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Avatar f tn In the time since, my anxiety has spiked, particularly in the morning/during the day, I get episodes of spiking blood pressure, feel like I have heart palpitations, still have random leg twitching and arm pain, and have trouble sleeping at night because when 4am rolls around my heart starts pounding! Am I still experiencing withdrawal even though I was on such a small dose for such a short time?
Avatar n tn Really lost and sick of it. Have a pain were my scrotom and leg meet but it could be from straining to go to the bathroom. My stomach was kind of tender on the right side when she pressed on it but no rebound pain.
Avatar n tn I belive I suffer from IBS but have not been diagnosed, since starting the Celexa I have had nonstop pain in my stomach and back. When I first started the meds i was taking it at night but would wake up in pain. So I started taking it during the day and no changes occurred. Unfortunately I suffer from severe anxieties over death and this pain is only making things worse for me. I dont know what to do and I am so hoping someone else has a similar story.
Avatar n tn 6-16-2003: I went off of Celexa when my prescription ran out and they wouldn't renew it over the phone - they wanted me to come in and be seen, but I'm very busy with work. I found myself dizzy, sometimes. Not all of the time. I could drive just fine, but getting into and out of the car would cause a little wave of dizzyness, which was mildly nauseating. Also, turning the corner while walking would cause it. I had no clue it was the Celexa.
Avatar n tn I feel your pain!!!! Celexa has ruined my life and the withdrawl symptoms are hell. I started taking celexa about a year sgo for anxiety at work....i din't really need it but my doctor convinced me it would ease my tension. I was on 20 mg for a year...but then changed jobs and really had no reason to stress...also i had no sex drive and missed having drinks with people after work so decided to go off of it. It was such hell....
Avatar n tn They used phenobarbitol, klonipin, a mild muscle relaxer for the leg cramps, and a mild seditive for the sleeplessness. His trick he says was to keep moving. Jog every morning, work the toxins out of you by moving and moving, even if you feel like you are going to die. He was feeling great, except for body aches, until he came home. The homefront and being out of the 'protective environment' of rehab is what got him... He claims a lot of it is in your mind...
Avatar n tn I am really discouraged and would like to not take anything, but I am so afraid that if I don't take any meds I will be a basket case. Also, I've moved up to the 10 mg of Celexa and my anxiety and funny heart feelings have gone up dramatically. When can I expect that to stop? It starts about 2 hours after taking my dose, then starts to get better about 3 hours before the next dose. Is this normal? Thanks for the help. I'm really struggling here.
Avatar f tn For the past year I have lower left sided back pain that goes into my left hip then travels down leg and stops half way down between thigh and knee. The hip pain is the worst and can be unbearable. MRI scan only indicated narrowing in L8 & L9 which would not cause this pain. The pain restricts my walking and sleeping. Please advise. Thank you. Q2. For approx 10yrs I have had sharp pain under ribs on right side.
Avatar f tn You need to get investigations done such as blood tests for diabetes, hypothyroidism, Lyme and lupus, MRI and nerve conduction studies. You need to consult a neurologist for this. Take care!
Avatar n tn At my second appointment, the doctor prescribed prilosec for my chest pain and celexa for anxiety which I just started last night. My question is, will the celexa actually cure the symptoms or just help me to not worry about it so much? Could this just be stress or should I press for any type of testing? What if it is something serious and we're ignoring the cause and just treating the symptoms? Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn Our ovaries quit and or organs do not pick up the slack immediately. We have jolts in the night, leg pain and heaviness, panic attacks, anxiety, eye problems, wobbly head, ear ringing, fatigue, digestive problems, sore muscles ( i could go on and on). It is awful and stops us in our tracks. The transition is slow and sometimes takes years. One women told me it would take a year and I counted the days until my year was up only to find that now it has been four years.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed this for depression due to losing two of my children, both of my parents and going thorugh a divorce. I am experiencing extreme leg pain and wondering the leg pain can be caused from the lexapro? I have created a life for myself and feel good about myself. I would like to get off the lexapro, but don't know how. Are the leg pains caused from the lexapro and should I try to get off lexapro?
Avatar f tn My doc put me on xanax which made me sleep so much and I was scared to take it for fear of it harming my heart. I've taken paxil, celexa (sp?) and lexapro for a couple months at a time-just made me gain weight which absolutely makes me miserable, when they didn't really help all that much anyway. I am only 21 and I dread the thought of dealing with this my whole life: A constant/nightly fear of death.
Avatar f tn I take medicine for that and all is well except a a little arythmia and flutter know and than. A year ago I got really sick and thought I had the flu, but it wasn't. I ended up in the hospital for three days, some form of colonitis. Than I was having episodes of crying, sadness for know reason and the doctor said I had depression. I take Celexa for that.
Avatar n tn only recently I have experienced burning in both legs when not only running very short distances, ie 1/2 block,,, but also when climbing one flight of stairs. I am on wellbutrin and celexa.. and have been taking them both in combination for 10+ years. is this debilitating pain related to years of taking these meds?
Avatar n tn I am currently taking hydrocodone, 100 mg - 120 mg a day for nerve pain. Also 800 mg neurontin, and 40 mg celexa. I am experiencing teeth clenching and extreme jaw pain, "jumping" or muscle spasms, and changes in my vision, blurry periphial vision. Are these symptoms from long term use, or the high dosage? I am also building up a tolerence to the hydro, but from what I read, I don't want percs or oxy, which would be what they would change me to.
Avatar f tn I take medicine for that and all is well except a a little arythmia and flutter know and than. A year ago I got really sick and thought I had the flu, but it wasn't. I ended up in the hospital for three days, some form of colonitis. Than I was having episodes of crying, sadness for know reason and the doctor said I had depression. I take Celexa for that.
183202 tn?1219857259 My name is Crystal, and since October 31st around 3 am, I have been in a constant struggle with problems ranging from clenching chest pains, heart palps, increased heartrate, head jitters/electrical vibrations/sensations through head and spine (like a painful electrical current that radiates up and down my spine), I have had my limbs go tingly, and even one time my right leg went numb and it kind of cocked up a little and went limp, so I was unable to move it...
Avatar n tn I also have that annoying warm sensation that is in my right leg and it moves from my ankle and up about 4inches and seems to be very frequent. I too thought it was a little heater under the seat of my car that was warming my leg-but the heat was not on. Also, the balls of my feet are burning along with this sensation. I need to know what this is?
Avatar f tn next thing you know , he raised my celexa and zanaflex. He was walking away and told me he wants to do an EMG test on my legs. He did not even do any of the neuro testing at all. My question is.... is this another type of test in the process of diagnosisng ms or is it only to check for nerve damage or something like that?
Avatar f tn in April, I had one time of the pain and he told me to have my stimulator reprogrammed to capture the pain in my left leg. This was done. Then on May 29, I got up with extreme pain in my left leg that didn't go away. It has progressively gotten worse to now it is in my right leg also. It feels like labor pains. It starts out then increases in intensity..over and over again. If I sit or don't move, I do not have this pain. I saw my SCS programmer on this Friday, then my pain care dr.
178107 tn?1315951230 I have been in constant pain since the surgery. I have pain in both of my arms and weakness in both hands.My neck and shoulders hurt and I have terrible headaches everyday. I have been seeing a pain management doctor for a year and a half. I've had several epidural injections, nerve blocks, PT and I am on Duragesic patches 100mcg and Oxycontin, and I'm still in unbearable pain. My doctor says that I couldn't have a spinal cord stimulator because my spinal canal is to narrow from the fusion.
703358 tn?1245016295 It is right in middle of back and all around the muscles there, I have a hard time bending over at the waist, and sometimes the right leg has pain in buttocks, thigh around knee and even foot. I also have had to stop exercising because when I lift weights my shoulder hurts and sometimes my hand feels wierd too, I am a chef and am having problems at work to,I take nsaids and have taken narcotic pain pills but they constipate me and also take celexa. Am really just about at wits end.
Avatar n tn I have been to the hospital 3 times for chest pain, mostly on the left side, left arm pain (sometimes numb, sometimes achey), and sharp pain in my upper back. They ran an EKG, CT scan (they thought i had a blood clot in my lungs), and a chest x-ray. Their results where all basically the same, that it was anxiety or indigestion. Now, I have been on Zoloft for a long time now for anxiety, but when I started having chest pains and numbness in my arm, I began having panic attacks.
Avatar f tn Todays symptoms are severe headache, loss of ballance, blurred vission, tingling in fingers of both hands, neck pain, low back and traveling down right leg pain and stomach pain on right side, nausea, sleeplessness, confusion at times and no appetite.
Avatar f tn Fatigue tiredness or exhaustion or a need to rest because of lack of energy or strength. My descriptions of leg pain includes a heavy feeling or weakness that conflicts with my movement. I feel like I need to drag my leg, to get it started. My Legs move much slower than they used to, especially when climbing stairs, getting up after even after minimal time sitting or walking short distances, ie car to building, driving short distances or even attempting to walk around my house.
Avatar n tn I have had burning skin sensations , Sharp arm pain , chest pain , shoulder pain , back pain and my burning sensations were all over even tongue and throat . I also had a fear of having clots? for some reason lol .. i mean how could i get them in the first place. I get burning sensations from my chest to my finger tips up my neck like a sharp and cold stinging sensation it comes and goes .
Avatar m tn As my nickname indicates I have severe testicular pain along with leg pain both sides, fatigue. At beginning I had all the symptoms of a STD and unfortunatley there is two sources. We are talking twelve years ago. Both woman were checked (my ex wife, her friend which was a friend of the family). I made one mistake in a 15 year marriage but from what I found out ex had made several. On two occasions pus cells were found but bacteria was not found on those occasions.
Avatar n tn I now have tremor in my left leg, short term memory loss, lack of concentration, and slight tremor starting in right side. The most debilatating symptom is severe pain in all my joints which started when the tremor had gotten a little better with the medication. I have to take Tylenol three to combat the pain. I cannot seem to do anything physical eg:Gardening which I love,without initiating the pain.