a tampon.
332074 tn?1229560525 So what they seem to think is that because I have had a spastic colon for years and then had my gallbladder removed that the bile is now going direct into the intestines causing my colon to go into over drive causing the bloating, pain, and bowl changes.
Avatar f tn If two weeks of treatment haven't resolved the symptoms you need to be furter evaluated. This should be sooner rather than later. Typically, uncomplicated diverticulitis is symptomatically better within 7-10 days on treatment. Failure to improve makes one question the accuracy of the diagnosis or whether there could be a complication such as an abscess.
Avatar f tn Some people who have the disease have long periods without symptoms, even without getting treatment. Others with more severe disease will need long-term treatment or even surgery. What is ulcerative colitis? Ulcerative colitis (say: “ul-sir-uh-tiv cole-eye-tiss”) is an IBD that causes your colon (a part of your large intestine) to become red and swollen. The redness and swelling can last for a few weeks or for several months. Symptoms may come and go for up to a year.