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Avatar m tn I have an extremely sharp pain on the right side of my chest when getting out of bed. It starts to hurt when I lay on my sides. When I try to roll over, the pain shoots through my right side. And when I try to get up and out of bed, I can only move an inch or two at a time getting up. Once I get on my feet, it goes away after a minute or so. The pain is so bad it feels like being electrocuted.
Avatar n tn Thanks but upon further research levoquin side effects include arm pain so at the moment i am attributing his symptoms to that as his chest and arm pain has gone way down sine use.
Avatar f tn I'm 23 year old male iv pain on right side of my chest and slight pain in right arm aswell
Avatar m tn I have been suffering from a feeling of being light headed and falling over, and last week while driving I thought i was going to pass out, and all of my right side went numb , I am also suffering from stabbing chest pains on the left side of my chest and aching in my left arm, I have had a lot of tests done on my chest and heart and they were all clear but when i got a look at my records with my gp, it said that I have got single vessel disease, anybody help me I am lost now and dont know what
Avatar f tn Hello group, I'm 36 and I've been having some chest pain on the left side including my arm and under my armpit, sometimes on my right but very seldom. Went to the e.r and all tests were normal. My father died of an heart attack in his early 30s so this is really wworrisome...can the tests be wrong?
Avatar n tn Now yesterday I had a really pinching pain on my cheat right side that radiates to my whole arm and also right under the arm it also radiates a little to my right side ,it is like pressure at times and I feel my arm tingling all the way down .
Avatar n tn Right side pain can sometimes indicate appendicitis. When the doc released the pressure, did you have pain then, called "rebound pain". Are you nauseous? Running a fever? If it continues, I would see another doctor and ask for more tests, one being a white blood count, it is better to be safe than sorry.
Avatar f tn I was awaken about 5:30 this a.m. by chest pain on right side felt like a spasm. It has continued off and on throughout the day whether sitting standing or laying along with a heaviness in my chest. It worsens when I am laying down. It does seem to radiate to my upper back. I do suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and reflux which I do see a doctor regularly for and do take medication. Is it possible it is inflamation from the rheumatoid?
Avatar f tn It was only on my right side. It was followed by chest pain, shortness of breathe, jaw pain, and right side heavy feeling in head. My neck felt stiff and then my arm felt weak. It didn't all happen at once. The tingling keeps happening too. It keeps coming and going, my body feels cold too... is it amxiety, stroke, or heart attack?
Avatar n tn The pain I have is mostly sharp, but dull at resting and it wraps around to my chest (imagine drawing a line from the bottom of your scapula underneath your arm and to your pectoral muscles near your armpit). Occasionally I have pain in my upper arm too. Weird thing for me is that the pain is REALLY sharp if I take a very deep breath in or if I yawn. I also experience pain when I drive, put my arm behind my back, lay on the opposite side (not sure why that is), lift anything over 2lbs.
Avatar m tn s not going away. This pain also spreads to the right side of my chest at times. Yesterday I felt a painful spasm like sensation several times on the right side of my chest as well. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
1960024 tn?1355014582 I have been getting alot of liver area pain, sore lymph nodes in neck and under arm, nausea,stomach pain, left side pain(the opposite of the liver area), pain in my upper right back, pain in shoulder and arm, my testicles feel a bit sore, my vision is blurry, fatigue ,weakness even at the very moment I am feeling like I will collapse and black out even after getting more then enough sleep.... especially while standing up and walking around.
4536442 tn?1358820448 Yeah I get heartburn and its a different feeling unusually get heartburn in the evenings it just feels like I've pulled a muscle since years ago I strained the right side of my chest, thanks for your comment though :) :)
Avatar n tn the pain is localized medial side lateral side or back side? palpate the area to c if there is any swollen lymph could be just a muscle problem..notice that ur body is heeling now...i am not a doc...
Avatar m tn Chest pain on the RIGHT side of your chest is rarely associated with your heart. There are also about a hundred things that could be causing this pain. When you tell us that by reaching for your alarm clock with your right arm, this is when you feel the sharp pain in your chest. My first thought is that you've pulled a muscle in your chest wall which is exacerbated when you reach for the alarm.
Avatar f tn m having sharp pain in my chest on my right side kind of chest and right breast that shoots the pain to my right armpit. If I cough, lift with my right arm and bend over and reach with my right arm it hurts. I know I need to lose weight and quit smoking but am having a hard time.
Avatar n tn Esopho painful sticky stuck, right side chest/back hurts when inhaling, pain down right arm to elbow, fingers cold, chest pain in direct middle chestbone. 1pm: pain down side of right leg. 2pm: Painin middle breastbone chest thru to back and hurts to inhale. 2:45: Severe swell in chest/pain/worse when inhaling, turning pale, nausia, eyes drying. 3:05: Warming up sensation upper body & head, perverse sweating again.
11465022 tn?1418659599 also for the past 2 weeks ive been having a peircing pain in the right side of my chest that goes into my arm. i HAVE been diagnosed with sciatica but after everything i read on it, its not making complete sense. PLEASE HELP!!!!
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning with my right side of my chest, right arm,underneath my arm pit, going down to the right side of my back hurting, cramping. What can this be caused from? It's kind of scaring me.... Should I go to the hospital or take something and see if it goes away?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'll start by giving a quick run down of what's been going on, 10 days ago I felt a bit run down, no cold or flu symptoms or anything just really tierd like I'd done too much. Two day later I woke up in agony all the muscles in my chest rib and upper back hurt like I'd been doing to much excersize but I'd done nothing.
Avatar n tn Hello! I have been having a dull aching pain in my chest mainly left side, back pain and some occasional arm pain. I do have GERD and had my gallbladder out in 2003. I saw my doc and she thinks its just a flare up of GERDs but has set me up to have a stress echo. I am driving myself nuts wondering is the heart related, am i ignoring signs of a heart condition. My doc doesnt seem so worried but i have small children and cant help but wonder am i taking the right measures promptly.
Avatar n tn s happening. Not all arm pain or chest pain is heart related. It could easily be a pinched nerve or muscle pain that's radiating further. And pain will increase heart rate. To my knowledge (which is limited) I don't think a heart attack usually goes on for days.
Avatar m tn Last week I noticed the vein under my right arm pit very enlarged. As days progressed, anytime I raised my arm above 45 degrees, my arm became stiff and "full". Almost an engourgement of fluid/blood. Veins bulging, reddening of arm. I also have swelling just below my right clavicle. My arm is extremely sore but no acute area of pain or injury.
Avatar n tn I am a 26-yr-old female and for the past couple weeks I have been experiencing some pain in the left side of my chest. At times, it will come on suddenly, as though there is a giant bubble that won't pop and is so painful its hard to breath. It usually last a min or two. Most of the time, there is just a dull pain that continues in that area and sometimes spreads to the shoulder and upper arm. I am concerned because it is becoming more frequent but I am not sure what it is.
Avatar f tn I am 30 weeks today and I feel so much better sleeping on my right side.. I feel bad hip pain when I am on my left and my arm falls to sleep..
Avatar m tn I'm a 23 yr old male, 6ft and weight 205lbs. I have been experiencing this left side chest pain for over 2 years now. The past year and a half, I have been in the charity system and had multiple test including, echo's, blood work, stress test, holter monitors, ekgs. I recently just got insurance and got established with a family Doc, been seeing hime about 3 months. I've had an ekg, holter monitor, and blood work done through him.