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Avatar n tn My dentist office wasn't open so my husband called another dentist, explained everything to him and I went there. He prescribed me cephalexin 500mg. Its been 24 hours since my last dose of clindamycin and im three doses into cephalexin. My swelling has gone down amazingly. It is no longer in my throat or near my ear or eye. it seems to be only around the infection site now. my face almost looks normal and the pain has subsided a lot.
Avatar f tn Since i told him I didn't want to take the Clindamycin because it made me so ill, he prescribed Cephalexin. Does anybody know anything about this drug? I looked it up and it said it is similar to penicillen. Will it work since the penicillen didn't? Sorry to sound so paranoid, but my dentist is not very easy to talk to about this and I am so scared. I hate when people/doctors think you're exaggerating. Believe me, I want to find a drug that will take care of this!
Avatar m tn Report Status Final Gram Stain FEW EPITHELIAL CELLS Gram Stain FEW GRAM POSITIVE COCCI Gram Stain RARE GRAM POSITIVE BACILLI Gram Stain NO NEUTROPHILS SEEN Organism 1 1) GROUP B STREPTOCOCCUS HEAVY GROWTH - Groups A, B, C and G streptococcal isolates are predictably susceptible to penicillin, amoxicillin and cephalosporins (e.g. cephalexin), therefore antimicrobial susceptibility testing is not routinely performed. Susceptibility to erythromycin and clindamycin is variable.
19126273 tn?1472690802 At 2 weeks I went to a walk-in clinic, where I was perscribed fucidin cream and amoxicillin tablets. No improvement, sore increased in size and infection spread causing redness and swelling over a 6-8" diameter. A week later, I went back to the walk-in clinic and had the doctor try to lance the sore and squeeze it out. Nothing came out of the wound. A week later, at the 4th week I saw my family doctor who perscribed cephalexin tablets for 7 days, which also did not help.
Avatar n tn Proper hygiene should be maintained. Antibacterial wash such as hexachlorophene and topical antibiotics such as erythromycin or clindamycin may provide relief. You may also try the following- Apply a warm compress to the affected area several times a day, avoid shaving, use antibacterial soap and over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. However, if severe (large area or multiple areas), your doctor may prescribe some oral antibiotics like cephalexin or erythromycin. Hope it helps.
Avatar m tn Antibacterial wash such as hexachlorophene and topical antibiotics such as erythromycin or clindamycin may provide relief. You may also try the following- Apply a warm compress to the affected area several times a day, avoid shaving, use antibacterial soap and over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. However, if severe (large area or multiple areas), your doctor may prescribe some oral antibiotics like cephalexin or erythromycin. Hope it helps.
Avatar m tn They show up randomly on her face and not in clusters.
Avatar f tn Went on cephalexin. Been eight days. Still have pus in gap where tooth was and having soreness in left jaw. Wondering about this oral surgeon/dentist. I am new to them. Should I go back to them/seek a 2nd opinion. . .or go to ENT.
Avatar f tn That is where most of the pain from this infection is coming from. It burns and sort of itches. The itching just started today and I've had this for 4 weeks. Most of the 4 weeks it wasn't diagnosed. I took Bactrim but that didn't work so I'm on cipro now. Is cipro a good antibiotic for this? Could this be impetigo? Any input is good, I'm desperate! I posted this in another group as well.
Avatar m tn Endodonist said there was pus -- infection. I have had allergic reaction to Levaquin and AzitheraI and have had side effects diarrhea and lightheaded from Cefdinir and Cephalexin so he prescribed Cipro 500mg. Said he doesn't usually prescribe but given that it have taken Cipro 250mg in the past (or urinary tract infection with no side effects. Is Cipro as effective as other antibiotics for dental infection?
Avatar m tn I was sleeping one day & when I woke up my right big toe hurt. I went to school the next day & it was fine then it started swelling & tingling along with numbness & burning. The doctor I saw said it was a spider bite & prescribed me two medications: Cephalexin & Clindamycin. My toe kinda looks better but it hurts to take it off my bed & put it on the floor (no pressure) and then walking on it hurts too. Was i bit or what?
Avatar m tn Even though it's nearly a year, he doesn't want to prescribe me them and always gives me the erythromycin and cephalexin everytime I go into the clinic. These drugs are COMPLETELY useless but the doctor still prescribes them to me. He's ignoring the problem here. I've probably taken Cephalexin 500mg for over 5 months. Of course not right after the other. So I believe that my staph is probably resistant to that antibiotic yet my doctor refuses to believe me.
Avatar f tn He originally diagnosed it as perioral dermatitis and gave us a script of Clindamycin to use topically for a month. That did nothing so then he changed the diagnosis to lichen nitadus (sp) and gave us a script for Locoid. The Locoid made his skin mad so the derm changed the topical to Elidel. That seemed to reduce the redness and inflamation but the size of the rash is still the same.
Avatar f tn The first time was a reaction from a tea tree oil acne line I tried out, but the times after that seem to be a mystery. I have been on and off antibiotics for this, including cephalexin (twice) and minocycline. My skin clears up on the medication but it breaks out again about week after treatment ends.
Avatar n tn In one of the test she noticed a bit of e-coli growing and prescribed Cephalexin. Other than the e-coli everything else she tested me for was negative. The first two weeks or so the pain was mainly between the lips of the vagina. Later it also began affecting my anal area and I noticed hemorrhoid like inflammation in my anus. Now there is redness in the opening to the vagina. And it still hurts but not as much as those first weeks.
Avatar m tn My dog was shot in the mouth he is on clindamycin, Metacam, and Cephalexin he wont eat and he keeps getting sick what should I do
Avatar n tn Due to my ongoing infections, my antibiotics were made stronger (from cephalexin to clindamycin). However, for the last couple of days, I no longer have tonsillitis, instead a swollen, white tongue that feels as if it has scratches all over it. When I try to eat or drink anything it burns. I have been on a liquid diet since the 12th, but even that is hard to stay on. Along with my tongue, my gums have been very sensitive as well. Please help! Any insight or advice is greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn He was given clindamycin (sp?) and after about 2 days on the antibiotic he started the excessive drinking again. A urine cortisol test was done after about a week on the antibiotic with even more elevated results. The vet thought it was probably the infection causing the elevation so he continued with the dosage of the Trilostane.
Avatar n tn After 1 week those bumps became very itchy, raised, fleshy and redness, and a lot bigger in size. I took cold showers and put ice on those bumps and the got smaller, flattened, and turned pale. I know for sure something is still there because they're still very very itching. After a few more times playing in the Sun and sweating, the bumps all came back and started to spreaded down my groin area.
Avatar f tn Hi there, i recently thought that i had an infection in my toe after i trimmed an ingrown toenail. My toe swelled up a lot and got red and hot and painful. I was prescribed an antibiotic called cephalexin (sorry if spelling is wrong), which didnt really work and my toe eventually got worse. I was then prescribed clindamycin and a corticosteriod to help with inflammation, which i finished both of and my toe looks better but still not normal.
Avatar n tn Most of the tick borne diseases do respond to doxycycline, but Babesia does not respond to doxycycline and must be treated with medications that your dog has not been treated with yet including clindamycin with metronidazole, and others. Another uncommon disease that fits many of Lola's symptoms is canine histiocytosis. There is quite a lot of information about canine histiocytosis in the following Pub Med linked journal article (though it may be a bit technical): http://www.ncbi.nlm.
Avatar n tn When I went into the doctor, she said it was folliculitis and gave me Cephalexin to make it go away faster. At this time, I got tested for all STD's and came up negative. About a month and a half later (September), they came back, and then the area around the base of my penis, and evenually extending upwards towards my belly button, was itching LIKE CRAZY! I thought I'd take a Bic to the region and shave it all, thinking that would help(stupid). It got very red and worse.
Avatar n tn Without a skin scrape and cytology it's hard to definitively say what antibiotic would be best but I would recommend at least a 4-6 week course of either cephalexin or if that's not tolerated clindamycin and fluconazole or ketoconazole for the fungal infection. Now with that in mind the infections are secondary to the actual cause which Jaybay is right could be demodectic mange or allergy. That needs to also be diagnosed with skin scrapes and cytology under the microscope.
Avatar f tn I began having the flu feeling and high fevers again, and in desperation put myself back on clindamycin. After going back on clindamycin, fevers and flu feelings were down again, jaw less fluid-filled, but still extremely sore/painful. It took longer for the clindamycin to work this time, and a new doctor concluded I may have developed some resistance to it after being on it for close to 2 months at that point.
Avatar n tn She is a wonderful lady that will have many suggestions for you. And it is free and you can ask as much as you want and she will answer you. Go luck.
Avatar n tn I took medication before all dental visits due to MVP guidelines and then my EP Cardiologist 3 years ago said guidelines changed and my heart murmurs, pvc', pac's were not an issue. The echocardiogram looked fine and I would see him yearly but no need to pre-med. Then I had extensive dental work, bleeding and issue and then my pvc's,pac's increased and have for a couple years now. My fear was that I was not being and continue not to protect myself enough. I respect the M.D.
Avatar f tn i recently found out that im 2 weeks pregnant and iwas on antibiotics(doxyclyn and metrronidazole) for bacterial infection before i took the test ,i want to know if this has affected the baby or me.
Avatar m tn Went to the doctor, she prescribed me an antibiotic mix of cephalexin and clindamycin. When my boil came to a head and was drained, a culture was taken and I was given an IV drip of (I think) the cephalexin. They also ran a lab on the culture. It was found to be a result of staph. So the doctor took me off both meds and prescribed Bactrim. A day after taking the Bactrim, I noticed a rash beginning to develop. The rash quickly spread and at first it wasn't itchy but that changed.
Avatar n tn During all of this time I have taken 7 courses of antibiotic (Tequin, Cephalexin, Augmentin twice, doxycycline, cipro IV after septum surgery, and clindamycin which I was taking at the time I went to the emergency room.) My questions are: Have we missed something with my knee to tell us if it is RA or some other kind of arthritis? Are my CBC results connected to my knee problem or should I be looking elsewhere? Perhaps I should tell you also that I am a 49 yr.
Avatar m tn I've also have had blood tests done to test for auto-immune problems, which also came back with nothing. My life is really at an all time low, and my relationships, grades, and employment options are all being sabotaged by this. I attached some pictures of some of my symptoms. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... I'm desperate for answers. Pictures: http://i956.