Chest pain right side radiating to back

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Avatar f tn I have dizziness, lightheadedness, headaches front and back - they get bad, clear watery running from my nose at itmes when I bend over or lean over that is not snot, severe neck pain, upper back pain runs into my arm, lower back pain and leg pain, chronic sinus problems, back of my head is so sore underneath - inside - and on top - the outside - to the touch, nausea only with the headaches and severe pain, I get pain in my faice and right eyeball, and have been getting numbness and tingling i
Avatar n tn I have been having back pain around my right scapula for 10 months. About 5 months ago I went to a ortho back dr. and he said it was a pinched nerve. I did physical therapy for 3 months but it didn't seem to help. About a month ago I had ab cramping in between my ribs. Now the pain in my back is going around under my arm and into my chest and ribs. I've gained a few pounds within a few weeks, my stomach seems distended and i have frequent loose stools, but not much gas. My general dr.
Avatar m tn It also hurts if I lean to my right side when sitting. The pain is relieved if I lean to my right side. Sometimes I can feel a dull pain in my right hip along with the lower back pain but nothing serious. I have now had this pain for almost a week and is really starting to get annoying! Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
Avatar m tn The back pain seems to radiate to my sides,to the ribs.Its not really pain in the ribs...more like a cramping.I have poor posture,slouching very badly at the computer desk.I dont know if I have a disc herniation causing these problems...muscles ,ligaments etc...any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn m 100% pain free on my left side and they vanish instantly, however the same exact pain happens on my right testicle, right groin, right back and right leg. The pain is more identical like the same I had on my left side. After sometime, the pain returns back to my left side again and stays there for several days. I have no idea what this could be.
Avatar n tn m 100% pain free on my left side and they vanish instantly, however the same exact pain happens on my right testicle, right groin, right back and right leg. The pain is more identical like the same I had on my left side. After sometime, the pain returns back to my left side again and stays there for several days. I have no idea what this could be.
Avatar f tn Mid back pain when i arch my back and it radiates through to my chest area. I feel it more on the right side. My ribs are also sore when i touch them and my lats are sore as well. What could it be? I'm afraid i have a cancerous tumor or something. It has been going on for 3 months now.
Avatar f tn I was awaken about 5:30 this a.m. by chest pain on right side felt like a spasm. It has continued off and on throughout the day whether sitting standing or laying along with a heaviness in my chest. It worsens when I am laying down. It does seem to radiate to my upper back. I do suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and reflux which I do see a doctor regularly for and do take medication. Is it possible it is inflamation from the rheumatoid?
1371160 tn?1303508772 Her back pain is radiating from her back to her chest, making it very difficult for her to breathe. Someone( one of her friends) had looked at her back and saw that one side of her back was more swollen than the other. They put a cold water bottle on it and the swelling went down, but the pain didn't go away. I am urging her to go to the ER and have it looked at now, but I would like to help her find some kind of relief if only temporary. Any ideas ladies?
931976 tn?1257359946 If I laid on my right side or my back the pain would intensify. The next morning I seemed to feel quite a bit better. But by early afternoon, it was slowly coming back. That night I managed to get a whole 4 hrs of sleep. Last night was different though, I fell asleep on my left side and woke up 2 hrs later with all my muscles on the right side between my hips and my neck in severe pain. I thought I was going to hyperventilate because I could only take really small quick breaths.
Avatar f tn Features of pain including its relation to food intake, whether it is radiating to any place , whether coughing or straining increase it, how long each episode of pain lasts, any worsening or relieving factor? 3. Whether you are a diabetic? ================================================================ The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.
Avatar f tn Sometimes it was sharp stabbing, sometimes just a dull but painful ache on the left side radiating to my arm. I ended up going to the A+E several times and each time the ECG and bloods came back fine and therefore was basically just dismissed as a hypochondriac. The pain finally died down in about March meaning i'd had it about 5 months.
Avatar n tn You dont say where the pain is located, is it on the right ,under the ribs, and radiating to the shoulder and into your Back , could be a Gall Bladder attack, it could be bruised Ribs if you hurt yourself there, they take a while to heal and hurt, Go and ask your Doc again if it continues.
Avatar n tn I have constant unrelenting pain in my right side, radiating thru to my back & down my buttocks. It get's worse with activity, but NEVER lets up. I have seen a surgeon who did several tests & found I have sludge in my gallbladder. He will take it out, but is also considering exploratory surgery because a hernia was found on my right side with a CAT scan.
Avatar f tn what i mean is that the same place it hurts in my right upper side chest it hurts on my right side upper back its like the pain is in same place back and front " i have been getting this pain on and off for abt 4 weeks and recently for 2 days i have a sore throat , burning pain in throat and ears and goes down to stomach but no stomach pain ,swallowing is painfull , what can this be and is this something to go to the doctor abt or do i needto go to the emergency room for this .
Avatar f tn OWIEEEE!!! This back/hip pain is killing me. It's radiating from my lower back to hips down my legs into my calfs and it hurts like he'll. I've been laying with a heating pad but it's not helping. What do u guys do for pain?
Avatar m tn My husband is 32 years old in great shape and has been having chest pain, upper left back pain, lower abdominal and side pain, and shooting pain down his left arm with some numbness. He has been dealing with these symptoms for a while now and keeps going to the doctor and running all these tests and nothing. Yesterday, while he was at work he had to leave and go to the e.r. and of course nothing, they told him to go to his doctor. which is what we have been doing.
Avatar n tn There is no typical cardiogenic chest pain, which is crushing precordial pain radiating to the jaw, arm and neck, relieved with sublingual nitrates. other possibilities for the muscle spasms can be chest injuries, previous chest surgery, possible culprit, any history of athletics, stress fractures , pulled chest muscles. Fibromyalgia is an important condition of chronic fatigue which causes severe muscle pain, with muscle spasms in chest.
Avatar f tn My back and hip, on right hand side also giving pain but none of which are sore to touch as the pain is radiating rather than severe in one spot. I have no other symptoms. I am average weight and suffer no allergies, take no medication and have a great diet. I have felt tired of late and run down so wondering if this is a low-grade kidney infection/stone or gall bladder problem. My family have history of IBS and Celiac but I have not had any symptoms of this of yet.
Avatar n tn I've being having chest pains mostly on my right side. What should i do? and What could it be?
Avatar m tn Hello, i used to have before some irritating pain on the leftupper side of my back; i think this is the area of the shoulder blade.Now i've been going through the same type of pain but on the right side of my upper back for more than a week. I read on the web that this could be related to the liver disease, does anyone of you have an idea or experience about this type pf pain? Thanks.
2081129 tn?1332253157 Can a heart attack cause chest pain on left side and send radiating pain down your spine
Avatar m tn I'm a 23 yr old male, 6ft and weight 205lbs. I have been experiencing this left side chest pain for over 2 years now. The past year and a half, I have been in the charity system and had multiple test including, echo's, blood work, stress test, holter monitors, ekgs. I recently just got insurance and got established with a family Doc, been seeing hime about 3 months. I've had an ekg, holter monitor, and blood work done through him.