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567724 tn?1216836433 I got the clindamycin from the vet, it was for my cat that I had to put down at the end of last yr. he takes the mefs very well doesn't even put up a fight.
Avatar n tn I wouldn't even treat for "possible infection" with either. I'd wait for test results to come back to see if you even have either of them. clindamycin isn't going to help for either if you should be infected with either of them. you are wasting your time and money by taking it.
Avatar f tn Is there an over-th-counter medication for ringworm ? I can't get to my dermitologist before New Years and i would like to at least try to get rid on this ringworm.
Avatar n tn I'm allergic to penicillin and sulfa. Dentist prescribed Clindamycin 150 mg for 10 days for infection in my tooth. Got hives, rash, swollen lips and extreme itching and blotches from head to toe. Was on vacation so stopped medication after 3 days of taking it. It is now 5 days taking benadryl and the hives and itching have not stopped. What is in the clindamycin that I may be allergic to?
19434616 tn?1477610086 Hello, everyone! A year ago I began to get rashes on my legs. I figured it was normal, as I get eczema, and promptly ignored it. I went to a dermatologist after several months, and she diagnosed it as nummular eczema. It's true it looked very similar, but the lotions she suggested didn't help. I went to another dermatologist as they started to show up in other places. She took a skin test, and it came back positive for ringworm.
Avatar n tn Both ringworm and yeast infection are fungus. in fact one of the very best treatments for ringworm is monostat mixed with hibiclense I am not a medical pro, but I did rescue 3 infested kittens 4 years ago and my hairless dogs got ringworm. from that i learned the ringworm spores can live many months. I bought a woods lamp, only to discover all ringworms do not florese. dry skin does florese. grr a waste of good money.
Avatar f tn Go to the doctor. Clindamycin is a high risk for gut issues.
Avatar m tn // Ringworm is not difficult for a physician to diagnose and treatment varies depending on the severity of the issue. Treatment usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to clear it up and prevent it from returning. Let us know what your doctor says.
1136812 tn?1383347165 Hey back here for the last time , too naive. Back in March I had went down on a woman unprotected, for a long time . No intercourse was involved, though I did finger her a bit. Recently Ive noticed on my scalp that I have two small lesions that I thought to be ringworm or some type of fungi. It looks pretty obvious though I havent had it sampled. If it is ringworm hypothetically, and I know it is a symptom of HIV infection, would I have been at risk from the oral sex I administered to the woman.
Avatar f tn For possibly 6-8 weeks I have had several very small bumps on my cheek like pimples that had not truly surfaced yet. The odd thing about it was that the pimples were in a circular form. I didn't think much of it. It seemed like 1 or 2 of them would come out, be red for a few days like any other pimple and eventually fade away, but for 6-8 weeks I have still had this going on. Over the weekend my aunt who hadn't seen me since, thought perhaps I had ringworm. What do you think?
Avatar m tn Hi, thanks for your reply. I was interested in knowing why Clindamycin can't be taken with milk based products.
948202 tn?1245941816 I have not had any breakous for about 2 months since using clindamycin during the day, and sulfacetamide at night. I just recently added the retin-a becasue i wanted some anti-aging benefit. Also, i would like to add an antioxidant serum to my skin since i live in florida and want to protect my skin from UV etc.Do you recommend anything that wont break me out. When would i apply it before or after clindamycin? I use blue lizard face suncream as my spf.
Avatar f tn When i put Lotrimin on it, it stops growing and does eventually dry up but even though i used it for a while even after the ringworm cleared, i found another ringworm 5 months later (today). I'm really frustrated. My sister told me to use Triamcinolone acetonide for this new ringworm and the ointment is anti bacterial and not anti fungal. I'm a little skeptical to use it (i have seen pictures of numular eczema though and what i have does look like it once it spreads a little more).
Avatar n tn Apply warm compresses on the lymph nodes and complete the treatment for ringworm as prescribed by your doctor. Once ringworm is treated, lymph nodes will come back to their normal size. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how your daughter is doing.
Avatar f tn is there a chance of me being positive for hiv.i have literally dying for the past 8 months. please advice me.
Avatar m tn Alright, this is an ugly sad situation I am in. I slept with a prostitute ( protected ) and got a fungal infection on my back a week or two later ( ringworm ) ... It was protected so no HIV risk here.. . I also tested negative conclusively for this....
Avatar f tn m not sure if the spots on the back of my throat are attributed to mild acid reflux, stress, antibiotics (I was taking Clindamycin vaginally for BV during the week i slept with the guy), or oral gonorrhea, or ARS.
Avatar n tn Ringworm can be contagious. I strongly you suggest you make an appt for your nephew to see his doctor for an exam.
Avatar n tn Thank you so much for your response. May I also ask what length of time would I take the Biaxin? And is there any home treatment, Like garlic pills etc. that would help augment healing? ( since Biaxin is not considered the best treatment.) Although I'm stuck with that. And frankly, I was on the Clindamycin for weeks and that didn't get rid of the infection, so maybe a broad spectrum antibiotic will work for me. I sure hope so. thank you again for your advice.
Avatar m tn ok so i have started gettin spots that look like ringworm it started on my elbow it was a patch that looked like ringworm but it took a while to go away even tho i was using the cream but now like weeks later im gettin little ringworm spots all over i have one on my cheek one above the eye 1 on each forearm one on my thigh and a few on my back they look just like ringworm to me they are small area's not noticeable much the ones on my body arms are red the ones on my face are just skin color
Avatar f tn d call my obgyn and tell him/her, mine prescribed me medicine for it.
Avatar f tn Also, the infection has been treated with numerous antibiotics (amoxicillin, flagyl, omnicef, augmentin, clindamycin), and all seem to help at first, but only clindamycin has lasting effects. Not even augmentin worked. Any idea on what kind of bacteria would respond to clindamycin but not augmentin?
Avatar m tn Hoping that Clindamycin will work...If the Clindamycin does not there another medicine that could do the trick?
Avatar f tn By the next day the ringworm will be gone. My children got ringworm in school and a Fillipino lady cured them this way. In case it isn't ringworm that you have, you might want to try this on just one spot.