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Avatar f tn I’m a 19 year old spec with Chest pain that spreads to upper back and sometimes accompanied by nausea dismissed as anxiety by doctors despite a normal psychiatric evaluation with no diagnosis found. My first ecg during chest pain showed ‘irregularly irregular rhythm’ with a sinus arrhythmia, short PR interval and ST junctions depression non-specific. My second one during chest pain 3 days later showed TWI in V2 and V3.
Avatar f tn I'm a 31yr old woman with chest pain during activity I'm sweating, dizzy, nauseated, the pain is in the middle of my chest and have recently moved to my back. My doctor order echocardiogram, ekg, and a nuclear stress test that was all fine. I'm overweight for my height but have always been fit with blood pressure always was fine always been able to run up stairs (which now a problem) should i still be worried that its cardio or not?
Avatar n tn I am 44 yrs old with family history both mother and father needing heart valve replacement or repair, I have been hospitalized several times for chest pain. My last stress test was EF of 53% 5 yrs ago and now it is 43%. My father is having open heart surgery in a few weeks and his EF was 44%. I have chest pain alot and I aslo have whay I call heart hiccups, my heart stops beating once every 3 to 5 mins for about 2 seconds at a time. Needless to say Im scared , and dont know what to expect.....
Avatar f tn i have left side chest pain like ele shock then goes down my left arm and fingers to all tingly and if i use a baby asprin under my tounge seems to help 15-20 min
Avatar f tn I have been having light chest pain on the left side along with tingling in left arm. I am 28 yr old and akways been healthy. dont smoke or drink. This has happen off and on for three days. when it comes on i feel like I have a lump in my throut and its hard to swollow along with dizziness and trouble focusing eyes. Not sure if it could be stress or is it something more?
Avatar m tn For 5 years I have suffered with Chest pain that radiates into my back and down both arms during excertion. I have had stress test, heart cathorization, throat and stomach scoped. I've been tested to see if I am having spasms in my esophagus. I went to an orthopedic doctor who performed an mri of my neck and upper back. I did have two disc buldges in my neck but he said that would not cause the pain. The pain stops when I stop the excertion.
Avatar f tn You could honestly have a case of really bad heart burn I get it all the time with this little guy and sometimes it feels like the worst chest and back pain ever you should try some tums and maybe zantac or another anti acid that's what it could also be and I have had it last for a day or two to ...
Avatar f tn I am a 49 year old female with aching left sided chest pain. The doctors did an ekg which showed i have sinus bradycardia but I have always had a slow heart rate. They did a cat scan that showed cloudy lungs with the looks of a snow storm in them. They put me on an anti imflamitory and have scheduled a cat scan in 3 weeks to see if the symtoms disappear. The pain is still present all the time and I feel short of breath when I do anything. What could it be?
Avatar f tn Did they give you any medicine, such as nitroglycerine for the chest pain? What testing did they do? Did they tell you what sort of irregular heart beat you had? For instance, skipped beats, ectopic beats, bradycardia (slow heart rate), supraventricular or sinus tachycardia, etc.?
Avatar f tn I have been having chest pain since tuesday and i have been to the hospital 4 times with in this week. each doctor say something different. one said gastroesphageal reflux , another said costochonritis , another said carpal tunnel and a pinch nerve in the neck ,and then one said it have something to do with my mucsles and reflux . so my question is what is really going on with me .To me it sound like a stroke , heart attack , or angina .
424634 tn?1277857528 BP spikes and chest pain are not to be ignored. Please be careful. And when will you find out the final diagnosis?
Avatar f tn For approx 2.5 weeks now I have had chest pain. It started in the centre and now radiates to the left and right. I am exhausted and can just make it to 730 each night. Last weekend my chest felt like it was been sat on by an elephant. I went to the hospital they did an ecg that was fine, stress test for my heart passed no probs the only thing they discovered was mild tenderness where my gallbladder is as well as some indications of infection and inflammation in my blood work.
1657052 tn?1302211717 nite, usually feel like crap next day, but this time on 30th shot, had chest pain for about 4 hrs..felt too sick to go to dr, was here by myself..wondering if anyone else has had this side and should i go in for heart workup???
Avatar f tn My son is 10 years old and he recently received a trampoline for a late birthday gift. Recently he started complaining of chest pain. We figured he was not used to jumping and that maybe he was messing with something inside like a muscle or something. He has been complaining for a about a week now and tried to jump again and it is still hurting him something awful. Could this be a pulled muscle?
Avatar n tn hello i am a 33 year old male with a history of SVT and atrial fib i have had an ablation and catherzations i have been cardioverted at least 12 times i have chronice chest pain and the doctors that i have talked to including my cardiologis say that it is not my heart i have had psychcologist examinations for mental problems and i have none i have done every test that they have asked me to do and no one can tell me what it causing the pain the pain gets so bad that i end up in the ER for it and
Avatar f tn I recently had very bad chest pains and consulted a doctor who wanted to give me an injection on the chest,which I refused.the pain felt like something was choking and at the same time I had tterrible backpain and headache.I went to a 2nd doctor who gave me painkillers but couldn't diagnose me.could it be a heart condition?
Avatar m tn Hi, Thank you for your comments. My husband told me that he had written in and he asked me to read what he had written and your reply to it. First, I have more symptoms than what he has listed but he thinks that giving them all is part of the reason that I cannot get a Doctor to give me a diagnosis. Myself, I don't see how I can get a correct diagnosis without listing all my symptoms, but I digress.
Avatar n tn I am a 23 year old female-nonsmoker/nondrinker/normal BMI who began having chest pain 4 months ago. I believe the pain was initially onset due to stress (I was switching jobs at the time). Stress is gone (went back to old job) but pain remains: blood test (hepatitis, h pylori), EKG, gall bladder/liver function, echo cardio/stress are all normal. I have been treated with arthritis medication for costocondritis and been perscribed both prilocec and nexium with no help.
Avatar f tn I think you should schedule an appointment with a cardiologist for a general appraisal of your heart. Many times chest pain is not the heart, it is the muscles in the chest. But, still it should be checked out by a doctor that will give you specific diagnosis results and recommendations. You age suggests you don't have any heart problems, but if you continue to have high BP without treatment I think you will have heart problems someday in the future.
Avatar f tn They have progressively gotten worse over the past 5 years. I tried working in a nursing home for a couple of months and I ended up having to quit because I would come home in tears every night because of the pain. There is certain things I loved to do, like fishing, that has become a challenge for me because I cannot bend over a lot or it aggravates the pain. I I have been to all kinds of drs the past 5 years to try and get this resolved.
Avatar f tn I have long history of anorexia and bulimia and heroin and cocaine addiction.Have been clean many years ( a couple relapses). Started getting chest pain 8 years ago. Its got progressively worse. Pain everyday , sometimes dull , heavy or full on. dizziness , severe coldness limbs . Anyway was walking about and functioning more or less.
Avatar m tn When ever I hold my breath and let all the wind out of my lungs and squeeze my chest it will give me pain on and around my sternum. If I turn my head sharply I will feel pain on the right side. But what hurts me the most is when I push down on my sternum or pull an object into my sternum. Nothing shows up in xrays and the doctors just keep sending me away without telling me anything. Does anyone know what this could be? It also does hurt in my back on the right side when everything hurts.
Avatar f tn And I feel it more anytime I have sometin going on my mind.Right now,the chest is more on my left chest and my left armpit and the left upper back.Pls,what could be the problem?
Avatar n tn I am a petite 35 yr old under 5 ft, 115 lb mother of 6 after my fourth child stopped breastfeeding i developed chest pain always in the left side not sharp but a dull ache like someone is squeezing my heart, i have gone several times to my family doc but nothing crazy Not alot of tests done. I just weaned my 6th child and again this chest pain. It does not get better or worse just sits there. I do not have any anxiety issues and never have had acid or gastro probs.