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Avatar n tn Hi, I think that its best to address the pain and this would likely be the hernia, unless the pain is also related with difficulty voiding - there is such a thing as pain due to nerves that overlap with nerves on the prostate. The level of the PSA where biopsies are recommended are usual for levels more than 4. The level from 4-10 has its controversies, because there would indeed be a lot of biopsies that are benign.
Avatar m tn I also went to the gastro doctor to see if it could be my colon or intestines and he said no. This pain seem better if I stand or when I sleep on my stomach at night, but it comes back after I sit. Am I missing something because this is driving me crazy. I am 45 years old man and who feel disabled from this. If I take anti-inflamatories they seem to help but does anyone have any other ideas? Is there anything else I should try?
Avatar n tn Yes, an enlarged prostate can cause BM difficulties, such as pain when the colon presses on it. But like Diogee said, you need to go to a doctor. Get what's called a PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) test. If you're older, you want to rule out possible prostate cancer. Also, many bowel problems can mimic those symptoms, and those can be a lot less mild than an enlarged prostate. Trust me, I've been there. So a doc visit is definitely in order.
Avatar n tn my husband is blind, diabetic,double amputee,high blood pressure,incontinent,mostly wheel chair bound,thanks to agent orange if you remember the Viet Nam War he went to his doctor and he ordered a CT Scan and Xray -of his belly and chest - well it came back with him having a apple core size lesion in his colon that has went to his liver which has lesions on it - plus it showed he had a slightley enlarged heart with water build up some on it - he doesnt realize how short of breath he gets after
Avatar n tn In more advanced stages there could back pain, etc. Only males of course have a prostate. As for colon cancer, some signs could be blood in the stool or an overall change in bowel habits. Do a google search and you'll find a ton of info.
Avatar m tn About 2 weeks ago i attempted to stimulate my prostate. It isnt abnormal for me to use alternative methods of self gratification, so this wasnt the first time i did so.I dont do this often enough that its a habit. Ive got my reasons though. This time i used an object that starts at 6" circumference, and increases to 9" circumference. I had upset an anal tear, i already had. Though i wasnt aware i had it, until looking in retrospect. Had i known, i wouldnt have done this.
1300477 tn?1272843886 What's happening is that the swelling in the Prostate is pushing up against the wall of the colon, and making a narrower space for feces to pass through. As for tempting a dog whose appetite loss is caused by pain....that's not easy. Take away any pain he might feel, and you might find his appetite improves. It's hard to know if a dog is feeling pain. If it's bad enough, they tremble and shake, and 'hunch' their backs with their tail tucked down.
Avatar m tn - Frequent bowel movements (usually 3 per day, sometimes more) - A couple of episodes of strong diarrhea - Discomfort in the lower abdominal area - Frequent urination (I don't know why but it's there) - Lower back pain. Besides the back pain and frequent urination, the other symptoms come and go. - I have my prostate checked recently and it's normal. - I also had a CT Scan of my lower abdomen done (without contrast), which also didn't reveal anything.
Avatar n tn hytrin/day for benign enlarged prostate (last year's annual checkup had negative blood test for prostate cancer(would this have shown colon cancer if present?). I have a colonoscopy scheduled for next week (after last week's bloodwork showed nothing), but other than the diarrhea, I am healthy in every respect.
Avatar m tn Since the nephrostomy he has been in a great deal of pain. He now has a strong pain med to take 4 times a day. This is a man who had 60% of his liver removed and, once he was in control of his pain meds, didn’t use anything but Tylenol! The urologist says that his prostate cancer often has “bone issues” and he wants him to go for a bone scan. Does this mean they suspect bone cancer as well? I would like to be prepared for what to expect so I can be strong for him and my mother.
Avatar n tn I'm a 24 year old male, and for the past 6 months or so I've had a 24/7 constant feeling of basically something stuck in my colon, like I always need to go to the bathroom, even when nothing is there. I went to 2 different gastroenterologists, who both said everything was normal. The second ordered a pelvis ct to make sure nothing was pushing on the colon, but he said everything was normal.
Avatar n tn I am a hypo and am freaking out thinking it is cancer of some kind like bladder, colon, or prostate. It has been on and off for a couple days. It seems a little better today. Should I be freaking out? i am 31 and have no family history of colon cancer. my dad said he used to get the same thing.
Avatar n tn 1. Frequent stomach pain, sometimes even upon waking that would be rated a 10 out of the 1/10 scale. This pain comes unexpectedly and a BM doesn't follow it. I've recently postulated that it could be severe gas, but gas isn't an evident cause, to me. 2. Everyday, I have a normal bowel movement once, but then have one or two that follow a few hours later that are gassy and watery/oily, there is not alot of substance to the latter.
Avatar m tn It dont feel or hear any air coming out of the urethra yet I can smell it. I have no abdominal pain. Pardon the graphic nature of the question and Thank you In advance. This really bugging me and has me worried.
Avatar n tn The pain runs from my penis through my testacle and down the side of the same testacle. I had this pain years ago, visited a urologist, and nothing was found. In addition to this pain,I now have a burning sensation when I urinate or when I apply squeezing pressure to my penis. I also have a constant pain in my colon, as if I need to have a bowel movement. I was tested for STDs and a UTI, but my urine and blood tests came back normal.
Avatar n tn there is no family history of prostate cancer in my family. i have no other symptoms. the pain is sometimes worse when i have to make a bowel movement or while i am having a movement. am i freaking out over nothing or should i be concerned? i will have it for a few days and then it goes away for a while and comes back.
Avatar n tn I am a hypo and am freaking out thinking it is cancer of some kind like bladder, colon, or prostate. It has been on and off for a couple days. It seems a little better today. Should I be freaking out?
Avatar n tn For most cases, this would be preceded by pain, so unless he is on pretty strong analgesics, it is possible that he never felt the pain in the back until the bone breaks and he would thereafter have no more pain as nerves get injured.
Avatar m tn Non hemolysed trace of blood in urine at onset now gone. Pain subsided a bit then I realised my prostate was sore and occasionally my testicles. I was getting chills and fever in the evening. My bedclothes are drenched in the morning. Prostate pain has died down a bit and now my testicles are nearly constantly sore (right more than left). The bottom of my back is painful too.At night more than in the dyatime I'm getting chills and rushes around lower abdomen, lower back and thighs .
Avatar n tn I had prostate exams,ct scans, Colonoscopy, nutritional evaluations, blood test's and holistic manual physical therapy, The latter of which has given me the most relief but no-one has offered a diagnosis and the condition persists. Additionally, I have mild abdominal pain in the lower left quadrant of my abdomen just above the belt line, and chronic horrible,pain in the left lwr back or sacral area just above my belt line.
Avatar m tn My uncle who is 53 just found out he has colon and prostate cancer in advanced stages. So now i know it is in my family which is now making me nervous. I'm sometimes getting light headed, and very tired, I dunno if its because i'm stressing out over this non stop. Which i am because i keep reading such scary stories. Everyday.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I went back to the doctor where he did a rectal exam and found trace blood,, prostate is a little out of shape. Pain is getting worse and my bowel habits have changed from a normal bowel to a thin slushy stool about the size of a dime. Still regular as a judge just smaller and less firm. I'm a little overweight10 to 20lbs maybe. Very active until recent times walk, run, swim etc. I feel terrible, tired. I had a Ultrasound, blood tests and EKG. Scheduled for a colonoscopy next week .
Avatar f tn The more inflammed your Colon is the SOFTER you will want your stool to be-or YOU WILL BE IN PAIN-so do NOT take anti-diarrhea medication this could lead to constipation which COULD BE DEADLY- toxic megacolon-WITH CROHN'S. After You get the Inflammation down, the Colon will work better by removing more and more water from the Liquid food and you will keep noticing that you go to the bathroom less and less. Get the Inflammation down Take care!
Avatar n tn Intestinal bloating and severe pain along with an Enlarged prostate that gives off pain.. He has excessive gas and as it passes more comes to replace it and this quite painful. As the years have gone on it has gotten worse he says it feels like it is spreading upward and will eventually hit his lungs and heart.. He sees a internal medicine doctor and she has him on percocet for the pain, and has put him through many test from MRI's colon test and now she wants to do a allergy test.
7486852 tn?1410355784 About 3 Ye cyst(which somet think it has been the only that's possib because I've been to the er fo from th constipation, night sweats, back pai (narcotics even stop the pain, when i have could d the pain btw I'm only 24 everytime cyst your left ovary after doing ultrasounds compare the new us to the previous one? shapes as if it were the same cyst they are cyst disappeared on its own..
Avatar n tn I don't go as long as you without sex, but I get the same effects afterwards. I had the MRI, the colon scan, etc, but they don't see anything. My prostate is normal too. Try long hot baths, they usually help soothe it, but I have been told I just may have to live and cope with it.
Avatar f tn Since you thought you had piles I will assume you are also having problems in that area and it could be your prostate, colon, herniated disc, ect causing the pain. Go back to your dr and ask for a mri.
Avatar n tn Actually sometimes when I have to have a bowel movement it will make my tailbone hurt more and then after I have the bowel movement, it brings me relief from the tailbone pain. I have had this problem before and the doctor told me it was recurring proctitis and to get a colonoscopy done. I know that proctitis is inflammation of the rectum and I also know the main cause of proctitis is anal intercourse and I know that I am for sure not doing that!