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Avatar n tn I have depression and anxiety aalong with BPD and worked very hard with my doctor to find a med combo that would work for me. We finally settled on Lexapro 40 mgs. and Seroquel 300 mgs a day. I was doing great on this plan until January the first when medicaid in my state changed their formulary and will no longer pay for either of these drugs. Now I am on 60mgs of Celexa a day and my anxiety is through the roof. I cannot even function.
Avatar m tn I am also taking ativan .5mg 3 times a day to help alleviate some of the side affects until Celexa kicks in. Can anyone tell me how long it will take for the Celexa to begin to work on my anxiety. I wake up feeling anxious and nauseated. Does it really take 4-6 weeks for this medication to kick in? Would be great if anyone has any advice on this.
Avatar n tn Six weeks ago, I began to have severe panic attacks, increased depression, and heavy anxiety. My doctor had me increase to 40mg celexa and added .5mg of ativan twice daily to help with the panic and anxiety until the celexa increase kicked in. After six and1/2 weeks I haven't noticed a big difference and I was wondering if the ativan is preventing the celexa from working properly.
6693906 tn?1388807885 He has decided to gradually up the Celexa again and ween me off the Ativan. this is 3 days later and i am home from school with dizziness and nausea. From what I read that is normal withdrawal, and i'm certain it will pass. However, my question is if the Celexa was bad to bring up the first time, will it necessarily have the same result months later? If anyone has any information on this medication please help me, i'm a little worried!
Avatar f tn It sounds like whatever you experienced yesterday has nothing to do with the 1 pill of Celexa. It is best to check with your pharmacist as they have a lot more information than I do about Celexa and xanax.
Avatar n tn I recently weaned off Celexa and took my last pill last week. Since weaning though, I have been experiencing a lot of dizziness and feeling very light headed and was wondering if this is a common side effect when coming off celexa. My mind feels so fuzzy lately and confused.
Avatar f tn Are you saying you were put on Abilify before you were put on Celexa? Because if you've only been on Celexa a few days, Abilify wouldn't be appropriate. It's only a last resort medication because of its side effect profile and because it isn't known to work by itself, only in combination with another med. If, for example, you have depression, and you're on medication and its helping but not quite enough and you've tried everything else, that's what Abilify is for.
Avatar f tn I am not familiar with celexa, but my mom takes it, and it seems to help her. Ativan is a fast-acting benzodiazepine that will kick in about 20 min. This will keep you calm for about four hours. If you doc prescribed both, then its okay to take both as directed. Ativan, like i said, is a bezo, and all benzos can be addictive. Never, ever take more than doc says. And if your doc wants to take you off of it, you MUST taper, less and less each week until none.
Avatar m tn I've recently had trouble sleeping due to anxiety and my doctor prescribed me Ativan, and my psychiatrist re-prescribed me Celexa (I was on Celexa a couple months prior but stopped taking it with my psychiatrist's permission) I'm currently taking 1mg of Ativan every night to help me fall and stay asleep. How high are the dependency risks involved with taking Ativan, and how long will Celexa take to start kicking in again? These nights of insomnia are just making me more anxious.
Avatar m tn I had super bad night sweats while taking celexa. Ringing in the ears is also a symptom. With any AD, you run the risk of a bad reaction and possible suicidal ideation. When I first started, my psychiatrist prescribed ativan in case my anxiety initally worsened.
Avatar f tn Hello there! Sorry you are having a rough time! First, I'm glad to hear you're tapering with the help of your doc, that's so important as one should never stop taking a benzodiazepine abruptly. It can actually be dangerous, with seizures being one of the possible risks. Tapering is a must! The key to a successful benzo taper is taking your time, slow and steady. If you're having a very rough time, it's likely that you're tapering too fast.
Avatar f tn While switching from Wellbutrin (which didn't do the whole job and always involved a 4 PM meltdown of grey coming from nowhere so I had to grab another Ativan or 2 to stave off the panic) to Celexa, I was able to get a small good effect within a week, but the total effect takes up to 8 weeks to build. I cut my Ativan use weekly, and after 4 weeks never took another. I just took Ativan on an as needed basis to cut panic, so it was good to be rid of that problem after 4 weeks.
Avatar f tn 5mg) which I take when I feel as though I need to, mainly before bed because recently I've had anxiety about not being able to sleep (I was having random heart palps right before I'd fall asleep). Anyone who has experience with Celexa I would be very grateful if you could help me out! I'm going on vacation next week and I'd hate to feel like this the whole time.
Avatar f tn I've been struggling for a long time with anxiety. I have tried CBT twice a week for nine months with Ativan as needed. I was a lot better but still not stable. I cannot sleep through the night without anxiety/panic attacks. And the morning is the worst. I just started 5 mg celexa 4 weeks ago and my doctor wanted me to increase my ativan to help with anxiety. It seems like whenever I take too much, I feel sick and loopy. And, it is not that effective for me with dleep.
11083698 tn?1415154804 First, pharmacists don't know anything about natural remedies. They don't get trained in them. Second, yes, if you're on Ativan, don't take GABA -- the Ativan is already targeting GABA. Don't take the taurine either. There are ways to take natural relaxants along with benzos, but if you're not expert in natural medicine I wouldn't play around.
Avatar f tn but when I woke up today, the numb feeling/tingling has returned (it seems happen when the ativan wears off). Is it possible to have withdrawal symptoms after having taken celexa for only 2 weeks?! Any insight would be appreciated!
Avatar f tn I find I am feeling worse and worse with each dosage increase. I also take Ativan which helps greatly with the anxiety. I would like to start weaning off the Celexa gradually but am not sure how to go about doing this. I am confident that the Ativan is what I require for the anxiety. As well, 5 years ago I suffered bilateral Pulmonary Embolisms (after having a PICC line removed after 6 months), is it true that Celexa can cause blood clots and PE's?
Avatar f tn he didnt seem to care or understand the severity of my symptoms. i talkd with my primary and he attempted to ween me off the ativan because he felt it was the best thing to do and i was ok for awhile but now am losing my mind! all my symptoms have returned,i feel shortness of breath i wake in the middle of the night and my heart is pounding..i am scared to death but am trying to deal. i dont want to hurtmy baby either..
Avatar f tn Is Lexapro 10mg equivalent to 20mg of Celexa or 40mg of Celexa?
Avatar f tn It is approximately 10-fold more potent at inhibiting serotonin uptake than norepinephrine uptake Lorazepam, initially marketed under the brand names Ativan and Temesta, is a benzodiazepine drug with short to medium duration of action. It has all five intrinsic benzodiazepine effects: anxiolytic, amnesic, sedative/hypnotic, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant It is a powerful anxiolytic. Lorazepam's principal use has been in treating the symptom of anxiety.
Avatar m tn The Celexa is 20mg and the Trazodone is 50mg. Is there going to be any interactions with taking both of those and Ativan as I need it? I did the interactions checker on drugs.com, and it says there is a major one between Trazodone and Celexa. This worries me. He really only gave me the trazodone to sleep, but I really am not having real troubles sleeping.
Avatar f tn My shrink put me on Lorazapam when I was in the "mental health unit" (better known as "the psych ward"). Anyway, it was effective with Lithium and Celexa (for bipolar disorder and depression, respectively). I stayed on the Lithium and Celexa when I was discharged from the hospital, but he switched me to Klonopin then. This trio seems to be helping although I am still suicidial two or three times a month. Not sure what to do about that, and neither is my doc.
1425157 tn?1311655279 I am finding that at night my heart is just pounding not really fast just so forceful it is very uncomfortable and my chest gets tight,the only thing that helps me get any sleep is to take a 1mg ativan--i know this is addictive and dont want to become addicted,i am weaning off zoloft down to 25 mg every 4 days after many years on a daily ssri,,,i take fish oil and garlic capsules but no other meds...any ideas or feedback regarding ativan to treat palps???
Avatar f tn Didnt go well, and the anxiety mixed with racing thoughts and insomnia did me in. I immediately went back up to 30mg of Celexa and 500 of Depakote. Within 3-4 days was feeling better, now 2 weeks later I feel great.
Avatar m tn (sometimes I will take a quarter more at one of the dosing times) Should i just stop taking them? So I have been taking ativan regularly at a very low dose for 3 weeks now... Thanks for any advice!
Avatar f tn Well, the doctor took my off the Celexa because of all of the negative side effects after almost 6 weeks at such a low dose. She wants me to wait 2-3 weeks and we will try something else. Onto the next one I guess :-( hoping something will help! I've tried everything the past four years invluding almost a year of twice a week CBT therapy with barely any meds which has been the only thing that stabilized me. But, I still could not dleep, had bad snxiety 50% of the time and had mild depression...
433485 tn?1321816990 Hi. I am diagnosed mood disorder co morbid anxiety. I am on several meds: lamictal, celexa and seraquel plus 1 mg klonopin tid. I also have ativan, .5 mg, that my pdoc "would prefer I don't take". However, a few times a month, ( 2 this month) I had a horrible anxiety attack and took the ativan. My question is is it okay to take the 2 drugs together: ativan and Klonopin. Thanks. I am seeing my pdoc on Nov. 11th and need to talk (again, so frustrating) about my meds.
Avatar m tn The SNRI's like Effexor are a little less stimulating and provide better relief for anxiety, in my opinion. I am presently on Celexa because of insomnia with Zoloft and sleep issues with Effexor XR. I have taken Klonopin for a few years and it is a Godsend. My present Doc doesn't like benzos so I have gone from 2mgs a day to less than 1mg a day. It gets a little hairy if you taper too quickly so I'm taking it slow. You need to also. If you try too quickly you will just give up.