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Avatar m tn Only about 20-40% of those who have hsv1 will ever get a cold sore, and those who have genital herpes type 1 usually have very mild, infrequent outbreaks, and usually write those off as yeast, etc. If you tell me why you are asking, I might be able to offer specific advice for YOUR situation.
Avatar m tn It's been a week now and they now have redness to them. they are soft and not painful at all, not itchy and seem to have dimples. Sometimes it even looks like very tiny openings at the top but cant be sure. My doctor says they do not seem typical for herpes and thinks its just a reaction to the condom. I also developed red spots in my pubic area below the abdomen after trimming my hair to go see the doctor.
Avatar f tn however i told doc it was herpes and she still decided to slice it open only to see thats its infected tissue n not pus than she prescribes me not a doc but i kno from past that acycrovir works best.......can i prevent out breaks?etc?
Avatar m tn I dont believe those are herpes as are not puss contained and since there at the hair folicle i would think its a simple bacterial. Also they dont migrate from the base to the shaft, they spread after the first sore is opened. If your test comes out negative, dont be surprised and also what about your hsv1 results?
Avatar f tn I realized that I have asked a lot of questions on here, but I feel that on this site, I have gotten the best advice and the most patience and understanding, especially from Grace and quite a few. It is almost by a two weeks to the date a year that I had gotten diagnosed with hsv 1 and negative on hsv 2. Since then I have slipped into depression, lost the person I acquired it from and found someone new.
Avatar n tn During first infection, before an immune response has been mounted, that is a very infectious time. And if he is antibody tested too soon, he may not really know if this is herpes or not. I know its hard to wait, but that will give you the most accuracy. If you develop anything that looks like a lesion, go right away to have it swab tested, OK? And him too!
Avatar f tn NOTHING went to visit OBGYN explained my symptoms and he said that he woudn't be surprised IF if wasn't herpes but gave 30 day rx for Valtrex and said that we could do blood work in June ---I immediately took the Valtrex and have been taking it daily. Now that last few days I have been experiencing "symptoms" on and off throughout the day. Burning vagina, "heat" feeling on my thighs these symptoms only last about 10 minutes and then are gone.
Avatar m tn I should have the antibodies developed in my blood for HSVI and HSVII, if i have the Herpes in my body as its been long time since i had unprotective oral sex? Is my understanding correct? or there might be chances that a body could had primary outbreak after a long time after being exposed to sex and start developing the anibodies from that time as i suspect in my case?
2108821 tn?1334080535 I'm no expert, but what I've read is that discharge related to herpes is watery. And I think after 5 days of Valtrex, if it was related to herpes, it would be getting better... so it could be something else.
Avatar m tn i went to the ENT doctor and gave me clindamycin 300mg 4x a day for 1 week and it cured my throat. on december 2012 i had an ulcer all over my mouth most of them on and under my tongue and it was very painful. im having difficulty eating and drinking. i went to the local clinic and the doctor told me it was herpes by looking at it, and gave me acyclovir 200g 4x a day for a week it cured my ulcers before the week is finished.
Avatar f tn i also had a swollen feeling in my throat and a earahe about a week after the encounter that lasted about 4 days now my throat isn't sore or anything but it has a weird feeling and some phlegm in it and still the earache i went to a throat specialist and he said it was a throat infection and prescribed clindamycin but it doesnt seem as though it is working since now my throat feels achy.
Avatar f tn I've suffered from acne in the past so I just assumed it was just that. However the bumps seemed to have multipled and now they're a cluster of dry spots and a larger one in the middle. They don't hurt or itch or anything however I am assuming the worse, they have not released any kind of fluids either.I have an appointment today to try to figure out what it is but does anybody have any ideas or sufferered from anything similar? [IMG]
Avatar n tn 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men have genital herpes, and of those 90% don't even know it. The virus can be active and thus transmitted (called "shedding") without any outward symptoms. I have genital HSV-1 from my partner of 5 years, via oral sex (he has oral HSV-1). Again, he had no symptoms (as in a cold sore) in all of those 5 years. Lastly, yes it could be something else. That's why you see your medical provider to get it properly tested and diagnosed.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed an oral antibiotic for one bump which was apparently infected (which calmed down now and is just red/discolored but no longer infected) and I was also given Clindamycin, a topical antibiotic to apply to the rest of the bumps. So far, no great improvement except they have become slightly less raised and just a little less red. Otherwise, they are still there but do not itch at all.
Avatar m tn The doctor prescribed hibiclense and clindamycin for it. It has been two weeks and is slowly clearing up. I attached a picture as well. Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn it sounds like herpes so thats what it is, and other that believe my tests. I also have an autoimmune disorder and take hydrocortisone, which I fear may be clouding my IgG results. In any event, with my last negative HSV PCR, I had a biopsy done. The biopsy diagnosis read –“Spongiotic Dermatitis, Subacute Type.” I want to know if I can really believe this. I perused an article that said that the “Spongiotic Diagnosis” is often a blanket diagnosis- and not specific.
Avatar m tn problematic issue with HSV2 on my face. I am going to start with a timeline of what has happened and my symptoms.12/15/12 – Most likely exposed to HSV2 virus on face & mouth via oral sex in a careless moment with wife of 20 years. My wife & I both have Genital HSV2. We have never had symptoms on our face. 12/16/12 – (12 hours later) noticed rough dry skin spot (flaky cold sore like, but this spot never bubbled up blister wise) on side of lower lip.
Avatar n tn I was put on two antibiotics, amoxicillin and clindamycin, in prior months and I take birth control pills. 3. I have had flaky, peeling skin on my outer labia and a fissure at the top of my vagina where my outer labia meet. The tear is under my pubic hair and a centimeter long. It bleeds a little bit and is slightly painful, but no other fluid is present. It begins healing the next day, so I have been unable to have it swabbed. I have not experienced any other tears.
Avatar m tn He perscribed me Clindamycin Phosphate topical gel and Desonide lotion. After a few days of applying the Clindamycin the condition got extremely worse. I would usually get 5 or 6 bumps but when using the gel I would get around 20. I stopped using that and started the Desonide. This seemed to clear the bumps up but made the pain in my tailbone more severe. I have stopped using both but the pains and the bumps keep coming back. So if this is not herpes then what could it be?
Avatar f tn The doctor swabbed the lesion on my labia and vestibule and ordered a lab test for Herpes. He also did another complete blood test and a urinalysis. In the meantime, he prescribed Acyclovir 400mg TID for 10 days, clindamycin, and more diflucan. Soon after treatment with the Acyclovir, I noticed a change for the better. My ulcerated lesions begin to heal and the discharge diminished.
Avatar n tn I was sucked by a person of uncertain herpes status (no reason to suspect that this person had herpes and in fact they told me they were 100% free of all STDs). I was not wearing a condom. Well wouldn't you know that about two days later I came with a pretty serious flu that lasted three days. Of course this now has me scared. Am I at a substantial risk of having contracted herpes? If so, how long must I wait to test?
Avatar f tn Soon after it burst with puss and blood coming out then healed. I went to the er the same day and got tested for herpes and was negative but was perscribed valtrex just incase of positive results. I finished the script but not even a month later i have the same bump in the exact same area. I applied a hot compress which bought it to a head and i ciuld see a hair growing out. I pulled the piece of hair poking out with tweezers. IMMEDIATELY AFTER puss then blood came out alot of blood.
Avatar f tn She wrote me a prescription for something called Acylovir and something else called Clindamycin (correct spelling??) and told me that I could wait for the results before i filled the prescription. Im really nervous about the results. Ive kinda come to terms with having herpes and im not freakin out as much as I thought i would. I hope that her guess was wrong and that my results come back NEGATIVE. Herpes is not something that I am ready to deal with. Ill post results as soon as i get them!
Avatar f tn She wrote me a prescription for something called Acylovir and something else called Clindamycin (correct spelling??) and told me that I could wait for the results before i filled the prescription. Im really nervous about the results. Ive kinda come to terms with having herpes and im not freakin out as much as I thought i would. I hope that her guess was wrong and that my results come back NEGATIVE. Herpes is not something that I am ready to deal with. Ill post results as soon as i get them!
Avatar m tn I guess I've just been impatient and even with going to the doctor, thought I had Herpes and was depressed and couldn't sleep for a few days and then got over it. But now I'm starting to believe I got lucky. If it doesn't go away I'll make sure to see a dermatologist. Thanks again!
Avatar n tn The MD took a swab and will let me know and in the meantime, I was prescribed Clindamycin. Please - any advice or experience would be much appreciated.
Avatar m tn note no blisters or sores or a rash even saw doctor on 2/18 and he felt it was not an infection of any sort and most likely yeast, and/or bad hygiene and prescribes clotrimazole, and said the burning was probably related. notticed a clear discharge from penis, very small ammounts maybe its precum since i get it after an errection or so i think.
Avatar m tn gave me clindamycin and clotrimazole and betamethasone creme, no sign of getting better after a week. Should I see a dermatologist soon????????? thanks, This discussion is related to <a href=''>Very small recurring blisters on one foot only.</a>.